Destiny 2 Strand Warlock Solo Build

This guide gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods for a Strand Warlock Solo Build, intended for end-game PvE players!

Destiny 2 Strand Warlock Broodweaver
Destiny 2 Strand Warlock Broodweaver

Why Should You Play Strand Warlock?

Strand is the newest subclass part of the Light Fall expansion for Destiny 2. This subclass offers great mobility, survivability, and Damage. Strand is very strong and has helped me clear content that I was extremely under-leveled for. Follow this guide to learn about the Darkness subclass and how to become the strongest Strand Warlock.

Strong Crowd Control
Tangle long cooldown
High damage resistLight Fall Campaign Completion
Quick grenade RegenNeed strand meditation resource

Strand Warlock Playstyle

 First consume your grenade by holding down the grenade button this makes it so we have 5 perched Threadlings right at the start of any fight. Next activate your rift to create an army of Threadling. Your Threadlings will seek out enemies to take them down; if they do not find a target, they will return to you in a perched status. While they are perched they will detach from you when you deal damage to an enemy or when you recast your rift ability. The mods listed will help you sustain your grenade cooldown. Remember the more armor charges you have the more grenade energy you will get refunded.

You are going to need strand weapons preferably with the perk Hatchling. This perk allows us to create and have a constant army of Threadlings. Our helmet siphon mods will enable us to make orbs of power which will feed into our grenade to give us that big bump of grenade energy back. Make sure to use siphon mods on your helmet that match the weapons you are using as listed below in the mod section I use weapons that synergize with my siphon mods.


To get the Strand subclass, you must own Ligthfall expansion and complete the entire main campaign to get access to all abilities. Additionally, to unlock Strand aspects and fragments, players must buy them from the special vendor, the Pouka Pond, with new currency.

The full guide can be FOUND HERE for step-by-step details.


Healing Rift

Burst Glide

Threadling Grenade

Arcane Needle

Needlestorm – This is our super ability. When you cast this you will go up in the air and fire very strong homing needles at your enemy. When they land they will blow up and Spawn a Threadling that will seek out your target to deal aditional damage.

Healing Rift – This is our class ability that will keep us and our teamates alive. While standing inside you get an overshield if you have full health.

Burst Glide – This is the best warlock movement ability since it helps you move faster. Warlock jump will keep your momentum so if you are falling down you will not go up.

Threadling Grenade – This grenade we will be consuming by holding down our grenade button. Doing this will make perch our Threadlings so long as we use the Mindspun Invocation aspect.

Arcane Needle – This melee comes with 3 charges and will track your enemy.


Weaver’s Call

Mindspun Invocation

Weaver's Call – Cast your Rift to weave three Threadlings and deploy any Threadlings you have perched.

Mindspun Invocation – Your grapple, Shackle Grenade, and Threadling Grenade have enhanced functionality. Your grapple melee spawns three Threadling eggs. [Grenade] : Hold to consume your Shackle Grenade and activate Weaver’s Trance. Final blows while Weaver’s Trance is active create a suspending detonation. [Grenade] : Hold to consume your Threadling Grenade and immediately generate five perched Threadlings.


Thread of Generation

Thread of Warding

Thread of Rebirth

Thread of Evolution

Thread of Generation : This will help us gain grenade energy.

Thread of Warding : When you get an orb of power you will gain woven mail

Thread of Rebirth : Your Strand weapons will have a chance to create a Threadling

Thread of Evolution : Your Threadlings will gain increased damage.


Loadout Option 1

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2

Quicksilver Storm

Rocket Tracers

Grenade Chaser


Ambitious Assassin

Chain Reaction


Triple Tap

Firing Line

Quicksilver Storm – The catalyst for this weapon turned it into a strand weapon and allows for great synergy with our strand abilities acquired from the cryptarch with purchase of lighfall

Forbearance – The Strongest grenade Launcher in the game. This weapon has very strong AOE damage. Forbearance drops from Vow of the Disciple raid in the Witch Queen expansion.

Taipan-4fr – Very strong Linear Fusion Rifle. This weapon does extra damage with percision hits. This weapon can be crafted

Loadout Option 2

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2

Different Times





Mortal Polarity

Koraxis’s Distress



Different Times – Strong pulse rifle from season of the Deep. This weapon can be crafted once you have unlocked the patterns for it.

Cloudstrike – Strong sniper rifle exotic that comes from the beyond light legendary empire hunts. The catalyst gives this weapon triple tap which will give you one bullet back when you land 3 rapid percision hits.

Koraxis's Distress – Stong grenade launcher that drops from the Root of nighmares raid. This weapon can be crafted once you have unlocked the patterns for it.

Exotic Armor

Exotic Armor Mod

Swarmers – The main exotic for our build. This will empower your Threadlings.

Armor Stats








Stats Goal







Armor Mods


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