Fallout 4: Best Sniper Build

Discover the Best Sniper Build in Fallout 4 and how to create a powerful character with Perks, S.P.E.C.I.A.L., Stats, armor, and weapons.

This guide has been created during Game version 1.10.163 on PC and Patch 1.34 on PlayStation and Xbox.

Sniper Build Introduction in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, the Sniper build is like the king of shooting from far away. It’s good at hitting targets precisely and taking them out quickly with just one shot. Moreover, you can briefly knock down enemies and stun them with the Sniper Perk. However, there are some tricky parts, too. You’ll always need to find more bullets, so you must keep searching for them or buying them a lot. And when enemies get up close, it’s not as easy to fight them because you’re better from far away.

Additionally, this Sniper build uses the Bloody Mess perk, which can area-based destroy multiple enemies in a bloody explosion! And you can sneak around and hit enemies from far away with powerful shots that can take them out before they even know what’s happening. Whether you’re good at Fallout 4 or just starting, being a Sniper is fun and can make the game exciting.

Sniper Build ProsSniper Build Cons
Best DamageClose Quarters Combat
RangeReliance on Ammunition

Features and Mechanics for Best Sniper Build in Fallout 4

The following list presents all the essential Sniper Features and Mechanics in Fallout 4:

  • Damage – Ballistic
  • Range – 60-180 meters
  • Weapon – Rifle
  • S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats
    • Strength – 1
    • Perception – 8
    • Endurance – 5
    • Charisma – 1
    • Intelligence – 3
    • Agility – 8
    • Luck – 3
  • Best Perks – Sniper, Rifleman, Sniper, Ninja, Bloody Mess
  • Companion – Robert MacCready

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats

The best S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats for the Sniper build are Perception and Agility. Perception influences your accuracy in VATs and helps with aiming and damage perks. The agility stat helps acquire sneak, stealth, and quick draw perks, synergizing well with an accuracy-based build. Below are the best recommended S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats for the Sniper build in the Fallout 4 RPG videogame:

  • 1 Strength – influences your carrying capacity, melee damage, and the effectiveness of melee weapons.
  • 8 Perception – affects your accuracy in VATS, the chance of detecting stealthy enemies, and the ability to pick locks and spot traps.
  • 5 Endurance – It affects your maximum health, radiation resistance, and ability to withstand environmental hazards.
  • 1 Charisma – influences your success in dialogue options, ability to negotiate prices with vendors, and effectiveness in leading companions.
  • 3 Intelligence – affects the number of experience points earned, the quality of crafted items, and your effectiveness with high-tech weapons and terminals.
  • 8 Agility – It affects your overall movement speed, ability to sneak effectively, and performance in VATS.
  • 3 Luck – affects critical hit chance, the likelihood of finding valuable items, and the outcome of random events.

Additionally, consider collecting Bobbleheads throughout your Fallout 4 (FO4) adventure. Bobbleheads are collectible items scattered throughout the game world. Each bobblehead represents a particular attribute or skill, and when collected, it permanently increases your character’s corresponding stat or ability.

Best Perks

The best perks for a Sniper build are Sniper for knockdowns, Ninja for increased sneak damage, and Bloody Mess for area-based damage. The combination of range, stealth, and randomness explosions gives you an all-around powerful build to destroy the most challenging enemies.

Here is the list of the best and recommended Perks for the Sniper Build in Fallout 4:

  • Sniper – at level 13, you can get a second point into Sniper, allowing you to knock down targets. This includes powerful enemies like Deathclaws and makes the game easy mode, knocking everything down at a distance.
  • Ninja + Sneak – Ninja increases your ranged sneak damage, and stealth makes it easier to remain undetected. Therefore, start all combat situations in stealth, if possible, for maximum damage.
  • Bloody Mess – this perk gives a flat increase to damage; at level 47, you can gain rank 4. At rank 4, you can explode nearby enemies, essentially one shooting multiple enemies.
  • Rifleman – the bread and butter perk that increases the flat damage to rifles. Ensure your receiver is non-automatic and a scope, if possible, to trigger this perk.
  • Action Boy + Quick Hands – You gain increased AP recovery and total AP, which helps you use the VATS system.

In Fallout 4, perks are special abilities and bonuses that enhance your character’s skills, combat prowess, and survival capabilities. Perks are acquired by spending perk points each time your character levels up. Perks are divided into categories, each corresponding to one of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes.  These perks offer a wide range of customization options, allowing players to tailor their characters to suit their preferred playstyles.  However, there are no respecs or redoing of Perks. Thus, your selections are vital to increasing your character’s overall power.

Level Progression

In Fallout 4, level progression is tied to gaining experience points (XP) through various activities such as completing quests, defeating enemies, discovering new locations, crafting items, and engaging in dialogue. As you accumulate XP, you gradually level up, which allows you to improve your character’s abilities and unlock new perks. You eventually reach a certain threshold to level up as you accumulate XP. When you level up, you can allocate a point to one of your SPECIAL attributes and choose a new perk.

Fallout 4 Sniper Build Gameplay Preview

Your character’s SPECIAL attributes determine their capabilities and aptitudes in various areas. When you level up, allocating points to these attributes can enhance your character’s strength, combat prowess, social skills, crafting abilities, and more. The perk system in Fallout 4 is represented by a perk chart, which visually organizes the available perks according to their associated SPECIAL attributes. As you level up and allocate points to your SPECIAL attributes, you unlock access to more perks within the corresponding branches of the chart.

Below, we have outlined our selections of Perks at various levels to ensure you select the proper loadout. Moreover, be aware there are no respec unless you use mods or other means to change perks.

Level 1 – 10

Here’s a list of Perks to select from levels 1 to 10 with the Best Sniper Build Guide in Fallout 4:

  • Level 1 – None
  • Level 2 – Rifleman
  • Level 3 – Scrounger
  • Level 4 – Sneak
  • Level 5 – Locksmith
  • Level 6 – Bloody Mess
  • Level 7 – Sniper
  • Level 8 – Action Boy
  • Level 9 – Ninja
  • Level 10 – Sneak 2

Level 11 – 20

Here’s a list of Perks to select from levels 11 to 20 with the Best Sniper Build Guide in Fallout 4:

  • Level 11 – Demolition Expert
  • Level 12 – Rifleman 2
  • Level 13 – Locksmith 2
  • Level 14 – Bloody Hands 2
  • Level 15 – Demolition Expert 2
  • Level 16 – Sniper 2
  • Level 17 – Gun Nut
  • Level 18 – Rifleman 3
  • Level 19 – Action Boy 2
  • Level 20 – Locksmith 3

Level 21 – 30

Here’s a list of Perks to select from levels 21 to 30 with the Best Sniper Build Guide in Fallout 4:

  • Level 21 – Medic
  • Level 22 – Ninja 2
  • Level 23 – Sneak 3
  • Level 24 – Gun Nut 2
  • Level 25 – Scrounger 2
  • Level 26 – Sniper 3
  • Level 27 – Scrounger 3
  • Level 28 – Quick Hands
  • Level 29 – Quick Hands 2
  • Level 30 – Medic 2

Level 31 – 40

Here’s a list of Perks to select from levels 31 to 40 with the Best Sniper Build Guide in Fallout 4:

  • Level 31 – Rifleman 4
  • Level 32 – Demolition Expert 3
  • Level 33 – Ninja 3
  • Level 34 – Demolition Expert 4
  • Level 35 – Perception +1 (or bobblehead)
  • Level 36 – Penetrator
  • Level 37 – Penetrator 2
  • Level 38 – Action Boy 3 (Fall Harbor DLC required – can pick increased intelligence and Hacker with 38 and 40 selections).
  • Level 39 – Sneak 4
  • Level 40 – Quick Hands 3 (Nuka-World DLC required – alternative Chem Resistant)

Level 41 – 50

Here’s a list of Perks to select from levels 41 to 50 with the Best Sniper Build Guide in Fallout 4:

  • Level 41 – Action Boy 3
  • Level 42 – Medic 3
  • Level 43 – Gun Nut 3
  • Level 44 – Gun Nut 4
  • Level 45 – Sneak 5
  • Level 46 – Scrounger 4
  • Level 47 – Rifleman 5
  • Level 48 – Bloody Mess 3
  • Level 49 – Bloody Mess 4
  • Level 50 – Medic 4

Gear, Armor, Weapons

The best equipment for the Sniper build is the Overseer’s Guardian Sniper Rifle, Nick Valentine’s Faded Trench Coat, and Patrolman Sunglasses. The Overseer’s Guardian Sniper rifle shoots an extra projectile and can be obtained early in Fallout 4. Nick Valentine’s Faded Trench Coat increases perception by two, giving you unparalleled accuracy. If that weren’t enough, Patrolman Sunglasses also increase perception by one and can be worn under a helmet with extra protection.

Overseer’s Guardian Sniper Rifle – obtained in Vault 81 by vendor Alexis Combes. Vault 81 is west of Diamond City and requires three fusion cores and quest completion to enter. Alternative weapons are Pipe Rifle (early), Hunting Rifle, Combat Rifle, and Gauss Rifle (end game).

Nick Valentine’s Faded Trench Coat – this trench coat gives +2 perception and can be taken from companion Nick Valentine’s inventory. You can use other coats for a bonus or bypass this item if you want Nick to wear it.

Patrolman Sunglasses – you gain passive +1 perception, which can be found at the Cambridge Police Station. You will likely go here during the Paladin Danse quest with the Brotherhood of Steel quest.

Combat Armor – this set of armor gives excellent protection and looks cool! A complete set can be obtained on the dead NPC Sal in Jamaica Plains. The location is southeast of Diamond City and near University Point. Alternatively, leather armor can work in replacement.


Robert MacCready is the best companion for a Sniper build in Fallout 4 because of the maximum affinity perk of Killshot. Killshot increases accuracy for headshots in VATS by 20%, and fits with the long range sniper build. You can find MacCready in the Third Rail, a bar in Goodneighbor. Goodneighbor is a town northeast of Diamond City, and you can recruit him there. An alternative is Deacon with the Railroad if you use stealth and sneaking primarily.

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