Destiny 2 Solar Hunter PvE Build

This guide gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods for our Destiny 2 Solar Hunter PvE Build, intended for all levels of PvE players!

D2 Solar Hunter PVE Build

This build has been updated for Season 23, Season of the Wish.

Why Should You Play Solar Hunter in PVE?

PVE Solar Hunter is the epitome of explosions everywhere. The whole object of the subclass is to explode your enemies and set them on fire before they can even damage you. Since this is paired with subclass healing and damage buffs, it’s hard to not enjoy making things go BOOM! Hunters have access to some of the highest damage supers with a lot of exotics that buff their damage even more. Find out all the details on how to craft, create, and optimize our Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE Build.

Destiny 2 Solar Hunter PVE Build

The following list presents all the essential Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE Mechanics and Features in Destiny 2:

  • Subclass: Solar
  • Primary Stat: Resilience
  • Super: Blade Barrage
  • Class Ability: Gambler’s Dodge
  • Jump: Triple Jump
  • Grenade: Healing Grenade
  • Melee: Knife Trick
  • Aspects: Knock ‘Em Down, Gunpowder Gamble
  • Fragments: Ember of Torches, Ember of Empyrean, Ember of Singeing, Ember of Beams


The best abilities for the Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PvE Build are Gambler’s Dodge, Healing Grenade, and Knife Trick. The Blade Barrage super is the best super to utilize with this build because it does a huge burst of AOE and single-target damage when paired with the Exotic Shards of Galanor. The Gambler’s Dodge gives us full melee energy back when dodging near enemies. Also, we want to use our Healing Grenade whenever we find ourselves in a situation where we need a quick heal or to reapply the restoration buff. Lastly, the Knife Trick gives us a ranged option for our melee attack and can take our multiple enemies with a single use.

Blade Barrage

Gambler’s Dodge

Triple Jump

Healing Grenade

Knife Trick

Blade Barrage – This super casts a large amount of exploding knives that can cover an entire area in damage or be used to deal a lot of damage to a heavy health target

Gambler's Dodge – Activating this dodge while in close proximity to enemies will give you your melee ability back

Triple Jump – The most common jump for a PVE hunter due to its easy of use and strong control. It also allows hunters to generally go higher and further with their jumps.

Healing Grenade – A greande that is meant for survivability over damage, it will give cure and apply restoration when you hit yourself with it or walk into it.

Knife Trick – This melee casts three blades that scorch enemies giving some AOE damage and AOE scorch to keep up our other abilities and buffs

The most important ability to make sure we are using in this build is the Blade Barrage super. Since it gives massive single-target damage or large AOE area clear. However, everything else can be flexed out based on preference and depending on skill level and content difficulty. Although, these abilities are chosen to represent the best all-around perks and are recommended in most scenarios.


The best aspects to use with our Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE build are Knock ‘Em Down and Gunpowder Gamble. Knock ‘Em Down buffs our super and gives us our melee back after getting a kill with it while radiant. Also, Gunpowerder Gamble charges up a high-damage grenade by getting solar-based kills.

Knock ‘Em Down

Gunpowder Gamble

Knock 'Em Down – This buffs our super and also gives us a melee back if we kill an enemy while radiant, basically allowing us to have constant melees

Gunpowder Gamble – Getting solar-based kills grants a stacking buff that will give us a high-explosive grenade.

Knock ‘Em Down is incredibly important with this build since it allows us to continuously get back our melees. Also, our melees give extra super energy with our exotic gloves, Shards of Galanor. This allows us to chain high-damage supers incredibly fast by giving us back our melee after every kill while radiant. Also, Gunpowder Gamble is strong for our build as it provides us with a free grenade for simply using our already powerful kit. Since our base grenade is strictly healing, this allows us to still have a grenade-damaging option with strong survivability healing grenades.


The best fragments for our Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE build are the Ember of Singeing, Ember of Beams, Ember of Searing, and Ember of Empyrean. Since these provide us radiance, increase our accuracy with our super, reduce our class ability cooldown, and extend our radiant and restoration buffs.

Ember of Singeing

Ember of Beams

Ember of Torches

Ember of Empyrean

Ember of Singeing : This reduces our dodge cooldown when we scorch targets, since our abilities and weapons are constantly scorching, this will make sure our dodge is up insanely fast

Ember of Beams : Our solar super gains additional tracking towards enemies.

Ember of Torches : This causes our powered melee hits to grant us and nearby allies restoration

Ember of Empyrean : Solar kills extend our duration of radiant and restoration

Ember of Beams is one of the most important fragments for our build. Since Shards of Galanor gives super energy back per knife hit, anything that helps us land more blades will increase our effectiveness. Ember of Torches gives us radiant which gives us a free damage increase for simply using our throwing knives. Furthermore, Ember of Empyrean extends our radiant and restoration effects by getting solar kills and these buffs are crucial for survival and damage buff. Lastly, Ember of Singeing gives us back our dodge insanely fast allowing us to dodge for melees should we miss them or to generate orbs with Reaper.


The best weapons for our Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE build are Riptide, Zaolui’s Bane, and Dragon’s Breath. Dragon’s Breath is one of the best rocket launchers for this build by scorching and igniting any enemies caught in its fire. Since this does damage over time, it allows us to swap to Riptide to deal additional damage in extended damage phases. With Auto-Loading Holster and Chill Clip, Riptide fills a great utility and damage roll by having the option to freeze targets and reload while not using it. Also, Zaouli’s Bane with Incandescent is a great pairing with the build and offers our primary weapon to easily clear large hordes of enemies.

Here’s a list of the best weapon loadout for our Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE build:

  • Kinetic: Riptide, Rapid-Fire Frame Stasis Fusion Rifle
  • Energy: Zaouli’s Bane, Adaptive Frame Solar Hand Cannon
  • Heavy: Dragon’s Breath, Exotic Solar Rocket Launcher

Alternatively, you can run any legendary special weapon in the kinetic slot. However, it’s best to focus on damage options like fusions and snipers rather than just utility options like grenade launchers. Since Incandescent keeps our build going, any solar weapon replacement must have that perk.

Exotic Armor

D2 Shards of Galanor Exotic Hunter Armor

The best exotic armor for the Solar Hunter PVE build is the Shards of Galanor. Overall, these exotic gloves offer two massive benefits. The primary benefit is that it will return up to half our super energy depending on kills or hits with the knives from our super. Furthermore, this allows us to chain supers insanely fast by simply using our super accurately. Since the energy return is based on hits or kills it’s equally as strong for large waves of enemies or as boss damage. Secondly, melee kills provide additional super energy reducing our blade barrage super cooldown even further. Since these both pair together well they allow you to spam your blade barrage super for massive amounts of damage.

Armor Stats

The best stats to focus on in our Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE build are Resilience, Mobility, and Intellect. Since these provide us with survivability, reduce our class ability cooldown, and reduce our super cooldown.

  • Mobility: 70
  • Resilience: 100
  • Recovery: 20
  • Disciple: 70
  • Intellect: 70
  • Strength: 30
Destiny 2 Solar Hunter PVE Stats

Armor Mods

The best armor mods for our Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE build are Heavy Handed, Firepower, Font of Wisdom, and Heavy Ammo Finder. Since these build into our stats, generate orbs of power, or increase our heavy ammo spawns which all provide the utility needed for the build to function at peak effectiveness.


Gameplay Tips

This Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE build is about using our melees and our supers continuously. Our super can be used for either clearing entire rooms of enemies or for high boss damage. Also, our melees are great for low-health enemies clear and to give us additional super energy. Moreover, throwing our melee will make us radiant increasing our damage, scorch enemies which will reduce our class ability cooldown, and any kills will refund our melee ability letting us continue the carnage. It’s important to throw your healing grenade when taking too much damage and then kill enemies with solar abilities or weapons which will give us the maximum uptime on radiant and restoration.

Our blade barrage super becomes even more powerful when radiant, increasing the number of blades our super casts. This means it’s super important to make sure radiant is active or we active it before casting our super since our exotic restores super energy on enemies hit or killed. Casting your super whenever it’s available is the best case since we will be getting it back insanely fast.

Build Summary

Below is a complete summary of stats, weapons, mods, abilities, and fragments for the Shards of Galanor Solar Hunter PVE build for Destiny 2:


  • Gambler’s Dodge
  • Healing Grenade
  • Knife Trick
  • Blade Barrage


  • Knock ‘Em Down
  • Gunpowder Gamble


  • Ember of Torches
  • Ember of Empyrean
  • Ember of Singeing
  • Ember of Beams


  • Riptide
  • Zaouli’s Bane
  • Dragon’s Breath

Head Mods

  • Harmonic Siphon
  • Heavy Ammo Finder
  • Font of Wisdom

Arm Mods

  • Heavy Handed
  • Firepower
  • Font of Focus

Chest Mods

  • Sniper Damage Resistance
  • Concussive Damage Resistance
  • Melee Damage Resistance

Leg Mods

  • Recuperation
  • Harmonic Scavenger
  • Font of Agility

Class Mods

  • Empowered Finish
  • Time Dilation
  • Font of Restoration

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