Fallout 4: How to Get the Last Minute

The Last Minute in Fallout 4 is a specially modified Gauss rifle that can be purchased after completing the Old Guns quest.

Fallout 4 How to Get the Last Minute

The Last Minute shoots out high-damage 2mm EC rounds allowing for massive damage. Gauss rifles can charge up their shot allowing them to deal more damage the longer the weapons are charged. This gives it huge damage potential especially when aiming specifically for limbs. It is a powerful weapon that can be purchased after completing the Old Guns quest.

Last Minute Location and where to find it:

  • Location: The Castle
  • Purchased From: Ronnie after the completion of Old Guns quest

How to Get Last Minute in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, the Last Minute can be purchased in The Castle from Ronnie after progressing into the Minutemen quest line.

Fallout 4 Last Minute The Castle Map Location

The Castle was a Fort taken over by the Minutemen until they were forced out due to creatures attacking from the water. Once you have progressed the Minutemen storyline far enough you will attempt to take back the fort for the Minutemen. This will allow you to begin the Old Guns quest which mostly follows Ronnie, a returned veteran Minutemen as she helps you gain access to the sealed weapons armory of The Castle.

Purchasing the Last Minute in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Last Minute Ronnie Vendor

Once you have completed the Old Guns quest and unlocked the armory, you will be able to barter with Ronnie for the Last Minute. She will have various multiple attachment weapons and ammo as well as the Last Minute for purchase.

Last Minute Stats, Effects & How to Use It?

Fallout 4 How to Get the Last Minute

Last Minute Stats and Effects in Fallout 4:

  • Weapon Type: Gauss Rifle
  • Effect(s): 50% more limb damage
  • Base Damage: 496
  • Ammo: 2mm EC
  • Clip Size: 7
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Range: 203
  • Accuracy: 112
  • Value: 3810
  • Weight: 21.6

You should begin with a little bit of ammo if you haven’t sold any looted ammo. Although, this is a rarer ammo type and can be harder to maintain a steady supply so use the weapon sparingly. Of course, if you have plenty of bottle caps, you can always just purchase the ammo from Ronnie to maintain your usage.

How to Use the Last Minute?

In Fallout 4, the Last Minute is a modified unique Gauss Rifle capable of charging and shooting a hard-hitting shot. Since charging the weapon can take time, it’s best to utilize the Last Minute as an initiating weapon before the enemy is close enough to engage you. Starting the fight with a fully charged shot is enough to kill most enemies or severely weapon a high-health target before they even know you are there. Since this modified version gains bonus damage towards limbs make sure to either aim for legs and arms or utilize your VATS to land limb shots.

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