Throne and Liberty Beginner Guide – Tips I Wish I Knew First

In our Beginner Guide I share the best and most crucial tips I Wish I Knew before starting a new character in Throne and Liberty.

Throne and Liberty Beginner Guide - Tips I Wish I Knew First

Tips I Wish I Knew First – Throne and Liberty Beginner Guide

MMORPGs like Throne and Liberty are massive word games with many distinct mechanics, currencies, and complex leveling systems. There are many things I wish I knew before I started my first playthrough, so I want to share those tips with you. Let’s take a look.

Here are ten essential tips and tricks when you start the new game in Throne and Liberty. We discuss them in detail below:

  1. Weapons are the crucial focus of combat.
  2. Pick the Right Weapon
  3. Craft Accessories ASAP and how to upgrade the gear
  4. Understand Leveling and Skill Leveling
  5. Level up and not waste your time – Questing and Dungeons.
  6. Morphs and Movement are the keys to success and efficient exploration.
  7. Understand Combat Mechanics, Enemies, and their Mechanics to succeed
  8. Make advantage of Resurrection, Bonfires, and Backpack Upgrades
  9. How to Get Lithographs, Skill Books, Materials, and Growstones
  10. Microtransactions

1 Pick the Right Weapon

Picking the right weapon in Thrones of Liberty will influence your leveling experience and your performance at the end of the game. Making weapons a focal point of the game creates freedom that a traditional class system doesn’t offer.

When you first start a character, you receive one of each weapon type. You are free to choose whatever playstyle or role you want to be based on the weapon you choose. Each has it’s unique skills, pros and cons:


Throne and Liberty Crossbow Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

The crossbow is a perfect weapon with a range playstyle and fantastic mobility. Its unique skills provide some healing, but most importantly, dodge or even break free from stuns later in the game. Crossbow has a defensive skill that evades any attacks when timed right, which makes it perfect for beginners as the primary weapon but also extremely powerful as a secondary weapon later in the game.


Throne and Liberty Longbow Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

Longbow is another range weapon and one of the highest-damage-dealing options currently. It focuses on single-target damage and skills that center around binding. Binding is a status effect that can mobilize targets for a short period of time, while your skills and attacks will deal increased damage against bound enemies. It’s a fantastic primary weapon.


Throne and Liberty Staff Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

When using a staff, you must focus on increasing max mana. Each spell consumes it and has relatively long cooldowns. However, staff is the most effective AoE tool in the game, with greatsword just behind it. It lacks the single-target burst damage of daggers or longbows, but each group will need at least one player with staff as their secondary option. The best tip for beginner players to know is to take staff as your secondary weapon, in Throne and Liberty, staff can have long cooldowns, so it’s a good idea to have something as a primary option to deal quick, significant single-target damage.


Throne and Liberty Dual Daggers Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

Daggers base their damage mechanic on correct positioning and poison damage. Their skills deal increased damage to poisoned targets, and when using this mechanic, you will deal high burst damage. However, they require a little more skill and battlefield awareness than crossbow, bow, or staff. Range weapons allow you to avoid harm’s way, while daggers benefit highly from flanking the opponent and are more prone to attack. So, if you want to use daggers, consider a crossbow as your secondary option for extra defensive dodge and range damage with the highest-hitting foes.


Throne and Liberty Greatsword Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

If you prefer a heavy warrior playstyle, you may consider a greatsword. Its crowd control potential and any damage make it a great choice, but you must consider the damage you constantly need to heal through damage received or parry the attacks. This two-handed weapon has defensive skills, and you must master them to perfection to use the greatsword to its full potential. Otherwise, you will die a lot and quickly become frustrated.

Wand and Tome

Throne and Liberty Wand and Tome Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

The wand is one of the particular role weapons. It’s mainly dedicated to group healers. Each group needs a healer, but because the wand doesn’t deal much damage, it’s hard to level and a very long process. If you have an idea for your character and decide to be a healer in the end game, make a Wand and Tome your back-bar weapon as a utility tool. Wand and Tome are also great for PVP’s second weapon. In PvP, it’s best not to rely on others to heal you, and having access to buffs and HP regeneration is crucial.

Sword and Shield

Throne and Liberty Sword and Shield - Weapon Skills

Similar to Wand and Tome, Sword and Shield is more challenging to level up and will work better as a secondary weapon option during that process. However, it’s a primary weapon type associated with tanks. Again, each group needs at least one tank and one healer, so if you contribute your time and level up one or both of those weapons, you will probably never struggle to find a group in Throne and Liberty. Also, it can be an excellent defensive and crowd-control weapon for PvP.

2 What Weapon Should you choose?

Leveling in Throne and Liberty takes a long time. While you can transfer gear and skill upgrades, you still must progress through each weapon mastery to be truly powerful. That last process takes time and will require long hours to level. Pick the most appealing weapon based on the role or game mode you want to play later in the game. Test weapons at the beginning, and once you decide, focus on those two weapons and level them up.

The most straightforward setup for DPS would be a Crossbow and Longbow. The best for Tanks are Sword and Shield, Wand and Tome, or Greatsword. Lastly, a Wand and Tome plus a crossbow or Sword and Shield are best for healers. Melee weapons, daggers, or greatswords are fantastic DPS weapons but require a little more practice and are not beginner-friendly.

3 Craft Accessories ASAP and Upgrade the Gear

Once you decide what weapons and playstyle you prefer, it’s time to commit yourself to them. For the rest of the game, your goal will be to upgrade gear or look for better and more powerful options. In Throne and Liberty, one of the most valuable beginner guide tips I wish I knew and done straight away is crafting my accessories. No matter how basic they are, they still offer fantastic buffs.

Players can equip up to 5 accessories in Throne and Liberty:

  • Necklace
  • 2 x Rings
  • Bracelet
  • Belt

How to Craft and Upgrade Your Gear?

You can buy accessories, new weapons, and gear in main town shops, but better options you will craft. Look for certain professionals who offer better and more powerful crafting blueprints as you progress, explore, and level up. They require materials you may find while questing and exploring, but more on later.

Throne and Liberty - Gear Crafting

Moreover, upgrade your gear to green quality. When you first start, you will receive a basic armor setup. It’s a massive jump in power, especially at the start of the game, while you still learn the mechanics to craft something better quality that will better fit your weapon and playstyle.

  • Longbow and crossbow users should focus on dexterity.
  • Sword and Shield or Greatsword players will look for armor with buffs to strength and health.
  • Mages using staff or wand should focus on cooldown reduction bonuses and additional mana.
Throne and Liberty - How to upgrade weapons and armor - Beginner Guide - Tips I Wish I Knew First

You can upgrade armor and weapons using Growthstones. You earn them while completing quests as rewards, exploring, and from the store. You need a specific number of Growthstones to upgrade the gear, and they are hard to find, so focus on your primary weapons first. Also, gear upgrades are not guaranteed, and have a percentage chance. You may fail when enchanting your gear, and all Growstones will be lost. So choose wisely.

Another notable mechanic is that it allows you to transfer gear or weapon upgrades while changing gear or upgrading to better-quality items. You can attempt to transfer already spent on gear upgrades to your new, better blue or purple gear, but be warned if you fail, you will lose the item. However, it’s worth a try because those low-level or green quality gear are cheap when selling, and you won’t have much other use for them anyway.

4 Understand Leveling and Skill Leveling

Throne and Liberty - Skills

The next step is to start exploring rich stories and the vibrant world. To do it efficiently in Trone and Liberty, you must first understand leveling and skills. Here are key takeaways you must understand about leveling:

  • You gain levels from completing quests, contracts, dungeons, and defeating enemies.
  • Each weapon type has 12 active skills and 10 passive skills that you unlock simultaneously with your character level. Meaning even if you suddenly decide to change one of your weapons, all skills up to your level will be unlocked.
  • You can strengthen your skills even more with unique books at 3 quality levels—green, blue, and purple.
  • The skill conversion book can similarly transfer skill upgrades to gear upgrades.
  • Each weapon also has mastery levels, which you level up while using a specific weapon. So, the more you fight with your weapons, the faster you will gain mastery points, which you can spend on one of three progression trees.
  • Main hand weapon levels up faster
  • At level 25 and after completing chapter 5, you will unlock a guardian skill. With a 10-minute cooldown, you can shapeshift into the powerful guardian of your choice.
Throne and Liberty - Weapon Mastery progression

As a result, it will take a long time to reach the maximum character level, which is 50, and even longer to achieve the maximum weapon mastery. Mastery points are the main mechanics that prevent you from being good at certain weapon types. So, when leveling, dedicate yourself to two weapon types and use those to earn mastery levels early on, which will make you a better player when you reach the end game.

Secondly, when you upgrade skills with book upgrades, focus on your primary weapon or weapon you plan to use as one in the end game. It should be your main focus.

How do upgrading skills work in Throne and Liberty?

Skills, like gear, have a rarity: green, blue, and purple. At lower levels, you unlock low-quality skills and more advanced skills closer to level 50. However, all skills can eventually be upgraded to purple, the best quality. All skills can be upgraded to level 5. Both upgrades give you buffs, bonuses, or improved skill bonuses. You do all that with special upgrade books.

We have active skills training books and passive skills training books. Each is dedicated to making your corresponding skill types better.

For example, let’s focus on the Quick Flare active skill from the crossbow weapon:

Quick Fire

  • Unlocks at Level 1
  • Level 1-Level 5
    • Damage ▲
  • Attack 3 times consecutively. Each hit deals damage equal to 120% of Base Damage + 4.
  • Growth Effects by Grade:
    • Rare: For targets Weakened by you, Damage ▲ by 20% of Base Damage + 7.
    • Epic: Cooldown 10% ▼ every time you land a Critical Hit.

It’s a green skill type you unlock at level 1, so it’s available in the Throne and Liberty start. Firstly, you need 5 green active skill train books to upgrade the Quick Fire to level 5 green spell, where each upgrade will add additional damage ▲.

Next, you must successfully apply one more green active skill train book to transform the Quick Flare into the blue-quality skill and simultaneously receive the “Rare growth by grade effect” (you can see it in the skill description). This will apply the following bonus to the skill: For targets Weakened by you, Damage ▲ by 20% of Base Damage + 7.

Throne and Liberty - Quality Training Book Longbow Green

Once you do that, your Quick Fire skill will be blue-quality and return to level 1. Apply 5 more, but this time blue-quality books, to level it to level 5 again. Add one more blue book to upgrade it to purple. When it becomes a purple skill, you will get the “Epic growth Effect by Grade”, which lowers ▼ the skill’s cooldown by 10% every time you land a critical hit.

Lastly, you will need 5 purple-quality active skill training books to level this skill to level 5 and get maximum bonuses and damage from it.

Consequently, you will need:

  • 6 green Active Skill Training Books
  • 6 blue Active Skill Training Books
  • 5 purple Active Skill Training Books

To upgrade a Green Skill to the maximum level purple skill.

Throne and Liberty - Skill Conversion Book

5 Level up and not waste your time – Questing and Dungeons

The main quests are called chapters. Each chapter has level requirements, but also, once you complete it, there is a cooldown before you can start another one. Sometimes, you must wait a few hours before starting a new chapter, even if you have the correct character level. As a result, ensure you complete chapters in your adventurer’s log daily because they give you a big chunk of experience. Also, chaptres provide side quests and fantastic rewards.

Throne and Liberty - Codex - Beginner Guide - Things i wish i known before start playing

If your chapters are locked, you can still explore, do more minor quests like dungeons and contracts, kill bosses to gain levels, and have fun in Throne and Liberty.

Here is a list of activities you should prioritize when leveling:

  1. Main Story: In adventurer’s log
  2. Contract Manager: Works as a bounty board that will give you 4x quests in zones located in bigger cities.
  3. World Events: They are around 15 minutes long and offer good rewards and XP
  4. Secret Dungeon: You can enter the arena at every couple of levels, where you defeat a new boss. The dungeon board is located, for example, in Starlight Observatory Ruins)
  5. The Co-Op Dungeon: It starts at level 20 and offers great gear but low XP. It is designed for groups of 6 players.
  6. Leveling Log: Specific bosses for great gear and XP

If you ever do not know where to go or what to do, check out your Codex-> Exploration, which is located where you can find the adventurer’s log and chapters. It will tell you what else you can do in the area, explore, or what quest you must complete. It’s one of those things I wish I had known before I started to play Throne and Liberty and an essential tip for a beginner guide.

Fast Travel Increases Time Efficiency

Throne and Liberty - Fast travel waypoint

Fast travel will help you shorten your travel time. Additionally, those special stone waypoints that you can find in the game’s world will give you a short introduction to the region and what is happening in the area. They also uncover the map, revealing quests, bosses, and points of interest. If you find them, always interact with them to unlock fast travel waypoints and learn what you can do to level efficiently in the region.

6 Morphs and Movement

Throne and Liberty is a game that provides players with a unique gameplay mechanic known as morphs. This feature allows players to transform into different creatures, ranging from land animals to flying or aquatic creatures.

Throne and Liberty - Morph Types

Morphs serve as a form of transportation, making it easy for players to navigate the game world, similar to mounts in other games. They are a fun way for players to explore the vast world of Throne and Liberty and create a sense of immersion that enhances the overall gaming experience.

Diatrima - Throne and Liberty - All Playable Morphs

In the game, players can move quickly around the world by flying or swimming. Players can customize Morph settings to change into different creatures in the Main Menu. They can choose the type of creature they want to transform into and their specific form. Some creatures have multiple variants, such as the armored version of the Diatrima bird or Arkhan Diatryma. In the image above, You can see other players transformed into different creatures.

Glide Morphs

  • They allow you to fly and move faster in the air.
  • You can jump down from high places to turn immediately to glide morph of your choice.
  • They are best at fast-moving between points of interest and avoiding land obstacles.

Aquatic Morphs

  • Aquatic Morphs are designed to aid players in traveling in the water.
  • They have increased swimming speed.
  • You will transform into your water-shapeshifting form as soon as you enter the water.

Dash Morphs

  • Also called Land Morphs
  • They can run faster on the land than when you use your human form.
  • Land Morphs use stamina just like human players, and you will become exhausted if you run out of it.
Throne and Liberty - Dash Morphs

Like in your Human form, you can also level up your Morphs in Throne and Liberty. As you progress, you will receive Growth Points that will introduce buffs and new effects depending on the type of morph you use.

7 Combat, UI, and Enemies

In the Thrones and Liberty UI, you can find your character portrait, name, and level in the top right corner. If you aim at the enemy, next to your statistics, you will see their level, health, and buffs or debuffs they have. So you can better plan your strategy. The distance to the enemy and their buffs is beneficial.

Throne and Liberty - UI

Enemies marked with orange health bars and names become hostile and attack as soon as you approach them. In contrast, enemies with yellow names and health bars shouldn’t attack unprovoked.

Cooldowns and Rotation

Combat in Throne and Liberty has a few notable mechanics. First are global cooldowns. Every skill you use has specific cooldowns; even the auto attack skill you can find in the first row of your skill bar has a 1-second animation. Your defensive skill is around 2 seconds, guardian(ultimate skill unlocked at level 25) around 10 min, and each equipped active skill cooldown will be different. You should learn your rotation and use skills while being mindful of this mechanic. Proper skill cooldown management is a key to significant damage.

Throne and Liberty - Combat Mechanics - Beginner Guide

Some skills bypass Global cooldown or will have a trigger/proc. The UI shows this by glowing.

Defence Mechanic and How to Avoid Damage

Some weapons like crossbows or greatswords have a defense skill you can use to avoid or parry an incoming enemy attack. When the opponent uses an ability with potentially harmful effects, you will see purple quickly closing circle, with a smaller circle inside. Once the closing-up circle is inside the smaller one, you should immediately press the defense skill button to perform a perfect action and avoid damage. It will also give you a defense buff or can stun an enemy.

Throne and Liberty - How to avoid damage - Beginner Guide - Tips I Wish I Knew First

The only downside of Thrones and Liberty combat is that some damage is unavoidable. You should move out of the way whenever you see an AoE marker on the ground or an incoming enemy attack. Secondly, you can use the described above defense skill to evade some of it. However, if the enemy deals range damage, their light attack will hit you regardless of whether you try to avoid it or not. That’s why Crossbow and its ability to dodge attacks is so powerful. When timed right, you can essentially avoid almost any attacks.

The situation is much more challenging for melee characters, and beginner players should know and consider it in Throne and Liberty before committing to any weapon type. Being in close range next to an enemy, their light attacks will likely hit you multiple times anyway. That’s why investing your skills and consumables into defensive capabilities is essential, especially in more complex end-game content.

Healing and Consumables

Another way to survive is through your healing pet. You receive it at the start of the game, and if you ensure your little buddy has access to World Tree Leaves at all times, they will heal you for a small amount every 6 seconds. The healing is not significant but will help you sustain and endure the damage for longer before you need to use skill or healing potions.

Throne and Liberty - Stock up on potions - Beginner Guide - Tips I Wish I Knew First

When passing by the city, always stock up on consumables, extra damage potions, and healing leaves in Sundries Merchant shop. Like in any RPG, consumables are powerful offensive and defensive tools in Thrones of Liberty. You can buy your supplies from merchants in almost every city. Also, ensure you equip them to your pet, damage slots, and quick slots on your character’s UI.

One potion that increases damage with each hit by a small percentage you can equip to your bar just like leaves for your pet. They can be costly to use on a daily basis, but you should keep them on when completing challenging quests combat or dungeons for higher damage.

8 Resurrection, Bonfires, and Backpack Upgrades

Throne and Liberty - Bonefire - Beginner Guide - Things i wish i known before start playing

Another tip I wish I had known before starting a game in Throne and Liberty is Bonefires. They are marked on the map or can be found in dungeons before more challenging fights or end bosses. If you sit by the fire, your health and mana will regenerate in a few seconds to complete, which is a valuable mechanic during long exploration and questing.

Throne and Liberty - How ti expand inventory slots - Beginner Guide - Things i wish i known before start playing

Moreover, if you run out of space in your inventory, look for a small plus next to your slots. You can increase the number of items you can carry or store in your bank for an in-game gold currency called Sollants.

If you ever die during exploration, you will respawn at waypoints. However, this means you will lose all your current level of progress. To restore it, you must go to the big city and find a Restoration Priestess. She will offer you the ability to return your current level progress for free three times a day or for gold or special Restoration Coins. I Wish I had known this before because those three free-level restorations would have saved me some time in Throne and Liberty.

9 How to Get Lithographs, Skill Books, Materials, and Growstones

Throne and Liberty - Materials and Consumables

You can earn most materials when doing quests and completing chapters. You will receive tons of Growthstones and crafting resources when you level up and organically explore the world.

For crafting, you will also need special scrolls called Lithographs. You can get them from the contract manager. This NPC will offer a few contracts for you to complete for materials. Those quests are usually easy to do and require killing a specific number of spiders, terrorbirds, or other enemies. The bigger the challenge, the better rewards you will receive. It’s also a decent way to level up early on.

Throne and Liberty - Dungeon rewards

Next, you can earn weapons, crafting materials, books, or even the Growthstones by completing dungeons and co-op dungeons. Those activities have fantastic random rewards, so they are worth your time.

Lastly, and the most controversial way to acquire crafting resources and upgrades in the game, is a cash shop, which we discuss in the last 10th point of this Throne and Liberty Beginner Guide—Tips I Wish I Knew First.

10 Microtransactions

Yes, Throne and Liberty has microtransactions and offers items or upgrades that are considered pay-to-win in gaming. The Cash Shop in-game offers various skins, morphs, and bundles of materials. You can also find Premium leveling rewards with leveling boosts and a Battle Pass.

Throne and Liberty - Store

Once purchased, Battle Pass will give you one free reward and one “paid” reward daily. The rewards can be different each day, ranging from weapons, pets, and skins to materials, but paid rewards are usually better or in more significant amounts than free-for-all daily rewards.

Throne and Liberty - Materials in Store

Lastly, as you can see in the image above, some bundles include Growthstones, crafting materials, skill training improvement books, and much more. As we already know from this guide, those are used to become more potent in Thrones and Liberty. By upgrading your gear or skills, you will deal more damage, heal for more, and be more survival. Decide for yourself if that feature makes Throne and Liberty – the game for you. It’s very subjective, and everyone has their own thought on it.

That’s all on our 10 Tips I Wish I Knew First list in the Throne and Liberty Beginner Guide!

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