Destiny 2 Season 21-All New Perks

Destiny 2 Season 21: All New Enhanced Perks

Weapon rolls are the most important element in Destiny 2, determining which gun is powerful, so we present all New Enhanced Perks in Season 21.

Destiny 2 Season 21-All New Perks

Enhanced Perks are far more complicated than they may seem and can be applied to crafted weapons. Thus, some perks are good and PvP, others only for certain PvE fights or are great for beginners. The game veterans know exactly which perks are good, what gun has – so-called GodRoll – the best perks combination possible. This list was created to present you with the complete list of the new season 21 Enhanced Perks.

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All NEW Enhanced Perks in Destiny 2 Season 21

Those Enhanced Perks will appear on new crafted weapons and some selected old weapons but not on all that already exist in the game. All new perks are listed in alphabetical order to help you navigate the page. Also, hover over the perks name to see the tooltips for the following list of Enhanced Perks in Destiny 2 Season 21:

Enhanced PerkDescription
BipodIncreases Rocket Launcher ammo and reserves, but reduces damage. Blast radius and reload speed are slightly reduced.
Collective ActionCollecting elemental pickups or throwing a Strand Tangle grants a longer initial period of increased damage, and an improved stacking period of increased damage.
Elemental pickups include Firesprites, Void Breaches, Stasis Shards, Ionic Traces, and Strand Tangles.
Controlled BurstLanding every shot in a burst grants this weapon increased damage and reduced charge time for an improved duration.
DiscordFinal blows with another weapon grant this weapon increased speed aiming down sights, accuracy, and airborne effectiveness for a longer duration. When Discord is active, final blows refund ammo.
Eddy CurrentTemporarily increases reload speed after sprinting; increased reload speed has a longer duration. This effect is significantly improved when you are amplified.
Invisible HandRepeatedly missing targets increases this weapon’s stability for a short time. This buff lasts for a longer duration after a target is hit.
Enhanced Perks in Destiny 2 Season 21

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