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Redfall Builds will be the best resource for the powerful weapons and skill load-outs you’ll want to take as you hunt down vampires.

Redfall Character Jacob Boyer

Redfall: Jacob Boyer Guide and Best Builds

In Redfall, players take on the role of heroes, premade characters with customization options, backgrounds, and unique abilities, this guide introduces Jacob Boyer, his strengths, and the best builds. The dark and mysterious island of Redfall isn’t probably for “good Vampires” fans. The bloodthirsty monsters are evil and merciless enemies. Once calm and safe Redfall …

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The Best Redfall Builds

Are you looking for updated The Best Redfall Builds? This short article links all our single and co-op builds. Every build below will contain the information you need to create powerful heroes, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. Additionally, the page is split into each character’s and team’s sections. The Best Redfall …

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