Enshrouded: Where to Find Root Staff – Legendary Weapon

Discover where to find this epic legendary weapon – the Root Staff in Enshrouded!

Enshrouded - Root Staff

The Legendary Root Staff in Enshrouded is a unique, hard-to-get weapon best suited for wizards or battlemages who cast spells and use charges to deal massive damage. The Wizard, Trickster, and Battlemage skill trees are a beast for investing skill points to make the most of this weapon. It deals additional Poison damage. As a result, when upgraded, it will deal huge overtime damage with the acid charges.

One of the main disadvantages of staff is that they require you to craft charges. Also, they need time to cast, and you can’t block with it. The last issue can be easily solved. Ensure you carry with you a second set of weapons, a shield, and a wand. For example, Scorching Wand is a good choice, when you run out of charges or need extra protection.

Enshrouded - Eternal fireball

However, staff deal the most damage and AoE damage in the game. And because they need charges to cast spells the solution to it can be eternal charges. Eternal charges have infinite casts but deal slightly less damage than regular charges.

As with all legendary weapons, it has five upgrades to increase its power. The following list presents all bonuses and upgrade bonuses for Legendary Root Staff in Enshrouded:

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Base Power: 47 Poison Damage
  • Weapon Type: Staff
  • Upgrades:
    • Precise 1: Increase critical hit chance by 5%
    • +9 Poison Damage
    • Spiritual: Increases mana regeneration by 1
    • Mana Leech: On hit Leech 5% Damage as Mana
    • Precise 2: Increase critical hit chance by 5%

Where to Find Legendary Root Staff

Root Staff is hidden in a chest inside the small cave in Kindlewastes Oasis, in the Southeast corner of the Enshrouded map and directly east of the starting base.

Where to find Enshrouded - Root Staff chest

Find The Note in a Tent

Finding the Legendary Root Staff should be easy. First, you can find the abandoned tent with the note on a table. It’s another piece of the puzzle on what happened in Enshrouded Lands history. The note will also unlock the exact location of the cheats with Root Staff.

Find The Note in a Tent - Enshrouded

You need a level 5 flame altar to enter Kindlewastes region, a desert biome on the southeast side of the map accessible through a passage in pillars of creation. Once in the area, head to the desert east of the Kindlewasttes Ancient Spire fast travel point and locate a small tent. As soon as you read the note lying on a table inside an abandoned camp, a new location will be added to your map.

Additionally, on the map, you can click on the question mark point directly south of the tent and add a marker so you will see it on your compass at the top of your screen.

Head to the Oasis to get Legendary Root Staff in Enshrouded

How to get Enshrouded - Root Staff
Chest with Root Staff

Go directly south; you will need flame level 5 and a glider to be able to get there. Use a glider to fly above a giant chasm. It’s a gap between desert lands, to get to the small oasis on the other side. Oasis is an Enshrouded area with lava protecting the entrance to the small cave with the chest and Legendary Root Staff. Don’t step into the lava by accident. It will kill you immediately. Again, use the glider to fly inside the cave and open the glowing chest to get the staff.

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