Enshrouded Patch #2 – Resource Yields, High-End Armor Adjustment, Building Materials

Keen Games has released patch #2 for the Enshrouded game, with updates and changes like resource yields, armor sets crafting material, building maximum stacks, and more!

Patch #2 for Enshrouded Game

The second major patch for the Enshrouded game, Patch #2 – V of the game still in early access. In this post, we summarize the top 10 most important changes and list the full Enshrouded Patch #2 notes.

Enshrouded Patch #2 Top 10 Highlights:

  1. New Dungeon Hollow Halls: With new legendary gear, puzzles, enemies, and trophies, you can hang in your house. The Hollow Halls introduce a challenging new dungeon experience, allowing players to test their skills against new enemies, puzzles, and mechanics.
  2. New Necromancer Arrows and Weapons:
  3. New Necromancer Skill:
  4. All New quests: Speak to the Alchemist to kickstart your two new quests to expand crafting stations and learn more about the Enshrouded world.
  5. A new survivor: A new survivor is waiting to be found in the Hollow Halls. This character adds depth to the story, and as you dive deeper into the dungeon, you’ll learn more about this mysterious person and unravel their secrets.
  6. New weapons, potted plants, round doors and windows, building blocks, furniture, decorative props: a plethora of new items and furnishings to enhance your base and arsenal, including a diverse array of weapons, potted plants courtesy of Emily the Farmer, and aesthetically pleasing round doors and windows crafted by Dilit the Carpenter. These additions expand the creative possibilities for players to customize their environments. Also, now players can sit on furniture!
  7. Higher framerates and Graphic improvements: Enjoy a smoother and more visually stunning experience with improved performance and graphics enhancements. Adding support for Nvidia Reflex and new settings to control image sharpness and toggle contact shadows.
  8. Stack splitting, UI improvements, and items can now be crafted in stacks: Enhanced stack splitting functionality and improved UI features. Crafting items in stacks now simplifies the crafting process and reduces tedious micromanagement, while magical chests can now also supply crafting stations.
  9. New Server friends server search option: Connect with friends and find servers more easily by using a new server search option. If you’re looking to team up with friends, click the Find Server button and find your friends by IPv4 address.
  10. Gameplay Tweaks: Alongside significant changes, developers refined gameplay mechanics with a range of tweaks and adjustments to improve balance and overall gameplay enjoyment. From fixing issues with critical damage and skill functionality to enhancing enemy behavior and weapon durability, these tweaks should provide players a polished and immersive gaming experience.

Enshrouded Patch #2 V – Complete Patch Notes

Below you can read the complete patch notes for Enshroued Patch #2 from Steam:

Stability and performance

  • Fixed several rare crashes.
  • Added more security to the saving process to avoid issues with saving, and better protection of the save game in case there is a failure.
  • Reduced the CPU load for idle servers.
  • Improved performance in large player bases and large crop fields.

Multiplayer and Servers

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent joining a server when the previous session was canceled or crashed.

Game world

  • Redistributed roaming enemies in several areas for improved balancing.
  • Fixed more cases of enemies with incorrect levels for the region that they are found in.
  • Fixed an issue where a Flame Altar near a Shroud Root could lead to the fog in the whole world disappearing. (this isn’t how you’re meant to save Embervale)
  • The game now prevents save points being activated when they are in deadly shroud.
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to wax and honey spawning in the player base without having to harvest a hive first.
  • Polished several points of interest.
  • Tweaked the sounds from Vultures. (we heard you and them! loud and clear)
  • Fixed several issues with incorrect ambient sounds.
  • Fixed an issue with music in dungeons being muted after combat.
  • Fixed the timings of the traps in Spires in multiplayer sessions.


  • Fixed cases where the saving of crops when quitting and restarting the game world did not work properly.
  • Increased the stamina cost for the jump attack.
  • Fixed an issue where players climbing on walls and ladders could interfere with each other. (even though it was funny)
  • The water aura no longer heals when the player is dead.
  • Reduced the amount of twigs needed to craft arrows.
  • Increased the yield of twigs from grown bushes.
  • Increased the yield of feathers from their sources.
  • Lowered the amount of Flax needed to craft high end armor sets. (it was maybe a bit too much padding)
  • Lowered the amount of resources needed to craft decorative books. (not all books are the Wheel of Time)
  • Castle Wall blocks now have the same maximum stack size of 5000 like other building blocks.
  • Fixed cases where open doors would block arrows or other projectiles.
  • Fixed some rare cases where looted weapons had an incorrect item level.

Building and Terraforming

  • Construction hammer no longer allows cutting holes into unbreakable materials like the foundational bedrock material at the bottom of the world. (but it was funny though)

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