The Best Titan Strand Build for Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Best Titan Strand Build

Welcome to our Destiny 2 The Best Titan Strand Build!  Strand Titan’s wields new Darkness power, a subclass that visually appears as green energy. Just like any subclass in Destiny 2, Strand will have skills, super, aspects and fragments to further strengthen the guardian’s power. Each class will use Strand differently.
Last Updated May 23rd, 2023, for Season 21, Season of the Deep. Destiny 2 has moved imagery, and we are working on updating tooltips for weapons, mods, and armor. We will keep the build and the theme updated throughout this season and the rest of 2023.
Strand Titan Beginner Build
Strand Titan Build



Bladefury is powerful and mobile Tangle is on a long cooldown
Grapple is fun and offers great mobility Grapple requires you to sacrifice a grenade ability
Woven mail makes you very tanky Requires completion of Lightfall campaign
Suspending Targets is very powerful Abilities locked behind strand meditation resource
Strong AOE with Tangle

How to Unlock Strand Subclass 

To get the Strand subclass, you must own Ligthfall expansion and complete the entire main campaign to get access to all abilities. Additionally, to unlock Strand aspects and fragments, players must buy them from the special vendor, the Pouka Pond, with new currency.

  1. Buy Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion on your preferred platform
  2. Start the Destiny 2 Lightfall campaign – Go to the directory menu, pick Neptune planet from the side of the screen and hovering over it will display a pop-up about the Lightfall campaign. Proceed and select the difficulty to start the Lightfall campaign.
  3. Follow the story and the questline to complete the Lightfall campaign
  4. After completing the campaign, go to the Tower to meet with Zavala and Ikora
  5. Come back to the Hall of Heroes on Neomuna
  6. Meditate to unlock the Strand subclass and your first abilities
  7. Go to the Pouka Pond to get additional Strand Grenades, Aspects and Fragments

The full guide can be FOUND HERE for step-by-step details.


With the mod system, Bungie has homogenized a lot of the ways subclasses work with our armor mods. This beginner build is meant for you to be able to try out a subclass without having to dive to deep into individual playstyle. We will in essence be building around the synergy of the element rather than building into a god killer. Survivability and adaptability is the name of the game.

The Strand Titan’s strength’s come out with its mobility and speed. We want to be wading into the thick of it. Our melee has three charges letting us take down three minor enemies or one major one. When we do this it will create a tangle, which we can then use take out another group of enemies. If we find our selves not in melee range when we need to be, we can just grapple to an enemy to pull us into it and take it out with an uncharged melee.

If we see an orb of power, we want to pick it up. This will give us armor charge, making our Strand Weapons hit even harder. Killing enemies with our Strand Weapons and Strand Melees generates orbs of power basically creating a nice feedback loop of weapon and melee buffs.

Author’s Note: Both Strand and the new Loadout and Mod system are very new. So it stands to reason, that there are combinations that haven’t been tested yet. These builds are very much a Work in Progress but have been tested and are effective. They will almost certainly be updated as time goes on. Additionally, the new Artifact system is currently not supported on our build templates so I have listed important Artifact mods to take below until we are able to update our build template.

Important Artifact Mods:

  • Overload Bow or Overload Auto/SMG: Strand lacks intrinsic way to counter Overload Champions so this will be needed for certain content.
  • Authorized Mods: Strand: This makes all of our Strand Mods much cheaper to apply.
  • Authorized Mods: Solar or Authorized Mods: Void: We will need to use at least one energy weapon so this will allow us to buff them as well.
  • Allied Unraveling: We are going to be killing a lot of enemies with our Strand weapons. Choose this to get a nice passive benefit to them.