Creative Mode Command and How to Enable it in ARK Survival Ascended

You can enable Creative Mode through the console command or enter it from the menu, depending on where you play in ARK Survival Ascended.

ARK Ascended - House Wood

Curious about the boundless possibilities of creativity in ARK Survival Ascended with the Creative Mode? This game-changing option liberates players from the chains of survival mode, offering an unrestricted building adventure. Discover how to activate Creative Mode and explore the numerous features that can elevate your ARK experience.

What is Creative Mode and Features

Creative mode in Ark Survival Ascended allows you to build and play without survival mode restrictions. In creative mode, you don’t need resources or to unlock engrams. All are available to you as soon as you activate it. Players can build fantastic structures and let their creativity lead their way. But alongside unlimited structures go other essential features of this mode:

  • All engrams are unlocked.
  • You can craft how much you want and what you want, including TEK structures and items usually unlocked by beating the ARK bosses.
  • There are no weight restrictions, and you can carry as much as you want.
  • You craft items in an instant.
  • You can activate and deactivate the fly by double-clicking the jump button (default “space”, “X”, or “A” depending on your platform). Flaying makes building much simpler.
  • You take no fall damage.
  • You get infinite stats and immortality (godmode)

How to Enable Creative Mode

To enable creative mode in Ark Ascended, you must be either an admin of the server or the server’s admin must activate creative mode for your character. The ability to enable creative mode in single-player mode should be available by default. Press “ESC” on PC, the “Options” button on PS4, or the “Menu” button on Xbox One to bring up the settings, and choose “Enable Creative Mode.” You should see the tools icon at the bottom of your screen, indicating that the creative mode is on.

How to enter and enable creative mode in ARK Survival Ascended ASA

If you play on a dedicated server you need to ask admin to give you creative mode. If you own the ARK Server, you can activate it by typing the console command or, similarly to the single-player mode, this option should be accessible from the game’s menu.

To become an admin and be able to use console commands in ARK Ascened, you need to know the server admin password and type the following command:

  • enablecheats [admin password]

Replace brackets with the correct password, and you should be able to activate the creative mode for yourself with the following command:

  • GCM

Creative Mode Command

You must be in single-player mode or a server admin to activate the creative mode with the command. Press the “~” button on the keyboard or use the Console Commands UI.

How to Activate the Console Commands Menu - ARK Survival Ascended

To activate the Console Commands UI, go to the advanced settings and turn on the console access. Bring up the console command UI from the menu in the bottom left corner.

Use the following commands to activate Creative Mode for yourself or another player:

  • GCM or cheat GiveCreativeMode – to activate the creative mode
  • Cheat GiveCreativeModeToTarget or GCMT to toggle Creative Mode for your target player.
  • Cheat GiveCreativeModeToPlayer [playerID] or GCMP [playerID] to toggle Creative Mode for a player, replace [playerID] with their ID

All commands activated a second time will turn off creative mode. Please note that you shouldn’t give a creative mode to players you don’t trust. Creative mode gives the players extensive freedom and can hurt your server or game’s balance.

Does Creative Mode Disable Achievements?

No, the creative mode is a game mode and a tool that allows you to express your creativity with the game. Creative Mode doesn’t disable Achievements. Even if you activate it through the console commands, your achievements will stay intact, and you can still receive more. Creative mode has no downside if you want to build epic bases without worrying about resources and unlocking engrams. It can, however, disturb the game’s balance, so use it with caution on survival-focused servers.

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