Best Weapons for Beginners in Throne and Liberty Ranked

Our ranking below lists the best weapons for Beginners and leveling in Throne and Liberty to make the experience as smooth as possible.

Best Weapons for Beginners in Throne and Liberty Ranked

Thrones of Liberty is a game that emphasizes choosing the right weapon. Your choice of weapon will considerably impact your leveling experience and performance at the end of the game. The game’s approach to weapons provides a level of freedom not usually seen in traditional class systems, as it allows players to choose their playstyle or role based on their preferred weapon.

You will receive one of each weapon type when creating a character in Thrones of Liberty. This means that you have the opportunity to try out each weapon and determine which one best suits your playstyle. Each weapon has unique skills, pros, and cons that you should consider before deciding. For example, some weapons may be better suited for close combat, while others may excel at ranged attacks. Some weapons may have more defensive skills, while others may have more offensive skills or healing. It is important to note that the choice of weapon is not only a matter of personal preference.

Throne and Liberty Human Race - Player party compostion

Different weapons have different leveling curves, meaning that some may be easier to level up than others. Additionally, certain weapons may be better suited for certain challenges or bosses in the game. Let’s take a look at the Best Weapons for Beginners in Throne and Liberty as we rank and describe their pros and cons so you can choose the best option for yourself.

What is The Best Weapon Type for Leveling and Beginners?

We think the best weapons for leveling and beginners in Throne and Liberty are Crossbow, Longbow, and Staff, so we ranked them high in our guide. All three weapons support a ranged playstyle, so avoiding damage and melee opponents is easy by staying in constant movement.

Throne and Liberty Best Weapons (Classes) - Tier List

Also, each of those weapons offers something unique: Staff has significant AoE damage, Longbows have great single-target damage, and crossbows have fantastic movement paired with good damage.

The fourth worth noting weapon is Wand and Tome; while it ended at the 6th position of our ranking list due to low damage output compared to other weapons, it provides fantastic healing if you just started the game and struggle with survival or play PVP mode. So, choosing a wand and tome secondary is always a good decision if you take a high-damage weapon as your primary weapon.

  1. Crossbow
  2. Longbow
  3. Staff
  4. Daggers
  5. Greatsword
  6. Wand and Tome
  7. Sword and Shield

7 Sword and Shield

Sword and Shield is a challenging weapon type to level up. It may work better as a secondary weapon option during this process. However, it is a primary weapon type that is typically associated with tanks. Having at least one tank and one healer in every group is vital, so if you spend your time and effort leveling up one or both of those weapons, you will likely not struggle to find a group in Throne and Liberty. This weapon can also be excellent for defensive purposes and crowd-control in PvP.

Throne and Liberty Sword and Shield - Weapon Skills

Sword and Shield Pros:

  1. High Survivability: can reflect damage and make enemies pay for attacking you.
  2. Taunt: grab the attention of enemies with taunt and aggro, which is vital in PvE group play.
  3. Damage Reduction: reduce the damage for you and your group.

Sword and Shield Cons:

  1. Low Damage: your damage output will be dreadful unless you have an excellent off-hand weapon.
  2. Weak Mobility: the playstyle will be forced into a melee-only domain playstyle without range.
  3. Support Only: MMOs have very few tank players because they are support-only builds, which is no different.

6 Wand and Tome

The wand is a specialized weapon in role-playing games designed for group healers. Every group should have a healer, and you can never go wrong with the wand. However, leveling up with a wand can be a long and difficult process as it does not deal much damage. If you plan on becoming a healer in the end game, consider using a Wand and Tome as a utility tool on your back bar. Additionally, Wand and Tome are excellent secondary weapons for PvP battles. In PvP, relying on others to heal you is not recommended, so having access to buffs and HP regeneration is essential.

Throne and Liberty Wand and Tome Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

Wand Pros:

  1. Support: if you want to buff, heal, and support allies in combat, this is your best weapon.
  2. Crowd Control: the Wand excels at stunning enemies, which is great for PvE and PvP.
  3. Solo Play: every solo player will need healing, thus making the Wand a great choice.

Wand Cons:

  1. Weak Damage: made for support, the Wand is not a damage-dealing weapon.
  2. Support Focus: you will primarily be locked into healing and buff party members.
  3. Requires Kiting: do not let enemies approach by strafing side to side for survival.

5 Greatsword

If you prefer a playstyle that involves a heavy warrior, you may want to consider using a greatsword. It’s also a great primary weapon for tanks, with a sword and shield as a secondary option. It has the ability to control a crowd and cause significant damage, making it an excellent choice. However, you must keep in mind that you will constantly need to heal through the damage you receive, or you must parry the attacks to avoid taking any damage. As a two-handed weapon, it has some defensive skills that you must become proficient in to use the greatsword to its full potential. If you fail to master these skills, you will die a lot and quickly become frustrated.

Throne and Liberty Greatsword Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

Greatsword Pros:

  1. AOE Damage: domain AOE damage and single target come later in the game.
  2. Crowd Control: you can stun enemies reliably, which helps in PvP.
  3. Sword and Shield: combine with an off-hand Sword and Shield for a strong build.

Greatsword Cons:

  1. No Range: you are entirely dependent on melee damage and vulnerable to range.
  2. Off-hand Dependent: if you pick the wrong off-hand weapon, you will lose out on damage and survivability.
  3. Has to Gap Close: the Greatsword build needs to time gap closers and cooldowns to attack range.

4 Daggers

Daggers rely on precise positioning and poison damage to deal their damage. Their abilities cause additional damage to poisoned targets, allowing for powerful bursts of damage. However, they require more skill and awareness than ranged weapons like bows, crossbows, and staffs. While ranged weapons allow you to stay out of harm’s way, daggers are more effective when used to flank opponents and are more vulnerable to counterattacks. If you want to use daggers, it’s recommended to have a crossbow as your secondary weapon to provide additional defensive dodging and ranged damage against tougher enemies.

Throne and Liberty Dual Daggers Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

Dagger Pros:

  1. High Critical: you can quickly chunk enemies and players from 100 to 0 due to high critical.
  2. Great Mobility: While in melee, you have excellent mobility with daggers.
  3. Burst Damage: you are built for short-lasting fights where burst is key.

Dagger Cons:

  1. Positioning Required: to maximize damage, constant focus on positioning will be required.
  2. PvP Focused: this weapon type isn’t built for sustained PvE fights, but PvP short duration.
  3. Off-Hand Choices: your off-hand choices and stat optimization are limited.

Finally, moving on to the Best Weapons for Beginners in Throne and Liberty on our ranking.

3 Staff

When using a staff in Throne and Liberty, it is essential to focus on increasing your maximum mana. Each spell consumes mana and, as a result, has a relatively long cooldown. However, the staff is the most effective tool for area-of-effect damage in the game, with the greatsword coming in second place. Although it lacks the single-target burst damage of daggers or longbows, each group will need at least one player with a staff as their secondary option. For beginner players, it’s best to take the staff as your secondary weapon. Since the staff can have long cooldowns, it’s a good idea to have something as your primary option to deal quick and significant single-target damage.

Human Playable Race in Throne and Liberty

Staff Pros:

  1. AOE Damage: This is your weapon if you like massive elemental damage and destruction.
  2. Power Leveling: nothing beats clearing waves of enemies while leveling with a Staff.
  3. Long Range: the weapon type is full range, though be careful to keep that range.

Staff Cons:

  1. Long Cooldowns: your spells will have dreadfully long cooldowns, so use them preciously.
  2. Weak Survivability: you must kite enemies and not let them approach in melee.
  3. Lower Damage: the overall damage output isn’t at the top, nor is balanced damage.

2 Longbow

The Longbow is a ranged weapon that deals high damage and is one of the best options available currently. It is designed to focus on single-target damage and skills that revolve around binding. Binding is a status effect that can temporarily immobilize targets, while your skills and attacks can deal increased damage against bound enemies. It serves as an excellent primary weapon.

Throne and Liberty Longbow Weapon Gameplay and Class Playstyle

Longbow Pros:

  1. Damage: Depending on off-hand selection, the best overall damage is for PvE and PvP.
  2. Range: you can play at range and still do crazy damage.
  3. Easy to Play: The Longbow is relatively easy and less complex than others.
  4. Self-Healing: you can even heal yourself and others with the Longbow.

Longbow Cons:

  1. Off-Hand Choices: the only downside to the Longbow is that it doesn’t synergize with every off-hand weapon.
  2. Constant Movement: With a longbow, you must constantly move away from trying to close the gap enemies.

1 Crossbow

The crossbow is an ideal weapon for players who prefer a range playstyle and excellent mobility. It possesses unique abilities that offer healing and allow you to dodge or break free from stuns, which can be incredibly useful in the game’s later stages. Additionally, the crossbow has a defensive skill that enables you to evade any attacks when timed correctly, making it an excellent choice for beginners as a primary weapon and a formidable option as a secondary weapon in the end game.

Throne and Liberty Beginner Guide - Tips I Wish I Knew First

Crossbow Pros:

  1. Single Target DPS: the second-best DPS in the game.
  2. Range: play at range and avoid taking damage.
  3. Versatile: the most versatile weapon that synergizes with any off-hand weapon.
  4. Jack of all Trades: this weapon is the master of none but great all around.

Crossbow Cons:

  1. Lower DPS: The crossbow has lower DPS than the Longbow.
  2. One Target: Crossbow focuses only on single-target DPS.

What Weapon Should you choose?

Leveling up in the game Throne and Liberty can be pretty time-consuming. Even though you can transfer your gear and skill upgrades, it is still necessary to progress through each weapon mastery to become truly powerful. This process can take a long time and will require you to put in many hours of gameplay. To make the most of your time, it is recommended that you choose the weapon that best suits your desired role or game mode and test various weapons at the beginning of the game. Once you decide, focus on leveling up those two weapons to maximize your power.

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