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Hogwarts Legacy: Max level & Talents Cap & Best Talents

Welcome to Hogwarts Legacy: Max Level & Talents Cap & Best Talents guide! Knowledge is a true Power, but what are the limitations?

Hogwarts Legacy is full of magical wonders and wicked dangers. By exploration and combat, players gain levels and progress in the engaging story of the magical world of Harry Potter books. Also, along the way, you’ll learn spells and talents. In Hogwarts Legacy, all have limitations. In the guide, you can learn about the level cap, the maximum number of talents, and the best talents to pick.

Last updated April 25, 2023. Players can enjoy Hogwarts Legacty for a couple of weeks now, and more details and secrets are uncovered each day. We updated the guide to provide the latest information about the game.

Max level, Talents Cap and Best Talents

Hogwarts Legacy - Hogsmeade Troll Battle
Hogsmeade Troll Battle

The Max level, called the Leval cap in Hogwarts Legacy, is level 40. Until this point, players gain experience and talent points that they can later spend to improve their performance in combat, exploration and small-player experience improvements. It’s a very common system in many games, especially RPG games, that stops players from being overpowered. However, this cap is often raised later when new content and DLC are introduced. As of now, we have no confirmation about any plans for future expansions, so just something to keep in mind.

Max Lexel and Talenst Cap

When the player reaches level cap – 40, there will be no more talents to gain, meaning talents are also limited to 35 talent points to spend. Unfortunately, players can’t invest in all perks and bonuses from talent trees since there are 48 in total. In the Hogwarts legacy are five talents trees, each with different bonuses. As a result, players need to spend their points wisely if they want to be the most powerful witch or wizard in the school, maybe even the world.

Best Talents

Hogwarts Legacy Talents
Hogwarts Legacy Talents

As mentioned before, there are many talents to choose from, which may be highly confusing, especially for new players. You can have two approaches to it choose what you like from multiple talents categories or focus on a thematic playstyle, for example, a Dark Wizard or a Sneaky Character. The best way is to spend points where it matches you and your character best.

If you enjoy interacting with your magical beasts and spending time in the Room of Requirements, maybe it’s worth improving that experience and adding a point or two to the Green Talents tree.

If spells and combat are what you enjoy the most in Hogwarts Legacy, try spending some talent points on the spells you use the most.

Whatever playstyle you choose and enjoy, don’t forget about the Core Talents – purple. Those may not seem as impactful at first, but they can make a difference when it comes to the overall game adventure. If you are looking for The Best Talent points to become an extremely powerful Witch or Wizard, check out the Comprehensive Talents Guide, where we explain all talents and what are the essential ones for every type of player.

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