How to Join the Finals Open Beta

Are you looking for a new exciting battle royale game – check out how to Join the Finals Open Beta, a new free-to-play, combat-centered game show!

How to Join the Finals Open Beta

THE FINALS is a world-renowned, free-to-play combat-centered game show where you join virtual teams to fight in ever-escalating tournaments in dynamic arenas. You can modify, exploit, and destroy these arenas. Your unique playstyle in this first-person shooter can lead to victory in tournaments and lasting fame. The world could watch you compete and gain recognition as a new contestant. The game will be playable on PC and console starting Oct. 26, but this Developed by Embark Studios game already allows players to join The Finals Open Beta to try the game and help them improve it at this final stage of development.

How to Join The Finals Open Beta

You can join The Finals Open Beta through Steam. Ensure you are logged in with your account or create a new one if you don’t have it. Next, open the Steam store page with the game and click the green Request Access button. Then, you’ll receive a notification that the developer will email you when they are ready for more participants, along with a confirmation that they have registered your interest.

How to Join the Finals Open Beta

You can also wishlist it to receive notifications when the game will become available to buy, pre-order, or pre-download. If you’re an Xbox or PSN player who wants to check out the game, visit the official The Final website and select your console to go to your console store.

What’s New in The Finals Open Beta?

Players who took part in previous beta tests will be happy to hear that there are new things added. This round of The Finals open beta will introduce Skyway Stadium, a fresh map described as a constantly changing and dangerous playground. It also brings a new game mode called Bank-It, where four teams of three contend for wealth in a casual-friendly, combat-focused mode. In Bank-It, the victors are the first to reach the maximum limit or those with the most cash banked at the end of the round.

Players participating in The Finals’ open beta will also enjoy a complimentary battle pass, offering 16 exclusive unlockable rewards that they can retain for the game’s official launch. As for the game’s release date, it has yet to be announced.

What is The Finals?

The Finals is an upcoming shooter where players fight in teams in closed arenas. Promising game mechanics and physics encourage players to use their environment creatively, allowing them to change the battlefield and employ diverse strategies for success. It’s all about thrilling combat, customization, and fame as you strive for victory in dynamic and destructible arenas. Players can create their unique avatars and compete for worldwide fame and sponsors.

Your choice of playstyle, weapons, and gadgets lets you tailor your strategy. Environmental destruction adds another layer of tactics, and all arenas can be transformed by players. The game allows you to stand out and gain recognition as you craft your character and gather fans. Join the Finals Open Beta, and it’s your chance to become a world-famous contender. Competition is fierce, and you must be clever and captivating to rise to the top. Are you ready to take on the challenge and become the next all-star in THE FINALS?

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