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Hogwarts Legacy: Merlin Trials & How to Increase Inventory Space

The Hogwarts Legacy: Merlin Trials & How to Increase Inventory Space Guide describes all Merlin puzzles and challenges in detail! You can quickly spend all space in your gear inventory in Hogwarts Legacy. Here is the solution!

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials & How to Increase Inventory Slots
Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials

At the beginning of Hogwarts Legacy, players have only 20 gear space to use. The simplest early game solution is visiting any shop and selling unwanted inventory gear. However, this guide will explain in detail how you can extend your inventory space and quickly solve all of Merlin Trials, Merlin puzzles and Merlin challenges!

Last updated April 22, 2023. Players can enjoy Hogwarts Legacty for a couple of weeks now, and more details and secrets are uncovered each day. We updated the guide to provide the easiest methods to complete all the challenges.

Merlin Trials: How to Increase Inventory Space

You must complete Merlin Trials to increase the inventory space in Hogwarts Legacy. Also, completing 52 of them is required to reach max level 40 in the game. Merlin Trials are a small-challenges spread around the game world. You can find your progress in getting more inventory space in your Challenges – Exploration menu. Also, It will show you how many more Merlin Trials you need for the next upgrade and inventory increase.

Hogwarts Legacy - Inventory Expansion Reward
Inventory Expansion Reward

For each challenge and a specific amount of Merlin Trials solved, here is an additional Inventory Size increase – Required Merlin Trials:

  1. Challenge: Solve 2 Merlin Trials – 4 Gear Inventory Slots
  2. Challenge: Solve 6 additional Merlin Trials – 4 Gear Inventory Slots
  3. Challenge: Solve 10 additional Merlin Trials – 4 Gear Inventory Slots
  4. Challenge: Solve 14 additional Merlin Trials – 4 Gear Inventory Slots
  5. Challenge: Solve 20 additional Merlin Trials – 4 Gear Inventory Slots

Hogwarts Legacy: Merlin Trials Quest

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin Trials - Nora Treadwell
Merlin Trials Quest – Nora Treadwell

As you progress in the main story, eventually, you’ll meet Nora Treadwell during the quest “Trials of Merlin” A short fight starts, and at the end, she tells you about her research on Merlin trials. Nora Treadwell discovered that Mallowsweet Leaves are the key to solving the riddle, so you place them in the centre of the platform, and that’s when you start the first Trial.

Merlin Trials Increase Inventory Space

Melin trials are puzzles and challenges that require specific spells in the game world. We can split trials into different categories. All are described below. Each Merlin Trial requires Mallowsweet Leaves. As mentioned before, you’ll get increased inventory space if you complete a specific amount of Trials.

Platforms and Pyres Puzzle

The first one I already mentioned, it’s in Lower Hogsfield, where the introduction to Merlkin’s Trials Quest takes place. To complete the quest, set Mallowsweet Leaves in the centre of the platform, then lighten up the Pyres as fast as possible using the Incendio spell. The spell should be available for you at this point.

To light up Pyres, you need any fire-focused spell:

The quest ends when you complete your first Trial.

Merlin Trials – All Puzzles

There are 95 Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy, but players must solve only 52 to reach max inventory space. I’ll explain the mechanics of each trial type with an example, but you should be able to apply the rules to any similar Merlin Trial.

To Locate Pyres Trial, look for feather icons on the map.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin's Trial - Pyres Trial Icon on the map
Merlin’s Trials – Pyres Trial Icon On The Map

We can categorise Merlin Trials into seven different challenges:

Trial 1 – Platforms and Pyres Puzzle Forbidden Forest

The First Trial example is in the Forbidden Forest. You can easily find the location during the Jackdaw’s Rest quest. The pillars with a pyre on the top are spread around the area – one behind the spiderwebs – and you’ll have limited time to light them all up with, for example, the Incendo spell. To solve this riddle, I suggest placing the Mallowsweet leaves and casting the Revelio spell a few times to locate all three pyres before you begin. Light them up, starting from the highest pillar.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin's Trial - Pyres Puzzle Location 2
Pyres Puzzle Forbidden Forest

To light up Pyres, you need any fire-focused spell:

Trial 2 – Platforms and Spheres Puzzle

Another Merlin Puzzle you can find south of Hogwarts Castle. There is a poacher camp and a cave with a secret chest nearby. Dive into the small water pool to get to the hidden loot.

To solve this riddle, place the Mallowsweet Leaves in the centre of the platform. Nextly, Destroy nine spheres on the pillars with a basic attack or any combat spell.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin's Trial - Pyres Puzzle Location 1
Spheres Puzzle near Hogwarts

Trial 3 – Platforms and Spherical Stones Puzzle

This one is a bit tricky. It’s just next to the first location near Lower Hogsfield Village. Firstly, locate the central platform and place the Mallowsweet Leaves. Now use any spell that allows fitting spherical stones to holes on the three additional platforms. I was standing on one of the platforms and used Accio spell to call nearby stones to me. But don’t worry, stones travel together, so as long as you drag one onto the platform, they magically fill the holes in it.

You can push stones with a basic attack onto the platforms, which also works. You must do it for each additional platform to complete the Trial.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin's Trial - Pyres Puzzle Location 3
Small spherical Stones in Lower Hogsfield

The Spherical Stone Puzzle might be easier to complete if you know the following spells:

Trial 4 – Big Spherical Stone Puzzle

Just outside of the northern Hogwarts bridge is the next Merlin Trial. Don’t forget you can always use Revelio spell to find platforms and spheres easily. Also, make sure you place Mallowsweet Leaves on the main platform first. Next to the platform, you will easily notice a giant stone sphere. Your task is to push it from the hill to the stone hole below, on the shore. You can do it with various spells, but for simplicity, you can cast a basic attack a few times to push it forward. Once the stone sphere is in the hole, the Trial will be marked as completed.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin's Trial Location 4 - Big Spherical Stone
Big Spherical Stone in Hogwarts

The Spherical Stone Puzzle might be easier to complete if you know the following spells:

These puzzles sometimes require jumping and climbing to reach the stone sphere because they are usually high on a cliff, rock formation or any elevation.

Trial 5 – Stone Pillars Puzzle

The Stone Pillars Puzzle requires a Confringo Spell to complete it.

When you get the required spells, place Mallowsweet Leaves in the central platform and destroy the pillars around the area. Always use the Revelio spell to highlight them if you can’t find them.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin's Trial - Stone Pilars Puzzle Location 1
Stone Pillars Challenge

Trial 6 – Block Flipping Puzzle

The next Trial requires the Flippendo spell. Northwest of Hogwarts Castle and Lower Hogsfield village, I encountered this one during “Carried Away” – Side Quest. Plenty of Moonstone in the area and Horklump Juice. Watch out for Dark Wizards! After you defeat them, time to solve the riddle. Cast the Flippando spell on stone cubes until the symbols match. If pictures are the same, but one is inverted, cast the Flippendo spell from a different pillar’s side, a different angle to align the symbols.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin's Trial - Block Flipping Puzzle 2
Block Flipping Puzzle

The required spell in this Trial:

  • Flippendo unlocked during Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2
    • Quest Level Requirement: Level 16
    • Requirement: Completed Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1

Trial 7 – Jumping Puzzle

This Trial doesn’t require any spells. After placing Mallowsweet Leaves on the central platform, your task is to run and jump across each stone pillar without touching the ground.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin's Trial - Jumping Puzzle
Jumping Challenge

Trial 8 – Butterflies Puzzle

The Butterflies Puzzle aims to locate three stone pillars and three Butterflies Swarms. Use the Lumos spell to attract swarms to your wand and bring them to the pillars.

I was at Merlin Trial northwest of Hogwarts. In the area, I also found a good amount of Ashwinder Eggs and a diving spot in the river. The hidden chest behind the vines is next to the pillar and waterfall. Use Incendio Spell to burn them and gain access to valuable loot.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin's Trial - Butterflies Puzzle Location 1
Butterflies and Lumos near Hogwarts

The Lumos spell is unlocked during the tutorial.

Trial 9 – Reparo Puzzle

Lastly, we have the Reparo Puzzle. After you place the Mallowsweet Leaves on the central platform, you’ll notice that nearby pillars shred to pieces. The players’ task is to locate and fix all broken pillars by casting the Reparo spell.

One of the places I found this type of Merlin Trial was near Keenbridge, south of Hogwarts Castle. This challenge is located in the centre of two bandit cams, so it was a tough fight, but after, I could also loot two Triats from chests.

Hogwarts Legacy - Merlin Trial Solution
The Reparo Puzzle Solution

The required spell in this Trial:

Where to get Mallowsweet Leaves

Magic Neep in Hogsmeade sells Mallowsweet Leaves but also Mallowsweet seeds. However, each Trial requires them, and you will need many. I suggest buying seeds and planting Mallowsweet in your greenhouse pot early in the game. Later when you unlock the Room of Requirement, grow them there. They require a small planting pot. Remember to gather leaves from time to time.

Mallowsweet Leaves Locations

Mallowsweet is a hard-to-find plant that grows in caves. Players can encounter these flowers early in the game during the Jackdaw’s Rest Quest – on the right side before you access the bridge. Flowers are easily recognisable by their yellow and orange petals.

Hogwarts Legacy - Mallowsweet

If you complete 20 Merlin Trials, you’ll get maximum inventory size.

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