Destiny 2 Strand Titan PvE Build

This guide gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods for a Destiny 2 Strand Titan PvE Build, intended for end-game PvE players!

Destiny 2 Strand Titan Berserker

We are currently updating this build for Season of the Wish.  Check back soon with more details about the changes made to this build.

Why Should You Play Strand Titan in PvE?

Strand Titan is absolutely one of the best subclasses to take into endgame PvE in almost every case. It has a simple gameplay loop and playstyle that can take enemies completely out of the fight. And it all comes down to one word: suspend.

Suspend is ridiculously powerfulRequires owning Lightfall Expansion
Very High SurvivabilityLengthy grind to unlock
High Ability Uptime

Strand Titan PvE Playstyle

Suspending targets puts them out of the fight, and damaging them and defeating them gives us grenade and class ability energy respectively. Since suspension fields are generated by Shackle Grenades and our class ability, this allows for nearly infinite uptime of our ability to suspend targets. When paired with Abeyant Leap, this also grants a high uptime of Woven Mail. This makes the build powerful both defensively and offensively. When you encounter a large group of enemies: Suspend them. When you encounter a major or a champion: Suspend them. Not sure what to do in a situation: Suspend!

The only situation where suspending targets will not work is when you encounter a boss level combatant. At that point, your weapons and your super become your best friends. While your super isn’t the best damage in the game at all, its respectable and works wonderfully for those rare situations that you can’t suspend.


Some abilities, aspects and fragments need to be unlocked before use. In order to do that for Strand subclasses, Destiny 2 players must own the Ligthfall expansion and complete the entire main campaign to get access to the subclass. Additionally, to unlock Strand grenades, aspects, and fragments, players must buy them from the special vendor, the Pouka Pond, with Strand meditations. The full guide can be FOUND HERE for step-by-step details.


Rally Barricade

Catapult Lift

Shackle Grenade

Frenzied Blade

Bladefury – Currently the only option for Strand Super. A powerful super to be used during really bad situations or when a boss is encountered.

Rally Barricade – Take this over Towering Barricade for the shorter cool down. Its passive benefits are handy as well.

Catapult Lift – This choice really comes down to personal preference. Feel free to flex this out for another lift.

Shackle Grenade – Ridiculously important for the build. This suspends our enemies and the build is built around that.

Frenzied Blade – Currently the only option for Strand Melee Abilities. Its most effective usage is creating a tangle by killing minor combatant.


Into the Fray

Drengr’s Lash

Into the Fray – A nice support fragment for granting survivability to our allies and ourselves.

Drengr's Lash – A cornerstone of our build. Our build will not work without it. Being able to suspend with our class ability creates a nice suspension loop.


Thread of Mind

Thread of Continuity

Thread of Generation

Thread of Binding

Thread of Mind : Allows the generation of class ability energy, feeding our ability to suspend.

Thread of Continuity : Another buff to suspension that is too good to pass up.

Thread of Generation : Allows for generation of grenade ability energy, feeding our ability to suspend.

Thread of Binding : Adds to our suspension capabilities plus the Resilience bonus is nice.


Jack of All Trades Loadout

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2

Quicksilver Storm

Grenade Chaser

Rocket Tracers

Forbearance (Adept)

Ambitious Assassin

Chain Reaction



Firing Line

Quicksilver Storm – Acquired from Master Rahool after purchasing Lightfall. This is simply one of the best Exotic Primaries in the game.

Forbearance (Adept) – Obtained in the Vow of the Disciple Raid. A great special weapons effective at both dealing damage and clearing minor combatants.

Commemoration – Obtained from the Deepstone Crypt raid. A fantastic machine gun effective at boss damage and minor combatant clearing.

Burst Damage Loadout

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2


Break the Bank

Primeval’s Torment

CALUS Mini-Tool



Cold Comfort

Envious Assassin

Bait and Switch

Witherhoard – Obtained at the Monument to Lost Lights. Requires Shadowkeep Expansion. One of the better weapons in the game, as its one of the few that allows for damage over time.

CALUS Mini-Tool – Obtained sometimes from Banshee-44’s revolving weapons. One of the more powerful primaries in the game.

Cold Comfort – Obtained from the Ghost of the Deep dungeon. The absolute king of burst damage, this launcher can fire multiple rockets under the right circumstances.

Exotic Armor

Exotic Armor Mod

Abeyant Leap – Best Option. Can be obtained at the end of the Lightfall Campaign or dropped in Legendary Lost Sectors. Makes suspending targets so much more effective.

Heart of Inmost Light – Secondary Option. Obtained after completing Step 2 or the “Into the Abyss” Quest from Ikora or dropped in Legendary Lost Sectors. Not as effective as Abeyant Leap, but Heart works with most Titan subclasses effectively.

Armor Stats








Stats Goal







Armor Mods


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