Bethesda Announces Another Graphics Update to Fallout 4

In an announcement today, Bethesda lets frustrated players know that another graphics update is coming to Fallout 4 next week!

Fallout 4 Enclave Remnants

New Graphics Update Coming to Fallout 4

In response to the rough implementation of the recent patch update that came to Fallout 4 a couple of weeks ago, Bethesda has announced today that they will have a new update coming next week. According to the official tweet, the patch will be released for all platforms this coming Monday. Furthermore, it will include new options for both graphics and performance settings. They also tease ‘further fixes and improvements’, but don’t release any other information.

Without any additional patch notes it’s hard to say what other fixes and improvements the update on Monday could include. Likely we will see a lot of quest bug fixes. However, what PC players are surely hoping for the most is a fix to the mod problem and a restoration of their save files. While console players are likely hoping for a clean-up of some of the texture bugs they experienced.

Bethesda Announces Another Graphics Update to Fallout 4

April 2024 Fallout 4 Update

Two weeks ago Bethesda developers released a new update to the 2015 game Fallout 4. It included new content along with next-gen improvements for consoles and technical improvements for all. Unfortunately, for some PC players, it was a frustrating experience. Those using mods saw their save files break. This is a not insignificant problem when the availability of mods is one of the selling points of the game.

All of this comes on the heels of a lot of players jumping back into Fallout 4 after renewed interest following the success of the TV show. Overall, it’s good to see Bethesda give some additional love to what is now an almost nine-year-old game. Although much of the new weapons and gear could be traced back to Creation Club content, the inclusion of an entirely new quest revolving around the Enclave was a fun addition.

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