Fallout 4: How to Get Final Judgment

Final Judgment is a unique energy weapon with the Rapid legendary effect, and you can get it at the end of a quest in Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 Final Judgment stats tooltip

Final Judgment is a unique heavy weapon that you can get a reward at the end of The Big Dig quest. Furthermore, it comes with the Incendiary Legendary effect, which deals with an additional 15 points of fire damage to enemies.

Final Judgment Location and where to find in Fallout 4:

  • Location: Boston Airport, along the east coast of the Commonwealth
  • Dropped by/Looted From: Final Judgment is dropped by Elder Arthur Maxson at the end of two possible quests: Airship Down or Rockets’ Red Glare.

How to Get Final Judgment in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 How to Get Final Judgment

To get Final Judgment in Fallout 4, you must side with another faction against the Brotherhood of Steel, ultimately attacking their command center at Boston Airport and the Prydwen. These possible quests include Airship Down, which is an Institute faction quest. The second option is Precipice of War and Rocket’s Red Glare, which are Railroad faction quests.

These quests are a final attack on the position of the Brotherhood of Steel. Consequently, if you have been friendly with them previously, make sure you have purchased anything from the vendor on the Prydwen before starting them. At the culmination of either of these quest lines, you will fight the Supreme Commander of the Brotherhood, Arthur Maxson.

However, to loot the Final Judgment from him, you will need to get him down on the ground. When Maxson first attacks in the Airship Down quest, he will do so from the air on a vertibird. Destroy it, and Maxson will jump to the ground to continue the battle there. Once he is defeated, you can loot the Final Judgment, along with his Elder power armor.

Final Judgment Stats, Perks, & How to Use It in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Final Judgment stats tooltip

Final Judgment Stats and Effects in Fallout 4:

  • Weapon Type: Unique Energy Weapon
  • Effect(s): Rapid Legendary Effect
  • Base Damage: 14
  • Ammo: Fusion core
  • Clip Size: 500
  • Fire Rate: 340
  • Range: 203
  • Accuracy: 48
  • Value: 3804
  • Weight: 19.3

How to use Final Judgment

In Fallout 4, Final Judgment is a unique Gatling laser that is one of the few energy guns to use fusion cores for ammo. Consequently, this may not be the weapon to use with a Power Armor build, given that the armor will require many fusion cores. However, if you’re focusing on other types of builds, then this could be a very effective combat weapon.

Furthermore, Final Judgment’s special feature is the Rapid legendary effect, which gives you a 25% faster fire rate and a 15% faster reload. The Fire Rate is a very fast 340, and combined with a clip size of 500, it means you can mow down enemies. However, be careful when adding mods, as changing from the Standard barrel to the Charging barrel will significantly drop the fire rate.

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