Everything We Know About Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Release Date, Platforms, Gameplay & More

Release date, platforms, developer, gameplay, trailers, and more – here is Everything We Know about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth!

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH Cloud Sephiroth Zach Key Art Crop
Image Credit: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Press Kit

After years of anticipation, the 2nd Act of the 3 part remake of the beloved JRPG Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is finally coming. Building off of its first Act, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rebirth will take what everyone loved about the first game and expand its scope beyond our expectations. Bringing back everyone’s favorite characters, like our heroes Cloud, Aerith, and the rest, this game will surely scratch a nostalgic itch for gamers everywhere. Let’s break down everything we know about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.


Developed and published by renowned studio Square Enix, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have a global release date of February 29, 2024. While an exact time for the release hasn’t been announced, Sony’s PlayStation Store lists the release time at 12:00 AM EST.

Below are the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth release times for select time zones:

  • February 29, 2024 at 12:00 AM EST

Players who have placed pre-orders for the game on their PSN account can expect to pre-load the game on February 27, 2024. We don’t know what is the exact size of the game, but estimates put it at a whopping 150 GB of storage space to install! If you purchase the physical edition, the game will come on 2 disc, but only one will be needed to play the game after the installation.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Platforms: Is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth a PlayStation Exclusive?

While Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is not a PlayStation Exclusive, it runs a 3-month exclusivity period on Sony’s PlayStation 5 Console. Other platforms should expect to see the game no earlier than May 29, 2024, although no official announcements have been made regarding which platforms it will be released on.

We can expect a PC release of Rebirth but don’t expect it to come out anytime soon after the exclusivity period ends. Final Fantasy VII Remake didn’t release until December 16, 2021, almost two years after its initial release on PS4. It has yet to be released on Xbox, so things aren’t looking great for Rebirth being released on that platform either. It’s worth noting that while it is releasing on the PlayStation 5, there are no plans to release Rebirth on the PlayStation 4 console.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Story and Setting

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth World Beyond Midgar
Image Credit: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Press Kit

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Story is a direct continuation of the first game, Final Fantasy VII Remake. It will follow and expand on the narration presented in the first game as our heroes set out to save the world from Shinra, an amoral energy company/government bent on world domination, and from Sephiroth, whose motives remain as yet unknown to the protagonist. While the game will follow along and have similar story beats to the original 1997 Final Fantasy VII, it will be its tale. Events have already started to deviate from the original game, with the fact that things are changing even being tied into the story.

While playing Final Fantasy VII Remake or Episode Intermission will definitely help players understand the story and characters, no save data will carry over into Rebirth. That means no taking over items and abilities from the previous games. Square Enix is rewarding players for playing those games, however, by rewarding special summon material to players if they have saved data from Remake or Intermission on their PS5:

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade saved data rewards Leviathan
  • FFVIIR Episode Intermission saved data rewards Ramuh

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Gameplay

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Vincent Awakens - Gameplay
Image Credit: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Press Kit

Being the second game of the series, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth looks to take all the gameplay from the first game and dial it up to eleven. Playing into the action RPG lite-like elements from Final Fantasy VII Remake, it takes those same elements. It adds new dynamics like Synergy abilities and skills, with characters teaming up to do unique moves and interactions. Each character utilizes their own move sets and synergies and can be directly controlled by the player.

All our player characters from Remake are returning, along with Yuffie Kiseragi from Intermission. Red XII, who previously participated in battles with the party, is now a fully playable party member. Cate Sith also makes his debut on the team. Vincent Valentine makes an appearance, but it is unknown whether he will be playable. This leaves only Cid Highwind as the only party member from the original game not yet featured. Also, Sephiroth will be fully playable during the Nibelheim Flashback sequence, which is just plain awesome.

The world in Rebirth seems much more open than in Remake, which is to be expected. The scope of the story and getting out of a single city requires it. Overall, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth just seems to be so much bigger and more detailed than Remake in every single way. It has a much larger world to explore that is in no way empty but rather full of activities, side quests, and minigames to play and complete.

Spider-Man 2: Collector’s Edition

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Collectors Edition
Image Credit: Square Enix Store

The Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy costs $349.99 (£219.99 or €379.99z) and comes with both physical and digital content, including:

  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Game on 2-Disc in Case with Reversible Cover
  • SteelBook® display case
  • 19-inch Collector’s Edition Static Arts statue: Sephiroth
  • Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Art Book
  • Final Fantasy VII Mini Soundtrack CD

It also includes the following Digital Content:

  • Moogle Trio Summoning Materia (DLC)
  • Magic Pot Summoning Materia (DLC) 
  • Accessory: Reclaimant Choker (DLC) 
  • Armor: Orchid Bracelet (DLC) 

The Pre-Order bonus consists of the Midgar Bangle Mk II Armor. Still, it is not listed on the Collector’s Edition page, so it isn’t clear whether this is included with the physical Collector’s Edition.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Trailers

Trailers for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth are already hyping up fans of the long-awaited sequel. The trailers show that a lot is changing in our beloved story. Even a long-time fan like myself can only guess what will happen. Check out some of the highlights below!

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH – Release Date Announce Trailer | Sep 14, 2023

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH – Summer Game Fest 2023 Trailer | June 8, 2023

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH – First Look Trailer | June 16, 2022

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