How to Recruit Lump the Enlightened In Baldur’s Gate 3

Recruiting the ogre Lump the Enlightened is the best way to breeze past an early game boss in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to Recruit Lump the Enlightened In Baldur's Gate 3

Lump the Enlightened is an ogre with unusual intelligence. Two ogres accompany Lump, and they make for a very fearsome pack. While not a direct benefit to your party, finding Lump early is an important power spike for your party. Especially on harder difficulties, you’ll want to go recruit Lump as soon as you can afford it.

Finding Lump the Enlightened

Lump the Enlightened is located on the southwest side of the Blighted Village in Baldur’s Gate 3. Aptly named, Lump is quite a bit more talkative than any other ogre you have encountered.

Finding Lump the Enlightened

When you climb into the house, Lump the Enlightened will acknowledge your party, and you will have the opportunity to recruit the ogres. We highly recommend recruiting Lump the Enlightened, even at the steep price of 500 gold. By making a deal with Lump, you can essentially breeze past a difficult Act 1 boss, even if your party isn’t ready for it.

Recruit Lump the Enlightened in Baldur’s Gate 3

Lump the Enlightened Gourmand

Talking to lump will eventually allow you to hire him. By choosing the option, “Forget goblins. You should be fighting for me,” Lump asks you to make an offer to buy his allegiance. From this point, you have a few options to gain Lump as a temporary fighting companion.

Recruiting Lump Choices

While you can persuade Lump the Enlightened to fight for you for free, it’s an extremely difficult persuasion check of 20. You can also attempt to trick Lump with deception, saying you’ll pay them after they fight. Saving before entering the house allows you to keep reloading, but if you don’t want to reload constantly to meet the check, just leave the dialogue if you miss your ability check.

You’ll still be able to recruit Lump the Enlightened, you’ll just pay for his services.

BG3 Lump 500 Gold Offer

When you speak to Lump again, you’ll have the option to hire him for 500 gold.

If you hire him or deceive him, he will give you Lump’s War Horn. Using the horn will call the three ogres into battle, anywhere in Act 1. If you try to blow it after Act 1, they won’t show as they’ll be too far away.

How to Use Lump’s War Horn

To use Lump’s War Horn, you simply blow the horn while in battle, and the three ogres will join the fight. There is some strategy to using it though, as you can quickly squander the benefit of Lump’s assistance.

Lump the Enlightened War Horn

Lump’s War Horn can be used once before having to pay up, so use it when it counts. You can also only use the horn during Act 1. You also cannot use the horn in the Underdark or the Mountain Pass.

That leaves a few great opportunities to use Lump’s War Horn. You can use the Horn while raiding the Goblin Camp or the Emerald Grove, but you already have help with these encounters. Instead, saving the Horn for a more difficult Act 1 boss fight will give you the most bang for your buck, if you bought their help.

While you might think the Hag is a good use of their help, the ogres will attack Mayrina if she’s in the cage. That isn’t a problem for some players, but if you’re trying to save her, recruiting Lump the Enlightened at a different time is a better option.

BG3 Lump the Enlightened Combat

Just make sure you use the horn while you’re actually in combat, or he’ll demand payment without having fought anything. Unfortunately, blowing the horn uses an action, but the reinforcements more than make up for it.

Hiring Lump the Enlightened Again

Hiring Lump Again After Fighting

Once the carnage is over, you can recruit Lump the Enlightened again, if you have the coin, but you won’t have this option if you don’t have 500 gold.

If you chose to deceive Lump, however, you have a choice. You can attempt to deceive him again, or you’ll have to fight the ogres too. If you choose to do this, they won’t show up again if you don’t blow the horn.

If you never pay the ogres, they will show up to your camp after Act 1, attempting to reclaim the debt. While this would have been an issue in Act 1, their levels all stay the same, so they’re much easier to deal with later in the game.

Why is Lump so Smart?

Lump has a special item that makes him so intelligent.

When you first meet Lump, he claims his diet is what gives him his heightened intelligence, which isn’t too far from the truth. If you kill Lump, you can loot the Warped Headband of Intellect from his body. The headband increases the wearer’s intelligence to 17, making it a great early game boost to your intelligence without having to use points.

While you can pickpocket the Horn off of Lump, you cannot pickpocket the headband because it’s in his belly. That doesn’t stop you from taking it, if you kill Lump, but you can’t loot the item if he’s alive.

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