Hades 2: Weapons – Nocturnal Arms

In addition to magic abilities, you can use Weapons called Nocturnal Arms in Hades 2. Here is a list of all available options.

Hades 2 Silver Pool and Nocturnal Arms early access
Silver Pool and Nocturnal Arms

How to Get Weapons and Unlock Nocturnal Arms in Hades 2?

To unlock and craft new Nocturnal Arms in Hades 2, visit the Silver Pools. Firstly, you can find this area after the Altar of Ashes and Schemeleus’s Training Grounds. Also, the Silver Pools are recognizable by the glowing blue circle in the ground surrounded by a crescent moon and pentagram markings. In short, stand inside the blue pool and interact with it to open the crafting menu.

Moreover, scroll down the menu to view the available Arms you can craft. You’ll find the list of required materials in the bottom left corner of the screen, alongside a description of the weapon and the unique benefits that it can offer you.

Read the list below and discover the perfect weapon for your playstyle by crafting and testing the various strengths and weaknesses of each Nocturnal Arms.

All Weapons – Nocturnal Arms in Hades 2

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At full release, you can expect many fantastic weapons, but for now, there are only a few options available for early access to Hades 2:

Witch’s Staff – Descura

  • Weapon type: Staff
  • Suitable for: Ranged
  • Crafting Materials Required: none

A starting weapon, you will receive it as default when you begin.

Moonstone Axe

  • Weapon type: Greataxe
  • Suitable for: Slow but Powerful Melee Combat
  • Crafting Materials Required: 15x Silver

A heavy weapon that swings slowly but deals excellent damage. The final hit in a combo slams the weapon down into the ground for area-of-effect damage.

Umbral Flames

  • Weapon type: Dual Wield Torches
  • Suitable for: Ranged Magick Combat
  • Crafting Materials Required: 3x Silver, 3x Cinder

Cast balls of flames from the torches for basic attacks. Somewhat slow in movement, this weapon takes some getting used to. It’s best used for a casting build, but it still needs the right boons to make it effective.

Argent Skull

  • Weapon type: Skull Grenades
  • Suitable for: Ranged Explosives Combat
  • Crafting Materials Required: 2x Glassrock, 1x Bronze

Throw a limited amount of skull ammo, much like grenades. They will deal direct hits or explosive area-of-effect damage. However, you must pick them back up before casting them again. Potentially powerful, but the playstyle may take some getting used to.

Sister Blades – Lim and Oros

  • Weapon type: Daggers
  • Suitable for: Melee Combat
  • Crafting Materials Required: 1x Silver

The Sister Blades are two unique daggers named Lim and Oros that are always used together. One is curved like a miniature scythe while the other is straight like an arrow. As a result, they are ideal for quick and agile combat. Compared to the starting weapon, Descura, the Sister Blades are significantly more powerful, especially with their Omega Attack in Hades 2.

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