Bungie to Update Shader Icons in Destiny 2 the Final Shape

In a surprise update, Bungie plans on updating shader icons for Destiny 2’s the Final Shape expansion says Joe Blackburn.

Bungie to Update Shader Icons in Destiny 2 the Final Shape
Image Credit Destiny 2 Press Kit

During a live stream by content creator Datto, Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn mentioned the shader icons were getting an update. During a gameshow event created by Datto called the Shader Game, content creators Skill Up and Leopard, along with Joe, played a series of games dealing with various shaders in the game. At the end of one of the minigames, Joe mentioned that the Shader Icons were going to get a nice Quality of Life Update.

Shader Update in the Final Shape

While the details of course are not yet know exactly, Joe mentioned the icons for the shaders will be much more detailed. When asked if it meant if it will show all of the colors the shader will apply, Joe replied simply with “Yes.” While this is most certainly still in development and not finalized, this is great news. Shaders currently only show 4 of the colors that will apply to weapons and armor. This isn’t accurate to everything the shader will apply. This of course causes confusion when you apply a shader that shows most black and grey colors but parts of your armor have a bright orange color that isn’t in the icon.

Datto, Leopard, and Skill Up (as well as Datto’s Twitch Chat) were extremely surprised and excited by this news. Shaders are the main way players can show off their Guardian’s fashion (along with Transmog) in Destiny 2. Having a shader icon with more information is absolutely a game changer in finding that perfect look for your Guardian.

The Shader Game

I would be loathe to talk about the news announced during the stream without talking about the gameshow itself. The Shader Game was a series of guessing and trivia games created Datto. Forcing the other Destiny players to try and guess various shaders by name was very entertaining. There were so many laughs and good times during the livestream. Joe Blackburn, Leopard, Datto, and Skill Up (as well as cameos by traveldanielle) created some great moments during the show and its absolutely worth watching and playing along.

I am not sure if Datto plans on keeping up the VOD on Twitch or putting up a Youtube video but if he does, please go check it out. You can find his and the other Destiny 2 content creators at their various channels. Datto’s twitch will be linked here so you can check out the game if he leaves the VOD up.

Its rare to get news on Destiny 2 the Final Shape in so unofficial a setting, but its honestly refreshing to hear Bungie being open with their news again. The Shader Icon Update seems like a small thing, but its honestly a great Quality of Life update that is sure to be very positively received. Here is to hoping that we get more little moments like this in the future.

UPDATE: Datto did confirm that he will be releasing the game show on Youtube during his stream.

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