Bethesda Teases New Starfield Update – DLSS Support

In a surprise announcement Bethesda Teases New Starfield Update – promising Nvidia DLSS Support, HDR controls and other improvements!

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Since this highly anticipated new Bethesda IP launched back in the beginning of November, the studio has continued to work on improving the game performance and providing updates to players. Now Bethesda is offering fans a chance to test out their newest update, which is set to include much desired Nvidia DLSS support.

Bethesda Teases New Starfield Update

Bethesda Teases New Starfield Update

In a surprise announcement yesterday the official Bethesda Game Studios account posted on X/Twitter that the next major update for Starfield will be coming to Steam Beta next week. As the tweet states, the updates will include Nvidia DLSS support, HDR controls, and other optimizations and improvements.

Starfield’s PC player base has hotly requested support for Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). Many were originally upset when, prior to launch, Bethesda announced that AMD was the “exclusive PC partner for Starfield.” Unfortunately, this meant that Starfield launched without any support for DLSS. Although some modders stepped in to fill the gap, the expectation still remained that this should have been offered by the game at launch.

Thankfully, Bethesda announced that they would be adding Nvidia DLSS support shortly after the game’s release. Now, two months after launch, Bethesda is following through, and ready for players to test this new optimization feature. They haven’t announced a timeline yet for when they will add this update as a standard patch for everyone on PC. That will likely depend on how the update performers for those testing it. If Bethesda needs to go back and work on additional fixes, that will push the timeline back.

If you purchased the game through Steam and would like to check out this new update, you can opt into Steam Client Beta. Steam Beta is a way for interested players to participate in testing new game updates or changes.

Possible Additional Update Content

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Aside from the high point of DLSS support, the Bethesda tease of a new Starfield update has little information about what other fixes this new update might contain. So far, the developers have mostly focused on game performance issues and bugs. Fan are also hoping to see updates to issues which block progression through certain quests. These bugs don’t seem to happen to all players consistently. However, enough reports exist that Bethesda should take a look at them.

What other highly requested features would you like to see added to Starfield? Quality of life changes, including less clunky inventory management would be a sure way to make players happy. Unfortunately, Bethesda doesn’t have a strong track record of modifying such game systems in previous titles. The modding community is often left to take up this torch, and that will likely remain the same for Starfield.

Another possible update could be the addition of a stronger difficulty mode. This is absolutely something that Bethesda has done before. They added in a Survival Mode to Fallout 4 several months after the game first launched. Survival Modes typically include tougher enemies, fewer resources and a more challenging environment. Based on the timeline from Fallout 4, it’s questionable whether a new difficulty mode will be included in this update. However, it’s almost certainly being worked on as Bethesda’s CEO, Todd Howard, has addressed the issues when speaking about cut content.

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