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Hogwarts Legacy – The Hunt for the Missing Pages Quest

Welcome to our guide for Hogwarts Legacy – The Hunt for the Missing Pages Quest!

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

Last updated May 1, 2023

The Hunt for the Missing Pages Quest

Into the Kitchens

  • Speak to Nearly Headless Nick
    • You’ll find Nick at Hogwarts castle by following your quest marker, he should be waiting for you outside the doors to the Great Hall
  • Follow Sir Nicholas
    • Along the way he says he has knowledge of the book pages and can help you, but wants to ask for a small favor first
    • He asks if you will go to the kitchen and get some rotten roast beef, and leads you to the kitchen entrance
  • Obtain the rotten roast beef
    • Interact with the painting to tickle the pear, and the door will swing open
    • Use the Revelio spell to find a Field Guide page in the kitchen
    • You can find the rotten roast beef in an alcove towards the back right corner of the kitchen
Hogwarts Legacy - Hunt for the Missing Pages rotten roast beef
  • Return to Sir Nicholas
    • Talk to the ghost outside of the kitchens
    • He explains that a man named Jackdaw had the pages while alive, and that you can speak with his ghost to find out more

To the Graveyard

  • There will be a cut scene as you and Sir Nicholas head through the Hogwarts graveyard
  • Another ghost named Sir Patrick Delaney-Podmore points you in the direction of Jackdaw, but he is without his head and you need to go find it.
  • Find the Headless Hunt’s game
    • Follow the quest marker back down the hill, and speak to Sir Nestor Amset. He’ll tell you that Jackdaw’s head can be found in a pumpkin
Hogwarts Legacy - Hunt for the Missing Pages pumpkin game
  • Destroy the pumpkins to find the head
    • The pumpkins are easy to burst with a basic attack spell
    • You’ll have to destroy a pumpkin with him inside of it five times
    • When you find and destroy the pumpkin with him inside, the ghost will move to hide again. If you can, follow where he goes and it will really shorten the game for you
  • Speak to Richard Jackdaw
    • He tells you that to find the pages, you’ll have to enter the cave where he died

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