Starfield: All Weapons, Melee Weapons And Grenades List

In the captivating universe of Starfield, a wide list of weapons awaits, from advanced ranged guns to unique melee weapons and grenades, this guide includes them all.

Starfield Weapon Types
Starfield Weapon Types

This guide will navigate the diverse selection of weapons in the Starfield universe. Equipping you with the list of all available weapons to make informed choices about your loadout. From powerful close-range Big Bang to one-shot sniper rifle Hard Target, melee weapons, grenades, and more. Whether you’re an interstellar bounty hunter, a brave explorer, or a spacefaring diplomat defending your travel ship, understanding the nuances of these weapons is essential for achieving your goals.

All Weapons, Melee Weapons, and Grenades List

There are 45 weapons, 9 melee weapons, and 11 grenades in total, offering 10 weapon types in Starfield. All weapons come from looting enemies, chests, containers, or merchants scattered around the rich universe. Weapons are essential no matter who you plan to be, what path you choose to follow, or your protagonist’s story. Some are useful early in the game; others will be end-game legendary gems among Starfield weapons that you can customize to your needs with weapon mods and make even more powerful. Weapon Mods are end-game tools to make your guns overpowered. Let’s take a look at all weapons.

Starfield Best Weapon

Here is a list of all weapon types in Starfield:

  • Electromagnetic Rifle
  • Grenades
  • Heavy
  • Laser Rifle
  • Melee Weapons
  • Particle Beam Pistol
  • Particle Beam Shotgun
  • Pistols
  • Rifles
  • Shotgun

Weapons and guns can have randomized perks, but weapon types and statistics, such as magazine size and range, remain the same. Higher-tier weapons have more bonus effects. White weapons are the most common and come without extra effects; blue weapons have one extra effect, and purple weapons have two. The best, legendary weapons, marked as gold, have three effects, which makes them the strongest in the game.

You can buff your weapons with mods, up to seven different upgrades, and customize them so they will give you more range, damage, magazine size, or better accuracy. Ensure you quickly start playing with weapon modifications and crafting to upgrade your guns and defeat your opponents much easier in Starfield.

Weapons and Guns

The following list presents all 48 weapons available in Starfield from various sources:

NameDamage TypeWeightValueAmmoMag SizeWeapon Type
AA-99Ballistic3.00 kg715011mm25Rifle
Arc WelderLaser4.20 kg24503kV LZR100Heavy
Auto-RivetBallistic4.50 kg7640Rivet10Heavy
BeowulfBallistic2.80 kg48507.77mm30Rifle
Big BangBallistic & Energy7.00 kg12870Heavy Fuse8Particle Beam Shotgun
BreachBallistic7.30 kg678015×25 CLL Shell6Shotgun
BridgerBallistic5.50 kg819040mm XPL4Heavy
CoachmanBallistic3.00 kg1650Caseless Shell2Shotgun
CutterLaser4.00 kg475Cutter30Heavy
DeadeyeBallistic2.40 kg111307.5mm6Pistol
Drum BeatBallistic3.30 kg273511mm30Rifle
EonBallistic0.55 kg7507.77mm12Pistol
EquinoxLaser3.00 kg17203kV LZR20Laser Rifle
GrendelBallistic2.65 kg10067.77mm50Rifle
Hard TargetBallistic8.70 kg14650.50 Caliber5Rifle
KodamaBallistic2.25 kg51207.77mm30Rifle
KrakenBallistic1.00 kg6806.5mm25Pistol
LawgiverBallistic3.60 kg2395.50 Caliber6Rifle
MaelstromBallistic4.15 kg11006.5mm40Rifle
MagPulseBallistic3.70 kg135606.5mm MI20Rifle
MagShearBallistic3.90 kg16110.50 MI75Rifle
MagShotBallistic2.00 kg11380.43 MI6Pistol
MagSniperBallistic9.10 kg198506.5mm MI12Rifle
MagstormBallistic12.00 kg17390.50 MI160Heavy
MicrogunBallistic11.40 kg122907.77mm300Heavy
N67 SmartgunBallistic15.10 kg387137.77mm340Heavy
NegotiatorHeavy10.00 kg2120040mm XPL8Heavy
Novablast DisruptorEM2.70 kg4750Heavy Fuse5Electromagnetic Rifle
NovalightEM1.35 kg3850Light Fuse12Particle Beam Pistol
Old Earth Assault RifleBallistic3.50 kg96207.62mm30Rifle
Old Earth Hunting RifleBallistic2.70 kg37609x39mm20Rifle
Old Earth PistolBallistic1.10 kg4350.45 Caliber9Pistol
Old Earth ShotgunBallistic3.60 kg287012g Shell6Shotgun
OrionLaser4.70 kg30753kV LZR30Laser Rifle
PacifierBallistic2.75 kg459015×25 CLL Shell7Shotgun
RattlerBallistic0.85 kg785.27 Caliber12Pistol
RapidshotBallistic7.45 kg2712015×25 CLL Shell8Shotgun
RazorbackBallistic2.30 kg53007.5mm6Pistol
RegulatorBallistic0.70 kg4450.43 Ultramag8Pistol
ShottyBallistic2.95 kg6140Caseless Shell12Shotgun
SidestarBallistic0.65 kg825.27 Caliber17Pistol
SolsticeUNK1.10 kg14001.5kV LZR16Laser Pistol
The ZapperBallistic2.85 kg9284.27 Caliber28Pistol
TombstoneBallistic3.85 kg410011mm20Rifle
Urban EagleBallistic1.75 kg4800.43 Ultramag7Pistol
Va’ruun InflictorBallistic & Energy3.75 kg22500Heavy Fusion20Particle Beam Rifle
Va’Ruun StarshardBallistic & Energy3.20 kg41062Light Fuse20Particle Beam Pistol
XM-2311Ballistic1.10 kg8200.45 Caliber9Pistol

Melee Weapons

The table includes all melee weapons in Starfield:

NameDamage TypeWeightValue
Barrow KnifePhysical0.34 kg1220
Combat KnifePhysical0.36 kg505
Osmium DaggerPhysical2.7 kg2395
Rescue AxePhysical1.4 kg650
RipshankPhysical0.4 kg365
TantoPhysical0.45 kg3075
UC Naval CutlassPhysical1.4 kg935
Va’ruun PainbladePhysical1.8 kg11260
WakizashiPhysical1.35 kg6140


The following table presents all grenades and throwables in Starfield:

Cryo Mine0.40 kg575
Fragmentation Mine0.30 kg415
Frag Grenade0.20 kg350
Impact Grenade0.20 kg450
Incendiary Grenade0.30 kg480
Inferno Mine0.40 kg510
Particle Grenade0.40 kg575
Shrapnel Grenade0.30 kg450
Stun Mine0.40 kg605
Tesla Pylon0.50 kg675
Toxic Gas Mine0.40 kg575

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