Enshrouded: All Alchemist Armor Sets Explained

Learn all bonuses and statistics of all Alchemist armor sets in Enshrouded and what classes and playstyles will use them.

Player holding the Shroud Weaver - Enshrouded - Legendary Weapon

There are two ways to obtain armor in Enshrouded: crafting, exploring the world, looting the chests, or defeating enemies. This guide lists all Alchemist Armor Sets in Enshrouded, listing them and explaining their usage.

All Alchemist Armor Sets

All Alchemist Armor sets can be crafted after you unlock this NPC and place him in your base. At first, you have access to basic armor and materials, but as you craft more, level up, explore, and complete craftspeople quests, you will unlock more armor options with better bonuses and defensive capabilities.

How to unlock more crafted armors by Alchemist in Enshrouded:

  • Unlock all Craftspeople and place them in your base.
  • Complete Alchemist and other NPC quests.
  • Craft new items with an exclamation point. Those can unlock more recipes.
  • Explore the world to find new resources that can unlock more crafting recipes.

Who Should Use Alchemist Armor Sets

Battlemage Build in Enshrouded
Wizard Build armor and weapons setup – Example

Alchemist has armor sets primarily dedicated to wizards, tricksters, and healers. Those are classes and skill trees enshrouded that will prefer and highly benefit from the heavy armors he offers. Those playstyles engage in range spellcasting combat, emphasizing bonuses to additional mana (spirit) and intelligence rather than focusing on protection. In summary, if you use staff or wand, use primarily blue skill trees, or want to deal fantastic magic damage, you should consider one of the alchemist-crafted armor sets in Enshrouded.

Radiant Paladin Armor Set - Enshrouded
Radiant Paladin Armor Set

However, Battlemage, which is considered a “mage class,” and skills and class are on the blue side of the skill tree, will typically wear heavy armor made by the blacksmith. Battlemage is a unique type of class with both defensive and offensive capabilities. They use heavy armor and shields for extra protection and pair them with healing skills or staff charges. Then, when attacked, swap to offensive weapons, for example, a hand or a staff.

Remember: If you struggle with survival, you can use higher protection armor from the blacksmith, healing skills, and healing staff charges.

Alchemist Apprentice Armor Set

Alchemist Apprentice Armor Set - Enshrouded

Alchemist Apprentice is the first set with magic damage bonuses. You unlock it at level 8.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head1212+11% Magical Critical Strike Chance
Chest2636+24 Mana
Legs1010+9 Mana
Hands1021+2% Magic Damage Multiplier
Feet78+1 Mana Regeneration 

Mage Armor Set

Mage armor is a level 13 set dedicated to damage dealers that emphasizes magic damage.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head1523+13%  Magical Critical Strike Chance
Chest3061+48 Mana
Legs1530+18 Mana
Hands715+3% Magical Damage Multiplier 
Feet715+2 Mana Regen

Healer Armor Set

Also, the level 13 armor and a healer set, that will benefit characters who want to focus on group healing while dealing decent damage.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head1523-.5 Second Revive Duration
Chest3061+20% Healing
Legs1538+7% Revive Heal Percentage
Hands715+7% Healing
Feet715+2 Mana Regen

Magician Set

At level 18, you should upgrade to the magican set; it offers great mana and health bonuses, adding to character survivability while still buffing overall magic damage.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2030+12% Critical Strike Damage
+14% Magical Critical Strike Chance
Chest4182+90 Health
+72 Mana
Legs2041+27 Mana
+3 Mana Regeneration
Hands1020+7% Damage against Magical Foes
+5% Magic Damage
Feet2020+3 Mana Regeneration
-90 Mana Regeneration Delay

Herbalist Armor Set

Lvl 18

  Herbalist Armor Set is a crafted level 18 set and an upgraded version of the healer set. It gives more significant buffs to healing and unique reviving bonuses that will help your group play.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2030-10% Revive Duration 14% Magical Critical Strike Chance
Chest4182+72% Healing  +36 Mana
Legs2051+27 Mana  +7% Revive Heal Percentage
Hands1020+18% Healing  -0.5s Revive Duration 
Feet1020+3 Mana Regen  +8% Healing

Sage Armor Set

Sage Armor Set Chest - Enshrouded

However, as a healer, if you don’t have enough resources, you can skip the previous Herbalist Armor Set set and craft a Sage armor set that is significantly stronger on level 23. It’s a fantastic option for end-game healing.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2639+15% Magical Critical Strike Chance  -1.55 Revive Duration
Chest52104+96% Healing  +24% Healing
Legs2665+14% Revival Heal Percentage  +27 Mana
Hands1326-1.0s Revive Duration  +24% Healing
Feet1326+12% Healing  +4 Mana Regen

Archmage Armor Set

Archmage chest armor - Enshrouded List thumb

Archmage is best for using staff and charges. It’s a craftable option at level 23 with end-game bonuses to staff or wand damage.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2639+13% Critical Strike Dmg  +15% Magical Critical Strike Chance
Chest52104+120 Health  +96 Mana
Legs2665+36 Mana  +2 Mana Regen 
Hands1326+9% Dmg vs Magical Foes  +12% Staff Dmg
Feet1326+4 Mana Regen  -120 Mana Timeout Reduction

Warlock Armor Set

Warlock Set Chest - Enshrouded

Warlock armor is best for Wand’s playstyle. It’s an armor set dedicated to damage dealers who don’t like how slow staff are and prefer to use wands instead.

Armor PiecePhysicalMagicNotes
Head2639+26% Critical Strike Dmg  +8% Magical Critical Strike Chance
Chest52104+6% Wand Dmg
Legs26655% Increased Dmg Reduction Limit from Magical Armor  +45 Health
Hands1326+12% Wand Dmg  +9% Dmg vs. Magical Foes
Feet1326+3 Health Regen  -700 Health Timeout Reduction 

How to Unlock Alchemist in Enshrouded

You can unlock Alchemist at the beginning of the game during Powerful Alchemy wuest, which should be available after you complete the Ancient Spire in the Springlands. This tower is located east of the vault where this survival is. The Alchemist is in Ancient Vault – the Alchemist northwest of your starting base. You must go inside and awaken him from his pod.

Craftspeople and Survivors Map in Enshrouded

After you do it, return to your base and craft summoning staff in your inventory. Use the summoning staff to place him in the base. The only condition is that he must be sheltered (with a roof above his head).

Speak with him to start crafting essential equipment, armor sets, and items. He will also give you new quests worth completing to get more crafting recipes, armor options, and progression in Enshrouded. There are many essential items and gear he will help you get.

Always complete ancient spires and unlock all Craftspeople as soon as possible. Lastly, follow their quests to learn more about crafting recipes and armor designs.

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