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Destiny 2: Iron Banner Guide 2023

Welcome to Destiny 2: Iron Banner Guide 2023! We celebrate each season’s week-long Crucible event! During each Iron Banner event, the Destiny 2 guardians together participate in Crucible matches to earn unique rewards like shaders, emblems, and most important weapons and high-stat gear.

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In The Destiny 2: Iron Banner Guide 2023, we explain what the Iron Banner is, how to participate, how to earn ranks and rewards the fastest way and what you can earn during the event. We also provide useful links and information from the Bungie Help page

Iron Banner Guide

The iron Banner event appears twice every season, and each time remains for a week, thus is linked with the weekly reset. For information on the weekly reset, visit the Destiny 2 Ritual Reset Guide. During the event, guardians together participate in Crucible matches to earn unique rewards like shaders and emblems. Additionally, players are rewarded with weapons and high-stat gear for each match. All Destiny 2 players, regardless of expansion ownership, can participate in Iron Banner events.

Besides, players earn a reputation with Lord Saladin – the event vendor, who can be found at the Tower near the spawn point. Participation also increases your rank with Saladin and Shaxx. This time the loot table was refreshed. Also worth noting, the Trials of Osiris are not active during the event.


There are 3 activities available, with the changes:

  • Fortress Mode (Control) – When capturing all three zones at the same time, will prompt “The Hunt” and replaces all capture zones with Cabal high-value zones. Unlike regular Control, defeating opponents doesn’t count toward the final score, so capturing most zones and defeating enemies adds bonus points, and it is the key to victory.
  • Eruption (Clash) – Failing to kill a Guardian in 30 seconds results in death. Players gain the ability and Super energy on kills.
  • Tribute – A crest collection mode, that is currently being overhauled and temporarily not in rotation.

Iron Banner Pinnacle Gear – Daily Challenges

Just like many in-game activities in the Destiny 2 Iron Banner matches can reward you with pinnacle gear. To check the requirements, go to the Crucible playlist in the destination menu, just like you view any other pinnacle gear activity. Click once the Iron Banner pinnacle gear match, and in the lower left corner, check the requirements for this activity. Requirements are: to use a specific subclass while participating in a specific amount of Iron Banner matches.

Players can complete daily challenges once per character. As a result, if you have 3 characters, you can complete it three times per day and receive more rewards. This can be done up to 4 times total for the week of Iron Banner.

Iron Banner reputation

Destiony 2 Iron Banner Guide - Iron Banner Rank Boost
Iron Banner Rank Boost

In Destiny 2, participation in every activity rewards players with a reputation, the same is with Iron Banner’s reputation. The only difference is that Iron Banner’s reputation has multiplayer that provides you extra points if you use gear from the event playlist. there are several ways to increase your reputation fast in speed up the process.

Players can check their reputation bonus by selecting the Iron Banner playlist in the Director and viewing the “Iron Banner Rank Boost” modifier. At max, if you apply all boost modifiers, you can earn your reputation 640% faster!

Iron Banner Matches

The first and easiest way to earn a reputation is to participate in the event matches, you can win or lose. But this will give you a small amount of reputation so we advise focusing on two other methods to boost your rank.

Iron Banner Streak

Being on an activity streak will also help you gain the Iron Banner reputation faster. Each time you win a match in a row, it counts as a streak, but lose, and you need to start again.

Streak modifiers:

  • 1x Streak: +4
  • 2x Streak: +8
  • 3x Streak: +12
  • 4x Streak: +16
  • 5x Streak: +20
Iron Banner Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges not only provide you with pinnacle gear and rewards but also can give you an extra small amount of reputation each day. (+100% gains per challenge (max 4))

Iron Banner Gear

As mentioned before, using the Iron Banner gear, including the emblems, will give you extra points and speed up the process.

To maximalize the rank boost for armor, you can receive 200% more reputation for 5 Iron Banner gear pieces (40% per gear piece).

Important: Applying an Iron Banner ornament onto any armor piece will count as having a piece of Iron Banner gear equipped.

Iron Banner Emblem

Equip the Iron Banner emblem to get a 50% reputation boost.

Iron Banner Rewards and Iron Banner Loot Table

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Armor

During the event, Lord Saladin will offer rewards to players who rank up their reputation with him by turning in Iron Banner Tokens.

The Armor

Iron Banner Armor is called the Iron Companion set, an updated version of the Taken King’s Iron Banner armor set from the original Destiny.

Iron Banner Loot Pool

The following items are available in the Iron Banner loot pool:

  • Jorum’s Claw / Pulse Rifle
  • Bite of the Fox / Sniper Rifle
  • Swarm of the Raven / Grenade Launcher
  • Pressurized Precision / Fusion Rifle
  • Point of the Stag / Bow
  • The Guiding Site / Pulse Rifle
  • Lethal Abundance / Auto Rifle
  • Riiswalker / Shotgun
  • Iron Symmachy Armor Set

The following items are available only from the Legacy Focusing tab at Lord Saladin in the Tower:

  • Occluded Finality
  • Archon’s Thunder
  • Peacebond
  • Forge’s Pledge
  • Frontier’s Cry
  • Razor’s Edge
  • The Hero’s Burden
  • The Wizened Rebuke
  • Allied Demand
  • Roar of the Bear
  • Dark Decider
  • Gunnora’s Axe
  • Iron Remembrance Armor Set
  • Iron Fellowship Armor Set
  • Iron Truage Armor Set
  • Iron Will Armor Set
  • Iron Forerunner Armor Set
  • Iron Companion Armor Set

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