Thoughtless PVE God Roll

Destiny 2 Thoughtless God Roll

Welcome to Destiny 2 Thoughtless God Roll guide. The weapon is a stasis adaptive frame sniper rifle released during Bungie’s Season of the Risen.

Snipers are a favorite among PVE and PVP players alike for their damage and ability to shut down enemies. They are commonly used for damage phases on bosses when short on heavy ammo as they still have high damage potential for a special ammo weapon. This weapon like other seasonal weapons will not be regularly obtainable after the Lightfall DLC release.

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How to Obtain Thoughtless

In order to obtain and craft this weapon you need the season pass for Season of Risen, and the Witch Queen DLC. You can receive it as a drop completing Risen seasonal activities or focus it through the seasonal kiosk in the Helm.  The Disparity is crafted upon obtaining and completing five deepsight resonance versions of the weapons. There are two upgrades you will need in your seasonal upgrade path to ensure you are farming as efficiently as possible: Weapon Decoding Clearance, and Deepsight Requisition.

Season of the Risen Upgrade Path
Take These Upgrades!


PVE – Thoughtless God Roll

The following list includes all Destiny 2 Thoughtless God Roll traits for PvE

BarrelArrowhead Break
MagazineAppended Mag
Perk 1Overflow
Perk 2Firing Line, Focused Fury
Origin TraitLank Tank
ModBackup Mag

Barrel: For the barrel perk, we are going with Arrowhead Break. This will give you better recoil direction giving you a better opportunity to land back to back shots. It also gives a small boost in weapon handling allowing you to swap back and forth to this weapon during damage phases.

Magazine: With the magazine we are going to improve the weapons base magazine by choosing Appended Mag. With our other perks this will allow us to have a large magazine ready for boss damage.

Perk 1: In this slot, Overflow is the go to choice. Upon picking up an ammo brick whether special or heavy it will give you two times the magazine. Giving us a large amount of ammo to fire without needing to reload.

Thoughtless PVE God Roll
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Part 2: Lastly, we have Firing Line. This perk gives us a sizable damage boost while simply standing near at least two allies making it very strong in all group content. For a solo damage perk, Focused Fury would be the choice as it gives the same damage boost as firing line. The perk works by landing half your magazine as precision shots which will give you a refreshable damage boost.

Masterwork: For the masterwork, reload is the obvious pick. We already have great base stats but a little boost in reload will help our damage by allowing us to spend less time reloading.

Mod: We are going with Backup Mag for the mod. This paired with our magazine perk will give us seven bullets in our base magazine, and fourteen when you have overflow activated.

Conclusion: Overall, the Thoughtless sniper rifle is incredibly strong for PVE offering balanced stats and some of the best damage perks in the game. Should you need a sniper for boss damage or just a fun weapon to take out your enemies from range this will surely do the job.


PVP – Thoughtless God Roll

The following list includes all Destiny 2 Thoughtless God Roll traits for PvP

BarrelFluted Barrel
MagazineAccurized Rounds
Perk 1Perpetual Motion
Perk 2Snapshot Sights
Origin TraitLand Tank
ModTargeting Adjuster

Barrel: For the barrel perk, we are going with Fluted Barrel. This gives a sizable boost to our handling and stability allowing us to draw and aim down sights after and reduce our flinch from incoming fire.

Magazine: The magazine choice here is Accurized Rounds. Accurized Rounds give a massive boost to the range stat which increases the range at which aim assist will fall off. This gives you the greater chance to land your shots from even further.

Thoughtless PvP God Roll
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Perk 1: While in PVP you should always be moving because of that we are going with perpetual motion. This perk gives a two times stacking increase in stability, handling, and reload just by moving. This boosts your two lowest stats, stability and reload, while not costing much to proc.

Perk 2: For this perk we are going with Snapshot Sights. This vastly increases our aim down sights speeds so you can target your enemy before they even know you are in their sights.

Masterwork: Handling masterwork is a must have. This masterwork allows us to ready and aim down sights faster which could give you a small advantage in your engagements.

Mod: Targeting Adjuster is a great choice here. This gives a small boost in your aim assist making your bullets more likely to hit the target.

Conclusion: Sniper RIfles are incredibly strong in PVP because of their ability to one shot headshot. With good perks and good aim, you are sure to be a powerful adversary on the battlefield.

The Thoughtless has great base stats and a wide perk pool full of potential options depending on content. With powerful perks for both PVE and PVP it makes this weapon a must have for any guardian’s arsenal.

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Thank you for reading our Destiny 2 Thoughtless God Roll Guide. Keep in mind this weapon will work with any class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock), any subclass (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand) and any PvE (Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Vanguard Operation, Dungeons, Raids) and PvP Mode in Destiny 2 (Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner).

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