Dragon Age: The Veilguard – Microtransactions and Dragon Age Keep News

Learn about Dragon Age: The Veilguard’s microtransactions and how decisions transfer from previous games without using Dragon Age Keep.

Dragon Age The Veilguard - Microtransactions and Dragon Age Keep

Every Dragon Age game has delivered a new standalone story and protagonist, immersing players in fresh narratives while allowing them to shape the fate of Thedas with their decisions. These crucial choices have a lasting impact, influencing not only the immediate story but also the broader world across the series. Undoubtedly, The Veilguard will bring more impactful choices. Starting from the first important decision you must make in character creation, the background and faction choice for your Rook (the main protagonist).

But how will these decisions carry over into “Dragon Age: The Veilguard”? Will we use Dragon Age Keep again? Will it be an online or offline game? And will it include microtransactions?

Will Dragon Age: The Veilguard Have Microtransactions?

No, Dragon Age: The Veilguard will be a fully single-player, offline game with no microtransactions planned. Players can enjoy the game without needing an internet connection, focusing entirely on the story and gameplay.

While microtransactions are off the table, this does not exclude potential downloadable content (DLC). The series has a rich history of DLC that expands the game’s universe and story. Here’s a list of DLCs from previous Dragon Age games:

The List of Dragon Age: Origins DLC’s

  • The Stone Prisoner
  • Warden’s Keep
  • Return to Ostagar
  • Awakening (Expansion)
  • The Darkspawn Chronicles
  • Leliana’s Song
  • The Golems of Amgarrak
  • Witch Hunt

Story expansions for Dragon Age II:

  • The Exiled Prince
  • Legacy
  • Mark of the Assassin

Dragon Age: Inquisition Story DLC’s

  • Jaws of Hakkon
  • The Descent
  • Trespasser

These DLCs typically added several hours of gameplay, with expansions like “Awakening” and “Trespasser” providing substantial new storylines and content.

Will We Use Dragon Age Keep in Dragon Age: The Veilguard?

Probably not. Based on recent statements from the developers, it appears that Dragon Age: The Veilguard will not use Dragon Age Keep to transfer decisions.

Dragon Age Keep

Dragon Age Keep is a web-based application that allows players to recreate their unique world state by making choices that reflect their decisions from previous games. It’s done in a separate minigame-like, with stunning official graphics from Bioware. This system was designed to provide continuity and consistency for players moving from one game to the next. When starting a new game in Dragon Age Inquisition, players can log in to Dragon Age Keep and transfer those choices to their next playthrough.

However, in Dragon Age: The Veilguard, BioWare has confirmed that players can still carry over their choices from past entries—using a different method. Given the ten-year gap since Dragon Age: Inquisition, the developers understand that many players might not remember all their decisions. The world and story have evolved significantly over the years, including through various DLCs.

How Will We Transfer Decisions from Previous Games?

To address this, when players start Dragon Age: The Veilguard, they will be presented with a story recap “fully integrated into the character creator this time around.” Probably similar to what was seen at the beginning of Dragon Age II, where Varrick narrated essential past events. However, during The Veilguard recap, players will have the opportunity to select tarot cards representing the choices they made in previous games or wish to make for their version of Thedas. Due to technological differences, this feature will not rely on reading save files from older games and will be integrated into the game client. Saved files are probably no longer even possible for many players to find after such a long period of time.

Dragon Age The Veilguard - Backgrounds (Factions)

Here’s a quote from BioWare Game Director Corinne Busche:

“What’s not lost on us is that it’s been ten years since existing players have played. They might not remember what they did in previous games. They might need that refresher, and we don’t want new players to feel like they’re missing out on those decisions. So in the character creator, I like to call it last time on Dragon Age, but you can go into your past adventures…”

BioWare Game Director Corinne Busche

This approach allows new and returning players to craft a coherent and personalized narrative as they dive into Dragon Age: The Veilguard. No microtransactions and a fully single-player experience will also enhance the game, creating a more intimate and immersive experience for many players.

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