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ESO Heroes of the High Isle event & Bonus Challenge!

The hotly anticipated ESO Heroes of High Isle Event is here and ESO community has already riched 100%! Now we have a BONUS CHALLENGE! As with previous big chapter events, the ESO community comes together to grind out the progress bar and earn prizes together! To pick up the prize go to the crown store and in the Featured tab look for Heroes of the High Isle Free event reward!


To see the official news post on the event click here, or read on below for more information!

Heroes of the High Isle

Congratulations! If you own High Isle, you can claim your rewards from the in-game Crown Store now until October 21 at 10AM EDT. If you have ESO Plus and High Isle, you can also claim the Appleback Salamander pet from the Featured section of the Crown Store.



Shut down High Isle’s volcanic vents, and for every 25% of meter progress, we’ll run the Explorer’s Celebration for two days, starting when the Heroes of High Isle event ends on October 11 at 10AM EDT. This bonus mini-event will go live for every zone in Tamriel, so get ready to tackle these volatile world events!

You can check progress HERE!

The Heroes of High Isle in-game event begins Thursday, September 29 at 10AM EDT, and it will run until October 11 at 10AM EDT. During the event period, when you unlock the High Isle Pathfinder achievement, you will help progress the meter above. Check back every day to see the community’s progress, and once the event concludes, ALL High Isle players will be able to claim all unlocked prizes from the in-game Crown Store. Don’t yet own ESO: High Isle? You can buy it now and still qualify for the event rewards!

You can unlock the High Isle Pathfinder achievement by visiting all six of the zone’s striking locales, so gather your fellow adventures, venture into the Systres Archipelago, and work together! For more information on this special celebration event, visit our announcement blog.

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