Bungie Nerfs Best Farm in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost Event

In their latest update, Bungie nerfs the best farm in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost limited-time event.

Bungie Nerfs Best Farm in Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost
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Bungie Nerfs Best Farm in Festival of the Lost

Maintenance occurred today for Destiny 2’s Weekly reset. Once it was done, players eagerly jumped back the grind with the current Halloween-themed event, Festival of the Lost. But Bungie took away the best way to get spectral pages, a type of currency for the event, in the update that went live during the maintenance. Bungie states in the patch notes:

“Fixed an issue where Lightfall campaign checkpoints could be used to gain far more Spectral Pages than intended quickly and repeatedly.”

This effectively kills what many players would say was the best, if most boring, farm to get Spectral Pages in the game. While this won’t stop players from quickly getting the pages, it will slow them down quite a bit. This comes just days after they fixed a drop rate issue with the new memento from the event.

What Are Spectral Pages in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost?

Spectral Pages are a currency collected during Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost. Once collected, guardians convert them into Manifested Pages by killing special Headless One Bosses in the Haunted Lost Sectors, only available during the event. This allows them to be used at the Book of the Forgotten at the Tower to unlock lore and various rewards.

What Was the Best Farm in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost?

In order to get Spectral Pages in Destiny 2, players complete various activities such as Strikes, Crucible Matches, Gambit, campaign missions, etc. By far the best way to farm this was to start up the very first mission of the Lightfall campaign, First Contact. Play all the way through the mission until you fight a Tormentor boss. After defeating the Tormentor, you would simply kill your character and create a checkpoint. At this point have a friend join you, and leave with your first character. Join back up on a different character, then drop down to the planet in a drop pod. This would net you several Spectral Pages. Leave the mission and then boot it back up on the first character. Have your friend join you again and leave, join back up on 2nd character, and the pattern goes on. This farm netted several spectral pages in a matter of minutes. By far and away, this was the best farm for Spectral Pages during the Festival of the Lost.

Sadly, this is no longer possible, so players will have to play other parts of the game to earn their Spectral Pages. Considering the limited time nature of the Festival of the Lost, it surprises me that Bungie nerfed the farm so quickly. Players are sure to decry the nerf as it seemed fairly harmless. Bungie most likely wanted players to participate in other parts of the game. Luckily this has very little bearing on the best rewards able to earned during the event such as the weapons and the coveted Lost Memento.

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