Starfield: Best Cyber Runner Build

Discover the best Cyber Runner Build in Starfield and how to create a powerful character with recommended skills, background, traits, weapons, and armor.

Starfield Best Cyber Runner Build

This build was updated for game version Starfield Update 1.11.33 – May 2024.

Cyber Runner Build Introduction in Starfield

The Cyber Runner build in Starfield emphasizes stealth, sharpshooting, and mobility. You will choose Stealth and Concealment skills, which grant increased damage for sneak attacks and using weapons with suppressors. The Cyber Runner uses both ballistic Pistols and Rifles for combat weapons. Therefore, it gives you multiple range options for dealing with enemies in combat. Moreover, with isolation skills, you will be traveling solo without companions or crew for increased damage and damage reduction.

Players will want to choose the Cyber Runner background and the build if they enjoy the assassin rogue type of gameplay from other RPG games. From a role-play perspective and combat, the Cyber Runner does great with patient, methodical stealth gameplay. The downside of the Cyber Runner is the lack of crafting and Starship perks. This can be frustrating until you reach higher levels, allowing for more flexibility and freedom in skill choices. Play a Cyber Runner if you want to stealth and sneak your way through the galaxy in Starfield!

Cyber Runner Build ProsCyber Runner Build Cons
Stealth GameplayVulnerable if Detected
High DamageNo Crafting
Role PlayLower Survivability

Features and Mechanics for Best Cyber Runner Build in Starfield

Starfield Sniper & Stealth Build

The following list presents all the essential Cyber Runner Build Mechanics and Features in Starfield:

  • Damage: Ballistic
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Weapon: Pistol & Rifle
  • Best Skills: Concealment, Sharpshooting, Isolation
  • Starborn Power: Void Form
  • Background: Cyber Runner
  • Traits: Introvert, Wanted
  • Companion: None


Starfield Cyber Runner Background

The best background is Cyber Runner, which grants immediate access to level one Stealth, Security, and Theft skills. What is helpful about Cyber Running is that you gain security and Stealth straight away. Stealth will lead to the concealment skill in the physical skill line and increase damage drastically for stealth attacks. Security is helpful, as is using Digipick to enter chests, doors, etc. However, you won’t gain combat-related skills or perks, so that will be our focus when initially leveling up the Cyber Runner.

Cyber Runner background – From Neon to New Atlantis, the megacorps stand as monuments to power, prestige, and profit. You’ve worked both for and against them, on the inside and out, often sacrificing conscience for credits.


Starfield Introvert Trait
Starfield Wanted Trait

The best traits for a Cyber Runner are Introvert and Wanted. Introvert helps with oxygen (stamina in other games). Oxygen capacity determines your overall sprinting capabilities. Moreover, Introvert is a perfect selection for Skill Isolation, which increases damage and reduces damage when traveling alone (Lone Wolf). Since you are a Cyber Runner, this solo gameplay is a perfect fit.

The wanted trait is the second best for the Cyber Runner because your damage increases by 20% when at or below 20% health. Moreover, the Wanted trait keeps the game of Starfield engaging with random encounters throughout your exploration and questing.

Traits are optional customization options in Character Creation. Players can select up to three attributes from a comprehensive list of traits to further shape their protagonists. The May 2024 update allows players to change their traits on a New Game + (Unity). Thus, you can change them both in the game and in a new game, which keeps your progress but starts the universe over.


Starfield Concealment Skill

The best skills for Cyber Runner build are Concealment, Sharpshooting, and Isolation. Concealment and Stealth skills give you increased sneak damage and better protection against detection. Isolation reduces damage without playing with companions, allowing increased survival. Sharpshooting is your main damage perk from the combat tree.

Here is the list of the best and recommended skills for the Cyber Runner Build in Starfield:

  • Concealment (physical) – increases your stealth and sneak damage, but also can cause enemies to lose you once you engage in sneak.
  • Isolation (social) – reduces damage taken and increases damage done without using a companion or crew.
  • Sharpshooting (combat) – increases critical headshot damage, which stacks with Pistol and Rifle certification damage boost.
  • Boost Pack Training (tech) – the best overall mobility perk for moving around the game in Starfield.
  • Rifle & Pistol Certification (combat) – using ballistic rifles and pistols is the best way to increase damage, especially with silencers and suppressors.

You should try to rank up skills by completing their requirements. For example, Boost Pack Training hits Boost Pack constantly in combat to level it up very quickly. Leave one enemy alive, continually boost the pack as you have fuel, and you can complete the progression in one encounter.

Level Progression

For the Cyber Runner Build in Starfield, your level progression priorities are moving up the Physical, Social, and Combat skill tree. Physical will eventually give you Concealment, which radically increases your damage but requires 12 skill selections to reach the final tier. The social skill tree grants Isolation, which can be obtained after 4 skill point selection and is helpful for survival. Lastly, in the Combat skill tree, you want to sprinkle in points throughout to keep progressing your damage as your level increases.

Starfield leveling progression system gives you three skills at level one via your background, then one skill per level without a level cap. You will need several skill points in each tree to move to the next level and pick higher-tier skills. Unlike other Bethesda games, Starfield requires you to use or complete specific objectives with your skills to take a higher rank. For instance, in Boost Pack Training, hit Boost Pack constantly in combat to level it up very quickly. Leave one enemy alive, continually boost the pack as you have fuel, and you can complete the progression in one encounter. This is why we jump from tree to tree, giving you time to level up your skill ranks. Come back or take another skill in the progression if you haven’t reached the level.

Levels 1 – 10

Here’s a list of the best skills to select from levels 1 – 10 with the Cyber Runner Build Guide in Starfield:

  • Level 1 – Stealth, Theft, Security (Cyber Runner Background)
  • Level 2 – Boost Pack Training
  • Level 3 – Pistol Certification
  • Level 4 – Commerce
  • Level 5 – Fitness
  • Level 6 – Ballistics
  • Level 7 – Boost Pack Training 2
  • Level 8 – Security 2
  • Level 9 – Stealth 2
  • Level 10 – Commerce 2

Levels 11 – 20

Here’s a list of the best skills to select from levels 11 – 20 with the Cyber Runner Build Guide in Starfield:

  • Level 11 – Pistol Certification 2
  • Level 12 – Ballistics 2
  • Level 13 – Commerce 3
  • Level 14 – Isolation
  • Level 15 – Stealth 3
  • Level 16 – Fitness 2
  • Level 17 – Gymnastics
  • Level 18 – Pistol Certification 3
  • Level 19 – Ballistics 3
  • Level 20 – Security 3

Levels 21 – 30

Here’s a list of the best skills to select from levels 21 – 30 with the Cyber Runner Build Guide in Starfield:

  • Level 21 – Boost Pack Training 3
  • Level 22 – Gymnastics 2
  • Level 23 – Fitness 3
  • Level 24 – Stealth 4
  • Level 25 – Isolation 2
  • Level 26 – Pistol Certification 4
  • Level 27 – Ballistics 4
  • Level 28 – Rapid Reloading
  • Level 29 – Isolation 3
  • Level 30 – Fitness 4

Levels 31 – 40

Here’s a list of the best skills to select from levels 31 – 40 with the Cyber Runner Build Guide in Starfield:

  • Level 31 – Gymnastics 3
  • Level 32 – Boost Pack Training 4
  • Level 33 – Rapid Reloading 2
  • Level 34 – Isolation 4
  • Level 35 – Gymnastics 4
  • Level 36 – Concealment
  • Level 37 – Rapid Reloading 3
  • Level 38 – Rifle Certification
  • Level 39 – Sharpshooting
  • Level 40 – Concealment 2

Levels 41 – 50

Here’s a list of the best skills to select from levels 41 to 50 with the Cyber Runner Build Guide in Starfield:

  • Level 41 – Rapid Reloading 4
  • Level 42 – Sharpshooting 2
  • Level 43 – Rifle Certification 2
  • Level 44 – Concealment 3
  • Level 45 – Medicine
  • Level 46 – Rifle Certification 3
  • Level 47 – Sharpshooting 3
  • Level 48 – Medicine 2
  • Level 49 – Rifle Certification 4
  • Level 50 – Sharpshooting 4


Starfield Calibrated Urban Eagle Weapon
Starfield Magpulse Rifle

The best weapons for a Cyber Runner build are the Urban Eagle pistol and the Magpulse Rifle. The Urban Eagle pistol has high damage, good magazine size, and 7 mod slots. The most important mod for the Urban Eagle or any of your weapons is a Suppressor. This grants additional damage via the Stealth skill, and fully maxed with four skill points, grants 20% additional damage. Moreover, your Pistol Certification and other combat skills will increase the damage to the pistol, which is your close-range weapon.

The Magpulse Rifle is the best all-around weapon due to its damage and ammunition availability. If you prefer a more long-range weapon, Hard Target and the Magsniper are options as well, though they appear at higher levels in Starfield. Keep at least one close range and one long weapon on you at all times, ideally with a suppressor attached.

Weapons can have up to 8 modifications depending on the type. Each mod requires materials or resources and the Weapon Engineering skill from the Science skill tree. You will also have to research mod upgrades via a research station, and it can take some time to unlock the full potential of the gun and weapons. Weapons have four qualities: white, blue, purple, and legendary yellow. If a weapon is blue or greater in rarity, it comes with a perk or a trait. These add additional effects in addition to modifications.


Operative Suit - Starfield

The Operative Suit and Operative Helmet are the best armor and apparel items for the Cyber Runner Build. The Operative Suit is an appeal item worn under your space suit and grants a 25% harder-to-become-detected bonus. This is perfect for sneak and stealth gameplay, optimizing your damage for the Cyber Runner.

Additionally, look for spacesuits and mods that grant the Chameleon perk. This rare perk is randomly granted to armor mods, which blend with the environment while sneaking and not moving. It doesn’t matter which armor set you gain, but the Chameleon perk is a powerful and the best armor trait for the Cyber Runner build.

Armors are available in four distinct qualities: white, blue, purple, and the legendary yellow. If an armor piece holds the rarity of blue or higher, it boasts an accompanying perk or trait. These augmentations introduce supplementary effects alongside any modifications. For instance, the “Beast Hunter” perk reduces damage from Alien enemies by 15%. Inspect each blue or greater armor mod and see if the trait and perk align with your build.

Starborn Power

Starfield Void Form Power

The Void Form Starborn Power allows you to Cloak yourself in the void and become invisible for a few seconds. In combination with the Concealment skill, Void Form gives you multiple forms of invisibility and evasion from the enemy.

Starborn Powers are earned through the main story campaign. You will encounter artifacts early on and acquire more of them as you progress. Using Vlad, located in the eye, and the Constellation group, located at the Lodge, to find more. Spend time discovering and exploring Temples to progress this power.


Starfield Isolation Skill

Do not use a companion for a Cyber Runner build; use the isolation skill from the social skill tree. This grants increased weapon damage and resistance for traveling alone without a companion to any crew. This is helpful to keep you in stealth without being detected due to companions fumbling around engaging with the enemy. Moreover, you will gain more strength overall using Isolation, though it requires an investment in Isolation skills.

Build Summary – Starfield Best Cyber Runner Build

Background – Cyber Runner

Traits – Introvert, Wanted

Primary Weapon – Urban Eagle Pistol

Secondary Weapon – Magpulse Rifle

Armor – Operative Suit

Companion – None


  • Stealth
  • Concealment
  • Isolation
  • Pistol Certification
  • Rifle Certification
  • Sharpshooting
  • Boost Pack Training
  • Gymnastics
  • Fitness

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