Enshrouded: Where to Find Wailing Blade – Legendary Weapon

Discover where to find this epic legendary weapon – the Wailing Blade in Enshrouded!

Enshrouded Wailing Blade – Legendary Weapon

The Legendary Jezmina’s Apotheosis in Enshrouded is a unique, hard-to-get weapon best suited for Warriors or Tanks who use a shield in one head and need a decent weapon in the other to deal damage or increase their defenses. The Warrior, Tank, and Battlemage skill trees are a beast for investing skill points to make the most of this weapon. It deals with additional cutting, piercing, and blurt damage.

As with all legendary weapons, it has five upgrades to increase its power. The following list presents all bonuses and upgrade bonuses for Legendary Wailing Blade in Enshrouded:

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Base Power: 14 Damage
  • Weapon Type: Sword
  • Upgrades:
    • +2 Blunt Damage
    • +2 Piercing Damage
    • +2 Cutting Damage
    • +2 Blunt Damage
    • +2 Cutting Damage

Where to Find Legendary Wailing Blade

Wailing Blade is hidden in a chest inside the small cave in Scavenger Stash, West of Springlands Ancient Spire and north of Ancient Vault – the Alchemist.

Enshrouded - Where to Find Wailing Blade – Legendary Weapon Map Location

It’s a small cave on the west side of the map, easy to get early in the game—head northwest from the Cinder Vault, where you start the game to find it. Alternatively, when you are on your way to unlocking Alchemist, one of the craftspeople in Enshrouded, you should visit this location to get the blade. Another option is to glide west from Springland’s ancient spire straight to the cave.

According to the note you can find while exploring Speinglands, the sword was stolen by scavengers and hidden in a chest.

Head to the Scavenger Stash to find Wailing Blade

Watch out for cave entrance traps. Scavengers placed mines in the cave opening. Once you arrive at the scavenger’s cave, approach carefully to trigger the enemies to attack you. Then, you can surprise scavengers by throwing bombs at them once they reach their own traps and blow them up without the fight if you manage to catch them within the blast.

There should be 2-4 enemies, so even if they will survive your trap, you should easily kill them. Once they are dealt with, and mines no longer active, head inside and open the golden chest on the wooden platform, inside you will find the Wailing Blade.

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