Destiny 2 Void Titan PvP Build

This guide gives weapons, exotics, and armor mods for a Destiny 2 Void Titan PvP Build, intended for PvP players!

Void Titan Subclass Screen

We are currently updating this build for Season of the Wish.  Check back soon with more details about the changes made to this build.

Why Should You Play Void Titan in PvP?

Sometimes in PvP, you just need to hold down one objective or choke point. And that’s what this build is for. Make your enemies come to you or punish them from a range if they don’t.

Works with most weaponsVery Passive Playstyle
Grants overshields
Great support options

Void Titan PvP Playstyle

You’re going to want to throw down your barricade at choke points. A lot. Not only will this make it harder for your enemies to hit you, but it will grant you and your allies an overshield when you are close to it. This can absolutely change the way an engagement may turn out, as you will have more health than your enemy. And if you are running Citan’s Ramparts, you can shoot through it, although this will lower its health. Be wary of grenades! They are your biggest threat with this build, as they will either force you away from your barricade or kill you outright.


Some abilities, aspects and fragments need to be unlocked before use. In order to do that, Destiny 2 players need to visit Ikora in the Tower and do the related quest or purchase them from her. Lastly, if you bought new aspects and fragments don’t forget to “meditate”. Simply click the “meditate” option on the table next to Ikora.

Ward of Dawn

Towering Barricade

Catapult Lift

Suppressor Grenade

Shield Bash

Ward of Dawn – This might seem an odd choice, but trust me when I say there is nothing more satisfying than when you need to capture a point to win and you drop this bad boy on it. This will all but lock it down to most forms of attack.

Towering Barricade – This is the main aspect of our build. We want to be throwing this down at tactical locations whenever we can. When we do not only will that create a possible block of a choke point, but also grant us and nearby allies an overshield giving them a edge in engagements.

Catapult Lift – This really comes down to personal preference, so feel free to flex another lift if you prefer it.

Suppressor Grenade – These grenades can ruin roaming supers days. Save this bad boys for when an enemy cast their super or you see a huge tactical advantage to making your enemies unable to use their abilities.

Shield Bash – There are rare occurrences when we may need to move, and when we do it will most likely need to be quickly and aggressively. This melee will help with that whether we are running away or towards the enemy.



Offensive Bulwark

Bastion – Our build is built around using this. We want to get ourselves and our allies the overshield.

Offensive Bulwark – Since we are granting ourselves overshield as much as possible, this will buff even further.


Echo of Dilation

Echo of Expulsion

Echo of Domineering

Echo of Dilation : We are mostly using this for the stat bumps, but getting enhance radar while crouched is also a nice little advantage.

Echo of Expulsion : Again mostly used for the stat buff. We won’t be getting void ability blows that often, but when we do its pays to make them damage any of their friends that may be nearby.

Echo of Domineering : Another stat buff, but this one will be more useful as we should be trying to use our grenades when ever appropriate and they suppress targets, buffing us.


Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2

The Immortal (Adept)


Target Lock


Snapshot Sights

Moving Target

The Wardcliff Coil

Mechanized Autoloader

Mad Scientist

The Immortal (Adept) – Obtained in Trials of Osiris. One of the better PvP weapons currently.

Beloved – Obtained from Banshee-44’s rotating weapon inventory. A great sniper option for long range engagements.

The Wardcliff Coil – Obtained from Exotic Engrams. Essentially a free kill.

Exotic Armor

Exotic Armor Mod

Peregrine Greaves – Obtained from Exotic Engrams. Sometimes you need to take out an enemy bubble, and this will allow you to do that. Simply jump before casting your charged melee.

Armor Stats








Stats Goal







Armor Mods


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