Bethesda Performance Update For Starfield – Makes Significant FOV Changes

Bethesda’s commitment to enhancing the performance of Starfield continues with another significant update and FOV Changes.

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In the latest Starfield update (version 1.7.36), Bethesda Game Studios introduces several exciting changes and improvements for players across all platforms. This update focuses on enhancing the player experience with new Field of View (FOV) settings and enhancing performance and stability.

What to Expect from Bethesda Performance 1.7.36 Update For Starfield?

Improved FOV Settings and Enhanced Stability are the essential adjustments released in another Bethesda Performance Update For Starfield. The development team at Bethesda Game Studios continues to make improvements and expresses its heartfelt gratitude for the continued feedback and support from the Starfield community. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from this Starfield Update 1.7.36:

Field of View (FOV) Adjustments

One of the standout features in this update is the introduction of FOV sliders in the game’s Settings menu. This enhancement allows players to use both first-person and third-person perspectives to customize their Field of View. With FOV adjustments, players can fine-tune their in-game view to suit their preferences, providing a more personalized gaming experience.

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PC-Specific Stability Improvements

For PC players using Intel Arc GPUs, this update brings improved stability. Bethesda has worked on optimizing the game’s performance to ensure smoother gameplay on systems equipped with Intel Arc GPUs. This enhancement should result in more reliable frames and performance for PC users.

General Performance and Stability

In addition to the PC-specific improvements, Bethesda has made various additional stability and performance enhancements across all platforms. These minor improvements should make the game more stable and responsive overall.

Quest Progression Fix

The update also addresses a specific issue related to the quest “Echoes of the Past.” Players may have experienced instances where tunneling creatures selected locations that blocked quest progression. This issue has been resolved, ensuring players can smoothly advance through the game’s quests without interruptions.

Source: Steam, Starfield Update 1.7.36

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