Enshrouded Hotfix #6 Corrects Game Save Issue

Keen Games releases a small patch to address save data stability with Enshrouded Hotfix #6 Corrects Game Save Issue.

Enshrouded Hotfix #6 Corrects Game Save Issue

It’s a bit over a week since the game’s release into Early Access on Steam, and today developers at Keen Games have released Hotfix #6 to address save data stability. Unfortunately, some players were having issues where Enshrouded was not saving their progress correctly. In response the developers have made the save data system more robust. Additionally, players will now see a new notification message in the event there are issues with saving the game.

Enshrouded Hotfix #6 also includes fixes for other Performance and Gameplay issues:

Save data stability

Users have reported an issue that in some cases the game would not save the progress correctly. To prevent unsuccessful saving, we have made the save data system more robust. There is now also an added notification message in case there are any issues with the save game:
• For single-player, peer-2-peer multiplayer and dedicated servers the game will now attempt more thoroughly to retry saving.
• On single-player and on peer-2-peer multiplayer, if saving can’t be completed successfully even after several retries, a warning message will pop up, allowing the player to manually retry or cancel. When “cancel” is selected, the game will shut down to prevent further unsaved progress.
• On dedicated servers, the server will shut down automatically in case many consecutive attempts to save were unsuccessful.

We will continue to monitor save data issues very closely and keep working on improving the stability of save data management.


• Fixed an issue that could lead to stutters in the frame-rate.


• Improved “out of stamina” HUD messages.

Enshrouded Hotfix #6 Corrects Game Save Issue

These types of bugs followed by hotfixes and patches are exactly the type of thing that players should expect of Enshrouded during Early Access. This is not a full release of the game, as most players understand. Not only is the exploration map restricted to the early-game areas, but this is a time which Keen Games is using to test the game’s functionality and how it performs. Players who download and participate in any Early Access game should only do so with the understanding that the game is still a work in progress.

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