ARK: Survival Ascended Mods Coming to Consoles

ARK: Survival Ascended, revealed at Xbox Partner Preview, will allow Mods developed on PC to run seamlessly on consoles.

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In 2023, Studio Wildcard announced they were developing a remastered version of their original game, ARK: Survival Ascended. This new game version will be released for Microsoft Windows on October 25th and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in November. It will feature improved graphics, performance, quality-of-life features, mods, and a new Unreal Engine 5 Development Kit. In collaboration with Curseforge, modders can create cross-platform mods, and you can enjoy them regardless of whether you are a console or PC player. Below, we will share the details about ARK: Survival Ascended Mods Coming to Consoles.

ARK: Survival Ascended Mods Coming to Consoles

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ARK: Survival Ascended will feature not only Cross-platform Multiplayer, including cross-platform accounts and cross-progression, cross-voice chat & friends, etc., but also Mods for console players. Furthermore, players will have Cross-save access, letting them carry over their accounts, characters, dinos, and items, regardless of the platform they initially started on. This means you can seamlessly pick up your adventure on various platforms. And with all mods accessible on all platforms, you can enjoy custom player-created content alongside friends playing on different devices.

Here are a few words from developers about mods and the modding community from Community Crunch 379: ASA Cross-Platform Mod Preview

Modded ARK content has always been popular with the ARK community and we’re excited for our extremely talented modding community to get involved in the ASA Mod Program so that they can provide their amazing content to a much larger ARK community!

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How does Cross-platform modding work?

ARK Survival Ascended Mods Coming to Consoles Development Kit
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Cross-platform modding is entirely new for Ark and possible thanks to the partnership between Studio Wildcard, the game’s developer, and Overwolf, the modding platform leader. Overwolf introduces the CurseForge and an industry-first cross-platform modding experience where mods created on PC are delivered directly to end-users’ consoles from a custom modding backend. Overwolf and Studio Wildcard will review all mods for quality control and value. Mod creators will optionally be able to specify price points for their Mods (with 50% of the price point going to the Mod author). The remainder pays for the custom infrastructure required for Overwolf to support, administrate, and deliver Mods to the console.

The modding capability will include everything currently possible on the Steam version of ARK: Survival Evolved. These possibilities, accessible through the SDK (software development kit), will enable users to enjoy mods across all game modes. It is a set of tools and resources software developers use to create applications for a specific platform. SDKs typically include libraries, APIs, documentation, and code samples. The available mods are near limitless in Ark and soon-to-be ARK: Survived Ascended. This includes crafting stations, items, structures, taming, improved user interface, dinosaur tools, and more.

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