Everything Changing in ESO Update 35


ESO Update 35 changes overview. we’ll take a detailed look at all the ESO changes introduced in Patch Notes v8.1.0 – v8.1.4 for Lost Depths DLC. We created it to introduce you to the New Update 35 even if you didn’t follow the PTS cycle, and you are interested in the final changes, only. Moreover, you’ll learn how the new DLC will influence your future game experience.

ESO Update 35 changes overview. is organised to help you understand the last Elder Scrolls Online PTS cycle and categorized into three sections: Combat, Class and Gear. The Combat changes will focus on modifications to light, medium and heavy attacks, weaving, damage and Healing over Time effects. AoE and sticky dots. Class changes are split into six sections, one for each class. Gear changes are a list of every gear set that will receive minor or minor adjustments in the upcoming Patch 35.

You’ll find the links for all patch notes and fixes for ESO Patch Notes v8.1.0-v8.1.4 Cycle, Lost Depths DLC Update 35 in chronological order at the end of the article.

Worth mentioning that in the Patch Notes v8.1.1 we received only fixes and improvements without any new significant changes, so in our overview, the patch notes v8.1.1 will be ignored in some sections.


Combat changes

Light and Heavy Attacks

One of the biggest changes in the 1st week was regarding Light and Heavy Attacks they were supposed to now deal a flat amount of damage, which began a long list of changes in values and coefficients for each weapon type. You can read about it in detail in PTS patch notes v8.1.0. Regardless, this was changed back in the PTS Patch Notes v8.1.3. As a result in the next patch 35, the Light and Heavy Attacks will continue to scale with the highest of your offensive stats. However, they reduced its damage by approximately 26% compared to the live server. They explained that the change is to lower light attack overall impact while retaining their importance in a rotation.

An interesting upcoming change is for the final hit from Restoration and Lightning Staves, now it can be dogged to provide better counterplay at negating an enemy’s resources gain and the stronger portion of the attack.

In the PTS Patch Notes v8.1.3 Developers introduced us to improved damage scaling coefficients from fully-charged Heavy Attacks because they aim to adjust damage and cooldowns, so it’ll be easier and more beneficial to use with so-called “spammable” skills. As a result, they made changes to each weapon’s heavy attack damage either increasing it or reducing it.

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Damage and Healing over Time

In the PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0, we can read about new rules for damage and healing over time abilities. Developers wanted all damage over time abilities to last 20 seconds, all single target dots to tick on a 2-second frequency, and also increased the damage roughly 2 times. Individual abilities cost and duration changes were listed (click HERE).

However, in the following weeks, based on the community feedback and testing, developers adjusted those values and in PTS Patch Notes v8.1.2 we have the final changes to Damage over Time abilities. “Sticky dots” will now have a 20-second duration and 2-second frequency. What that means is all abilities over time that stick and remain on an opponent will last longer and deal damage once every 2 seconds instead of 1 second.

Secondly, all AoE Damage over Time abilities won’t have any changes compared to live servers, so they last 10, 12 or 15 seconds depending on a skill and tick once every second. But the AoE Damage over Time abilities was reduced (damage coefficient from 0.1575 to 0.105) I advise you to always check the skill duration and description for better understanding, as it is confusing and values can be individual for some skills.

In the first week, they introduced also big changes to Healing over Time abilities. In the live server now we have single target Healing over Time abilities tick once every 2 seconds and Area of Effect abilities tick every 1 second. They proposed that all Healing over Time abilities would tick once every 2 seconds, but this change was reverted to what we have now.

In PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 they also altered the power of Healing over Time abilities coefficients to balance it better with upcoming changes to Damage over Time.

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Also, almost all Healing over Time abilities will now last 10 seconds in duration, while some class skills have been increased to 20 seconds, rather than varying durations between 8 and 10 seconds. More on individual skills changes in the next section.


Buffs and Debuffs

In PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 developers introduced adjustments to the Empower buff, they proposed for it to increase Light and Heavy Attack Damage by 1800. However based on the community feedback in PTS Patch Notes v8.1.3 The Empower buff was changed again and now it’ll increase your damage against monsters with Heavy Attacks by 80%, rather than Increase the damage of your Light, Medium and Heavy Attacks by 40% as we have now on the live servers.


Class changes


This class received many changes and adjustments as a result of new rules for Damage and Healing over Time. They increased the duration of Fiery Breath, Searing Strike and Spiked Armor(Volatile Armor morph) abilities to 20-seconds. Also, the Fiery Chains to 10-seconds, and Molten Weapons (Igneous Weapons morph) to 60- seconds. The Ash Cloud skill in PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 duration was also increased to 20-seconds, but two weeks later they decide to leave it as we have at the live servers which is 15-seconds.

Developers also reduced damage of those and other abilities, the values differ but increased the healing from Burning Embers (morph) to 100% of the damage done and Ash cloud healing per tick to 94%.

Two skills received changes to the cost, the most unique is Lava Whip (Molten Whip morph) will now cost magica and stamina. Also since the Patch Notes v8.1.4, The Molten Whip (morph) will now have an Increased duration of Seething Fury to 15 seconds, up from 10 seconds. Developers explained to make it easier to keep up with the new duration timers of Fiery Breath and Searing Strike.

Dark talons now will cost less, only 3780 magica to make the ability more accessible and easier to utilise the immobilisation that the ability provides.

The most changes received Ash Cloud ability, however, some of the changes were reversed in the next patch notes.

Lastly, the Petrify and Spiked Armor now will deal Flame Damage and Molten Weapons (Molten Armaments morph) will now grant the caster Empower and not static buff of their Heavy Attacks.

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Overall Developers increased the duration of many Necromancers’ abilities like Shocking Siphon, Skeletal Mage, Death Scythe (Hungry Scythe morph) and Grave Grasp causing them to tick once every 2-seconds or 0.666ms, twice what we have now, to fit the new rules for Damage and Healing over Time.

Those Necromancer skills received also increased damage by various values. Moreover, Skeletal Mage ability will be now reduced to 2970 magica.

Interesting changes are to Necromancer passive Death Knell, the Critical Chance that it provides is now doubled to 4 and 8%(depends on skill points spend on the passive). However, Rapid Rot passive was nerfed and now increased the damage done with overtime effects by 5/10%.

To summarise, Necromancer received various buffs to healing and damage over time, where some abilities tick and duration was increased or doubled.

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In comparison to other classes, Nightblade received increased duration to only three abilities: Teleport Strike (Lotus Fan morph), Cripple and Summon Shade, those abilities will now last 20-seconds with thick every 2 seconds. The Blur ability duration will be reduced to 20 seconds from 26 seconds. The Aspect of Terror (Manifestation of Terror morph) and the trap duration and fear were reduced to 20-seconds from 60-seconds.

However, developers reworked a couple of Nightblede skills making them even more unique. Firstly, we have  Assassin’s Blade (Killer’s Blade morph) ability that will now deal 400% more damage to enemies under 50% health. This is a big buff for the ability that is even more valuable now because healing from it will now scale of your highest offensive stats, rather than Max Health. Similarly, the execute scaling of Impale (morph) was increased to 330%, up from 300% in Patch Notes v8.1.4

The Blur ability not only received extended duration but also, will now “reduce the cost of your next Roll Dodge by 10% whenever you take direct damage, stacking up to a maximum of 100%, with a half-second cooldown between each stack.”

The Cripple ability received nerfs, to damage per tick by approximately 23%

The Mark Target ability now will cost 2700 magica rather than being free and if the marked enemy dies you heal to full health ignoring Battle Spirit PvP passive. Additionally Major Berserk buff from the Reaper’s Mark (morph) will last 10-seconds instead of 5-seconds, but the ability no longer increases the healing done.

Developers decided to reduce the cost of Summon Shade and the Shadow Image morph abilities. Moreover, the Dark Shade morph’s damage per hit will be lower by approximately 25%.

In the first week, developers wanted to increase the healing from the Shadow Cloak (Dark Cloak morph) but scale it of missing health rather than Max health per tick. The change was reverted in the last week so the Dark Cloak morph will still scale of Max Health per tick but its haling will be lower by 42% compared to live servers. As a result, we will have the new effect, in the next Patch, that the Heal over time will be higher by 150% when not moving.

The Veiled strike (Surprise Attack morph) now will always Critically Strikes with 4 seconds cooldown, but it no longer stuns them when flanking an enemy. However, the Concealed Weapon morph of this ability grants Minor Expedition just for slotting it, as a result, it won’t increase your movement while in sneak or invisible anymore. The ability will also increase your damage done by 7-10% for 5 seconds after leaving Stealth or Invisibility, or when Major Expedition ends.

Developers noted that the change to magica morph of Concealed Weapon morph now should help magica-focused PvE DPS not fall behind their stamina cousins, as stealth is rarely used in PvE encounters. As a result, they adjusted it with a shorter up time but more impact and extended the requirements. Developers comment from PTS Patch Notes v8.4.1 “Here is a simple riddle to describe our favourite new interaction with it: If your path is fraught with darkness, all shall be illuminated.”

In PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 Twisting Patch ability received increased duration to 20 seconds, but to follow new damage over time rules they changed it back to 10 seconds duration with tick once every 1 second.  Additionally, developers planned to reduce the Twisting Path morph damage by 29%, However, in the last PTS cycle week, the ability damage was increased by 50% compared to PTS v.8.1.3. and what we expect to be in the next patch. Lastly, the healing from the Refreshing Path morph still will be reduced by 3%.

Lastly, we have Malevolent Offering (Healthy Offering morph), the Minor Mending buff that this ability provides now will last 10 seconds, instead of 8.

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Along the PTS cycle for Patch 35 the Crystal Shard (Crystal Weapon morph) ability received the changes three times. In Patch Notes v8.1.0 developers decided to significantly reduce damage by 41,5%, but also the cost to 2983, down from 3443 to make up for its adjustments. Developers noted that in the previous Update 34 they wanted to reinforce the uniqueness of sorcerers spammable, but did not adjust the damage which caused the overpowered DPS burst potential. Two weeks later based on community feedback they proposed a new solution. The ability will now split damage into two separate hits first hit was supposed to do damage equal to a ranged spammable but the second hit would deal damage equal of 30% of that. Finally, in Patch Notes v8.1.4 developers adjusted only the damage of the second hit to 45% instead of 30% presenting us with the final change to the ability.

The Daedric Curse received the change in the last PTS Patch Notes for the cycle. Now we can expect an increased bonus to pet damage to 45 % from the next Patch 35.

Developers noted that for the Daedric Mines ability, “There is now a short cool down window where a target cannot be targeted again from the mines to prevent moments of immense instantaneous burst. This will also mean your mines will no longer detonate without dealing any damage to a target, vastly improving the viability of this ability in long term encounters where a single enemy may walk through the area.”

The Dark Exchange ability and its morphs will now restore their resources in increments of 2 seconds instead of 1 and also reduced the healing from those abilities from 8090 to 8000. The Dark Deal will receive a cost increase to 2700, up from 2430, but a twice shorter duration of 10 seconds. However, rather than reducing the cost of the Dark Conversion morph, it will now restore a bigger amount of healing and resources. As a result, the cost is now 3240, up from 2160. It now heals for up to 10000, immediately restores up to 4500 Magicka, and up to 3000 Magicka over time rather than 8090 Health, 3600 Magicka, and 2400 Magicka over time.

Next on the list of changes is the Bound Armor, the ability will from next patch 35 grant Minor protection for 10 seconds after casting, and the Bound Aegis morph will extend the duration of effects so block mitigation will last for 5 seconds and Minor protection for 20 seconds. the Bound Armaments morph acquired in the first week changed to damage, but in the PTS Patch Notes v8.1.4 was adjusted to a 44% increase per hit. Additionally, the ability will no longer increase Light Attack damage.

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Just like many AoE skills on the first day of PTS v8.1.0 the Aedric Spear’s duration was increased to 20, and then brought back to its previous form with a 10-second duration and tick every one second. Among the final changes, we have now a proc damage reduction by 33% and increased cooldown of stack generation to 500ms. Additionally, the skill will now cost 2970, rather than 3780, and the Blazing Spear (morph) will now increase damage done of the entire ability by 30%, up from 20%.

One of the most noticeable changes for templar players will be new animation that reflects that ability will now hit times over a channel time of 800ms, rather than 4 times over 1 second. Developers also decided to reduce the cost of this ability and the Puncturing Sweeps morph to 2295, down from 2700, and the overall damage of the primary attack by approximately 21%. However, AoE damage of this ability will be increased by 7%. Moreover, the snare duration is now 0.5 seconds per hit, down from 1 second.
The Puncturing Sweeps morph will now have less healing compared to the live servers by 33%, and the Biting Jabs will now increase the damage of the Area of Effect portion of the attack by 25%, in addition to the base 7% damage increase!

To fit new damage and healing over time rules we have extended the duration to 20 seconds of Solar Flare and its morphs and Cleansing Ritual, additionally the Purifying Light morph will also now ick once every 2 seconds. Also, the Spear Shards received extended duration in the patch notes v8.1.0 but this was returned in the patch notes v8.1.3.

The Spear Shards ability and its morph will receive in the next patch 35, damage increase by 33% or base ability and 30% for the Blazing Spear morph, as well as the reduced cost to 2970, down from 3780

On the damage changes, Developers decided to increase the Radiant Destruction damage by 23% and reduced the Solar Barrage (morph) damage by 24%. Moreover, the Ritual of Retribution morph will now increase by 12% damage per tick, up from 5%, but developers reduced the damage per tick of this morph by approximately 52%.

The morph of Backlash, the Purifying Light ability’s heal now will tick every 2 seconds over 10 seconds, rather than once every second over 6 seconds, but developers decided to reduce the healing per tick by approximately 12%.

Very interesting change for Solar Flare ability, the new empower buff that it provides will now last 5 seconds instead of 2 seconds. They also reduced the Solar Barrage’s damage per tick by approximately 24%. Developer comment: “The damage visual effects for this morph now only pulse when successfully dealing damage, rather than all the time”

interesting change on the Restoring Aura ability and the Radiant Aura morph will now grant Minor Endurance, Fortitude, and Intellect to you and nearby allies for 20 seconds, rather than applying Minor Magickasteal to enemies. It still will passively grant these buffs for slotting the ability as well. The Radiant Aura morph will now also extends the duration of its effects to 60 seconds.

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The biggest change for this class started in PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0, the main class spammable will no longer stack bleeds. Instead, the Cutting Dive (morph) would triples the status effect proc chance of the attack and cause the ability cost to be refunded when hitting an Off Balance enemy. The change to this skill was adjusted two weeks later and now this morph will apply the Bleed status effect on targets for 10 seconds if they are not off-balance. Developers noted that with upcoming changes to the damage and healing over time changes there was no answer to deal with the ramping bleed. We can also expect increased Weapon and Spell Damage for hitting Off Balance targets to 300, up from 200 for Screaming Cliff Racer (morph), in the next Patch.

Small changes to Falcon’s Swiftness ability and its morphs will now also grant 4 seconds of snare and immobilization immunity after activating.

In PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 developer made many changes to the Scorch ability, extending the duration to 10 seconds, reducing damage by 8% and increasing the abilities’ cost to 3240. After two weeks of testing and feedback, they changed it again and now the ability will deal damage after 4 seconds and 9 seconds and have 2 unique damage sources. The first hit will deal approximately 14% less damage while the second hit will do 20% more damage. Also, they reverted the ability cost to 2700 from 3240.

Wardens healing changes are short, the Healing Seeds (Budding Seed morph) will now have increased healing per tick by 3%, However, developers decided to reduce healing from Nature’s grasp and Nature’s Embrace by approximately 33%.

Since The Swarm ability is a “sticky DoT” its duration will be extended to 20 seconds up from 10, also the damage per tick will be reduced by 23% in the next Update 35. However, the Fetcher Infection (morph) will deal the bonus damage on the second cast to 60%, up from 50%.

The bear from Wild Guardian ultimate and its morphs will attack once every 2 seconds, instead of a mixture of timers. As a result, the passive attack damage will be reduced by approximately 19%. We also expect an extended 8 seconds cooldown of the Crushing Swipe attack, because it’ll line up better with CC immunity timers as this attack can stun enemies. A small improvement on Guardian’s Wrath to properly matches up with the attack animation it will now have a 700ms cast time (not players). The Feral Guardian (morph) will now have a (5x) chance to allay the Hemorrhaging status effect, instead of guaranteeing the effect, to reduce the ease of access of the status without investment into applying it. The Eternal Guardian (morph) will receive improved execute scaling to 150%, up from 100%.

The next change is for Arctic Wind it will no longer deal damage, however, the healing will tick now once every 2 seconds over 10 seconds, rather than once every second over 5, developers also increased the healing per tick to 6% of your Max Health, up from 2,5%. The Polar Wind’s (morph) initial heal and Heal over time more by 20% and will target an additional ally.

The Arctic Blast morph received changes over the PTS cycle two times first this morph was supposed to stun the target on the 2nd and final ticks, but in the patch notes v8.1.2 it was changed and now the stun will happen immediately upon cast. Developers also decided to increase the duration to 20 seconds and damage per tick by 9%. Additionally, this morph no longer ranks up in cost reduction, and now will scale with your highest Offensive stats, rather than Max Health. Developers also increased the chances of applying a status effect with this morph to 15%, up from 1% per tick. Lastly, the Arctic Blast ability now causes the Heal over Time to be converted to Damage over Time.

Also, next update the Ice Fortress (morph) will have an increased duration of 30 seconds, up from 25.

The Frozen Armor will now have an increased amount of Armor granted from this passive to 495/990 per Winter’s Embrace skill slotted, up from 250/500

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Other skills changes


In the next Patch 35, we will see many weapon skills with new damage and healing over time rules. As a result duration of Endless Hail morph(5 seconds), Poison Arrow(20 seconds), Blockade of Elements morph(10 seconds), Destructive Touch(20 seconds), Twin Slashes(20 seconds), Blade Cloak(20 seconds) and Grand Healing(10 seconds ) will be longer (values given in the brackets).

Some AoE abilities duration was increased in Patch Notes v8.1.0 but the change was reverted in Patch Notes v8.1.3.

There is a long list of small changes to each skill that you can read about in the expandable menu below, but the most interesting is the cost reduction of the Volley (to 2700, down from 3510), Wall of elements (2970, down from 3510), but cost increase for Destructive Clench morph(2700 Magicka, up from 1350)

Another interesting change is for Wall of Fire and its morphs will now deal 10% increased damage against Burning enemies, down from 20%.

The Flurry will receive the damage reduction and higher cooldown but Developers reassured us that the total damage will remain relatively the same over their channel time.

The Blade Cloak will now last longer with 7% higher damage per hit but reduced the damage of the Deadly Cloak morph by approximately 41%.

In the next Patch 35, we can expect a lot of changes to Grand Healing, the most significant being The Healing Springs morph will now increase your Magicka Recovery by up to 15 for every target healed, stacking up to 20 times, rather than restoring up to 30 Magicka for every target healed.

The Cleave (Carve morph) skill received the last change in the last week of this PTS cycle. The final change put the ability back in a relatively good spot. Compared to the live server it will now have increased duration to 32 seconds and damage per tick by 33%. However, The Stampede morph damage per tick will be reduced in the next Patch 35 by 5%.

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In update 35 we can expect nerfs for werewolf skill Infectious Claws and its morphs. Developers decided to reduce the healing of the base skill by 17% and Claws of Life morph to 66%, down from 100%. However, The skill duration was increased to 20 seconds from 10 seconds. Additionally, the Claws of Anguish morph will now apply the Diseased status effect, rather than only the initial hit.

Also, Soul Trap duration will increase to 20 seconds following the rules of new damage over time abilities, as well as the ability’s damage per tick will be reduced by 23%.

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The Fighters guild skill the Circle of Protection and its morphs now will have a lower cost of 3780, down from 4590. Similar to all AoE heal over time in the first PTS cycle week the duration was changed to 10 seconds from 8 and tick each every 2 seconds rather than 0.5 seconds. This change was adjusted, and in the next patch, the Circle of Protection will last 10 seconds and tick once every 1 second to fit new healing overtime rules for AoE abilities. Additional changes: Increased ability’s healing by 278% and in the Turn Evil morph, reduced fear duration by 1 second.

The Trap beast ability will receive damage reduction per tick by 25%. Now it’ll have increased duration to 20 seconds and its triggered effects will last 10 seconds. Also, the big change for the Barbed Trap morph will now have a 10x chance of applying the Hemorrhaging status effect, rather than increasing the duration. Developers explained that as a result, the chance of applying it will be much higher, so initial hit will now have 50% chances rather than 5% and Damage over Time will have 30% chances rather than 3%.

In the Mages Guild skill Entropy will now last 20 seconds up from 10 and its damage will be reduced by 23%, also Structured Entropy morph will heal more because its coefficient of the healing portion was increased by 9%.

In the first week, developers increased the duration of Fire Rune (Scalding Rune morph) to 22 seconds, doubling it, but also the morph will now deal approximately 12% less damage per tick.

Only one skill in the Psijic Order skill line was altered, the Accelerate will now have a higher cost(4050, up from 3780) and a longer, 20 seconds duration of Minor Force buff gained from the skill. Developers noted that this change will cause Channeled Accelerate’s Minor Force to triple to 60 seconds. Also, now the snare and immobilization immunity from the Race Against Time (morph) will be doubled to 4 seconds.

In the Undaunted skill line, we have big adjustments to the Necrotic Orb, in the first week its duration was increased to fit new damage and healing over time rules but since it’s an AoE ability, in PTS Patch Notes v8.1.3 they changed it to back to what we have on live servers. The same happened with the ability movement skill it was originally lowered(0.6 meters per second, down from 1.5 meters) but after three weeks the change was switched back to its original values. However, the ability will now cost less (2970, down from 3780). The Mystic Orb morph will now increase your Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery by up to 100 while it’s active, rather than increasing the damage done by 20%. Developers also decided to reduce the healing from Energy Orb morph by 1% per tick.

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Alliance War

The alliance war skills received very few changes. Developers increased the duration of the Vigor and its morphs and reduced the healing by 7% per tick. However, reverted it in the last Patch Notes v8.1.4 for Resolving Vigor (morph) and now also will grant Minor Resolve for 20 seconds after casting, because they would like to maintain class identity and “importance to run other sources of this buff”.

The Caltrops duration was increased by 1 second and close reduced to 2295, down from 2984.

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Champion Points System changes


The PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 brought small changes for two passives from the champion points system. The Weapons Expert passive will now increase Light and Heavy Attack damage by 4% per stage, up from 3%. Developers also decided to reduce the amount of Armor Penetration, that Force of Nature passive grants to 660 per status effect, down from 900.


Gear changes

Ability Altering Weapons:

Grand Rejuvenation: This set now restores 224 Magicka and Stamina 4 times over 6 seconds rather than 117 Magicka and Stamina 5 times over 4 seconds.

Merciless Charge: In PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 this set was supposed to now deal its damage every 2 seconds over 10 seconds rather than every 1 second over 8 seconds, but it was changed back two weeks later and adjusted so now it’ll now tick once per second over 7 seconds.
Likewise, in the first PTS Patch Notes for update 35, they reduced the damage done by approximately 25% but later altered it and now the damage per tick we’ll be reduced by approximately 39%.

Crushing Wall: This set now increases the damage of your Wall of Elements by 1250, rather than increasing the damage done with your Light and Heavy Attacks against enemies in your Wall of Elements by 1358.

Developers noted that based on feedback after the changes to heavy and light attacks in the upcoming patch, they decided o remove the “intense skill interaction” of Crushing Wall. The change’s objective is to bring it closer in power to the rest of Maelstorm Arena’s special weapon sets and to make up for the fact that now it has more readily available cleave damage potential.

Merciless Charge: Reduced the damage per tick of this set by approximately 32%. Increased the duration to 10 seconds, up from 7.

Developers noted that the set should now help in PvP encounters and no longer needs to carry the Stampede ability damage to be competitive with the rest of the Arena sets.

Thunderous Volley: Increased the ramping damage per stack to 191, up from 143, to help make this set stand up to others with its added requirement of the full duration dealing damage.


Dungeon & Arena

Blood Moon: This set now increases the damage of your Light Attacks by 2050 while active, rather than 55%.

Ironblood: This set now grants Major Protection, Major Aegis, and Minor Protection for 10 seconds when it activates, rather than reducing your damage taken by a unique 30%.
Reduced the snare potency of the set to 25%, down from 50%.
Reduced the cooldown to 10 seconds, down from 15.

Developers noted that this set was a long time waiting to be altered but now it reaches the point where the set is providing too much mitigation with not enough penalty. As a result, they adjusted the named bonuses, to make sure the set provides similar power with more accessibility.

Noble Duelist’s Strikes: This set now increases your damage done with Light and Heavy Attacks against monsters by 2110, rather than increasing their Weapon and Spell Damage scaling (since they don’t have any scaling).

Savage Werewolf: This item set now only procs off Light Attacks when you are within melee range of your enemy, instead of Light or Heavy Attacks from any range. This set now ticks once every 2 seconds instead of 1, to reduce situations where it could tick twice instantly. Note that it still continues to tick instantly upon application, which is intended.

Developers noted that this set can produce overpowering outcomes when used from range or with channelled Heavy Attacks. As a result instead of nerfing the intended synergy of the set with Light Attack-focused builds. Developers decided to limit it to affect the intended build types.

Developer Comment: “The set can still proc off range focused Light Attacks, such as bows or staves, as it requires you to be within melee range when attacking rather than outright excluding those weapons!”

Sergeant’s Mail: This set has been reworked to now grant you a stack of Sergeant’s Focus for 5 seconds whenever you deal damage with a Heavy Attack, increasing the damage of your Heavy Attacks by 645 per stack. This effect can occur once every half second and stacks up to 4 times.

Developers noted that they want to change the focus of this set, as a result, more builds will be able to use it, but also reduce its overpowering potential as a front-loaded burst set.

Undaunted Infiltrator and Unweaver: These sets now increase your damage done with Light and Heavy Attacks against monsters by 1645, rather than increasing their Weapon and Spell Damage scaling.

Mythic Items

Oakensoul: In PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 this set was supposed to now grant the Minor versions of Courage, Berserk, Force, Protection, and Heroism, rather than the Major versions, but also Minor Mending. However, in In PTS Patch Notes v8.1.3 the Oakensoul ring was adjusted based on community feedback and it’ll now also grant Minor Slayer, Minor Aegis, and Empower.

Developers noted that this mythic item was originally intended to improve game experience and accessibility for one-bar builds by providing all buffs and bonuses that players would receive from two-bar builds, and access to more abilities, but also coordinated groups. The intention was to help make up for the flexibility and specialization loss of having 5 ability choices instead of 10. They want to keep this set “impactful for its target audience but in a much more balanced way”.

After the feedback from the community in the last weeks of the PTS cycle for patch 35, developers said that changes from PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 hit the set a bit too hard in some PvE scenarios. As a result, they added Minor versions of buffs to help out players who may not have access to trials gear or would like to run different sets. To help the accessibility of the set further they added a new Empower buff, also designed to help with content accessibility. They hope that now the Oakensoul ring will help the intended audience, without being part of veteran players’ gear.

PvP Sourced

Dark Convergence: Increased the cooldown of this set to 25 seconds, up from 15, to help reduce the frequency in which it can introduce Ultimate-like effects to the battlefield.

Hrothgar’s Chill: This set’s damage can no longer be blocked.

Plaguebreak: In PTS Patch Notes v8.1.0 developers made following changes to this set. It now has a cooldown of 20 seconds per target, rather than only against targets that do not already have the DoT on them.
It can now proc on multiple enemies from a singular attack. Reduced the Damage over Time by approximately 48%, but this damage can now Critically Strike as it does not have ingrained modifiers built into it. Increased the damage by explosion by approximately 3%. The damage from this set now always applies the Diseased status effect.

In PTS Patch Notes v8.1.2 only one adjustment was added: Reinstated the 100ms cooldown of this set to prevent it from proccing multiple times per attack and becoming too powerful again.

Developers noted that this set is run in situations outside of the targeted audience. As a result, the set punishes the groups that don’t use cleansing abilities, instead of punishing the groups that are stacking purges in tight groups, as the DoT is dealing considerable damage and has no cooldown. With the new changes, developers hope to provide counterplay to the set, while still maintaining the bother for those who are purging (or dying) too close together.

Nocturnal’s Ploy: Increased the cooldown of this set to be 15 seconds, up from 2, to reduce the rate in which it can actively dispel effects from a target.

Powerful Assault: Increased the duration of this set to 15 seconds, up from 10, to better match the durations of many of the morphs in the skill line. Increased the radius to 12 meters, up from 10.

Trial sets

Mantle of Siroria: Reduced the duration and cooldown of this set’s Area of Effect to 8 seconds, down from 10 seconds, to help it be slightly more mobile in encounters where you need to move. Increased the Weapon and Spell Damage granted per stack to 63, up from 52, to ensure its high requirements are better rewarded. This set’s 4-piece bonus is now 129 Weapon and Spell Damage, rather than 1096 Max Magicka.

Consumables and Traits changes

Item Traits

We will see a small change to Charged Trait, developers reduced this trait’s maximum value to 365%, down from 480%. Developers explained that the new value of this buff should now be much closer in power to other traits when using 2 status effects. However, it will keep the potential to still eclipse the niche category it once was a part of, when using more.



We hope that after reading ESO Update 35 changes overview you found useful and interesting information about upcoming changes. Update 35 will bring small fixes, adjustments and a lot of changes to ESO combat. Changes split the ESO community and created restless discussions. However, after the community feedback, the final changes perform well on the PTS server. As a result, it will improve greatly the new player experience but oftentimes, veterans. All adjustments made during PTS cycle v8.1 are a part of the bigger plan that developers designed and scheduled for the game in the upcoming months or even years. What is the end goal, and the plan? We don’t know and only hope, that soon they will share it with us, so we can have a better understanding of the direction that the game is taking.

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