Enshrouded 2024 Road Map – Dungeons, New Biomes, Building Updates, Steam Deck Support

Keen Games announces the 2024 Road Map for Enshrouded, which includes dungeons, more biomes to explore, and more building materials.

Patch #2 for Enshrouded Game

Released in Early Access on January 24, 2024, Enshrouded has consistently added patches and improvements to the game. The developers, Keep Games, are radially expanding the game’s future and potential content with the 2024 roadmap. The roadmap shows the developer’s willingness to listen to multiple elements of the community. Some parts of the future are geared towards combat with dungeons, world events, and bosses. While another section is focused on quality-of-life improvements, expanded crafting, and server control.

To celebrate this roadmap, Enshrouded will be having a steam sale from March 14th and ending March 21st. Below, we’ve outlined the coming features, including the picture from Steam and the complete list of the roadmap.

Top 10 Features in Enshrouded Roadmap 2024 Early Access

Here are the 10 highlights from Enshrouded Roadmap 2024 Early Access:

  1. Instanced Dungeon – the Hollow Halls dungeons, along with other instanced-based PvE encounters.
  2. More Biomes – explore new areas with more of the map revealed, like mountains to the north.
  3. New Enemies and Bosses – more enemies to kill, possibly more loot, and harder challenges ahead.
  4. World Events – organic, cyclical events that could maybe spawn at random on timers.
  5. Steam Deck Support – support for Steam Deck means more people can enjoy Enshrouded on a handheld.
  6. More Building Materials – Potted plants, trees, doors, windows, and many more additions.
  7. Server Settings – adjust multiple settings and improve focus on server controls for players.
  8. Animal Farming – this system is likely similar to planting, yet with cute fluffy animals!
  9. Townsfolk Pet – possibly having a pet within your town.
  10. Weather Systems – a method to manipulate the weather in the game.

Complete Notes – Enshrouded Roadmap 2024 Early Access

Enshrouded  shares new content for Early Access in 2024.

The bulk of these features will come in the next few updates, with six features coming later in 2024. Below is a list of all the items mentioned from Keen Games in the Enshrouded 2024 Roadmap. Most of these will come in the following few updates, with six features coming later in 2024.

  • Hollow Halls Dungeons
  • Steam Deck Support
  • Performance Improvements
  • Smoother Higher FPS Gameplay
  • Location Improvements
  • Improved Loot UI
  • Workshops Craft from Magic Chests
  • Better Stack Splitting
  • Multiple NPC Instances
  • Reassignable Glider Shortcut
  • Sitting on Furniture
  • Improved Post Processing
  • More Trees to Grow
  • Round Doors & Windows
  • Potted Plants
  • New Building Materials
  • Replyable World Quests
  • Better Quest Sorting
  • Server Gameplay Settings
  • Server User Rights
  • Townsfolk NPCs
  • Vanity System
  • Editable Signs
  • Musical Instruments
  • Townsfolk Pet
  • Animal Farming
  • Enemy Patrols
  • Weather Systems
  • Mountain Biome
  • Portal to other Servers
  • Nameable Bases
  • Nameable Map Locations
  • Multiplayer Pings
  • Named Tombstones
  • New Enemies and Bosses
  • Fixes and Polishing

Later in the Year – Enshrouded 2024 Road Map

Below is the list of features coming in later 2024 for Enshrouded Game:

  • Sharing & Visiting Bases
  • Create & Share Gameplay Experiences
  • World Events
  • Instanced Dungeons
  • More Biomes
  • Water!

Next Update

The developers also included that you can expect an update to Enshrouded later this month in March. the following quote leaves us wondering if we will get the dungeon this month:

That’s all for us for today. Keep an eye on your Shroud timer, and maybe we’ll see you around the Hollow Halls…

The team at Keen Games

If you wish to provide feedback and shape the future of Enshrouded, go here and list your most wanted feature. Thanks for reading Flameborn. We at Deltia’s Gaming cannot wait for this new update and the expansion of our favorite survival game of 2024.

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