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Hogwarts Legacy – The Final Repository Quest

Welcome to our guide for Hogwarts Legacy – The Final Repository Quest!

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

Last updated May 1, 2023

The Final Repository Quest

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Enter the Repository

  • Talk to Professor Fig
    • This will automatically transition into a conversation with the Keepers
  • Enter the Keepers’ Cavern
    • Make your way to the Repository
    • There will be a walk-and-talk with Professor Fig
  • Stop the goblin Loyalists
    • Run down and around on the path to fight the goblins
  • Reach the Repository before Ranrok
    • You’ll need to find someway past the large drill machine, but Professor Fig will solve that problem easily.

Fight Your Way Through

  • Defeat the Loyalists and their Trolls
    • Move forward, crouching underneath the fallen stone and when you come into a large, open area two large fortified trolls appear. Throws rocks and use your ancient magic attacks whenever you can. Goblins will join this fight as well, so you’ll have your hands full. Best to load your spell diamond with mostly standard red attack spells.
Hogwarts Legacy - The Final Repository troll fight
  • Find a path through
    • On the far wall in the center you will see a crack in the stone. You can break through it with a Bombarda spell
  • Reach the Repository before Ranrok
    • Run forward on the rock path, and keep to the right at the split and continue on towards the quest marker.
    • It won’t be long before you run into more goblins and have to fight again
  • Defeat Ranrok’s Loyalists
    • No trolls in this fight, so it should be simpler than the one you just had, but new goblins will keep appears to take the place of ones you already defeated
  • Reach the Repository before Ranrok
    • After the fight, look for another stone wall with a light blue magical haze on it.
    • This time Fig will break it down for you
    • There will be a cut scene as you and Professor Fig take in a large, cavernous area filled with goblins and trolls. Good thing you’re about to get some help.
    • Make your way forward. You’ll still run into some goblins and trolls along the way, but shouldn’t be anything insurmountable.
    • A cut scene will provide a path forward for you, and then you and Fig are on your own again

The Final Battle

  • Repository Entrance
    • The doorway to the Repository is ahead, but there are two large guardians on either side of the door and they awaken as you approach. You’ll put them to rest with the new wand Ollivander made
    • After you enter, you’ll have some dialogue with Professor Fig, followed by another cut scene. As of the writing of this guide, the answers you give Fig do not seem to matter to the end of the story
  • Defeat Ranrok
    • As a dragon, Ranrok is uneffected by all of your usual spells and charms
    • However, you will want to make sure you have at least one purple, one yellow and one red spell in order to successfully counter some combat mechanics
    • While doing your best to dodge incoming attacks, keep your eyes pealed for colored orbs which materialize around him. They will create a shield around him and will be either purple, yellow, or red – dispell these orbs with a spell of matching color.
    • When you dispell the shield, then attack. Use the correct button trigger to throw boulders back at him, or to cast Protego when you need it. Basic attacks will chip away at his large amount of HP.
  • Hogwarts Legacy - The Final Repository dragon orb
    • You’re in for a long fight, but the mechanics mostly stay the same. As you hit each segment on his HP bar the battle ground will shift into a new area. Just keep dispelling those orbs (this is the most important mechanic) and countering his attacks and eventually you’ll be successful

Return to Hogwarts

  • Return to Hogwarts
    • After the battle and the conclusion of the quest, the game will automatically transition to Hogwarts
    • There will be another cut scene and then you’ll have a conversation with Sebastian
    • The main story is done, but the rest of the school year still remains! O.W.L. exams approach but you can take the time to complete your Field Guide, explore, and take care of any remaining side quests

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