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Hogwarts Legacy – Prisoner of Love Quest

Welcome to our guide for Hogwarts Legacy – Prisoner of Love Quest!

Hogwarts Legacy is a single player, action RPG based on the magical world of Harry Potter. With an endless amount of places to explore and magical spells to learn, there is always something to do and discover. Read on below to follow this Hogwarts Legacy quest!

Last updated May 1, 2023

Prisoner of Love Quest

Diggory Family

  • Speak to the portrait of Eldritch Diggory
    • This portrait is located in the Hufflepuff common room
    • He will ask for your help in solving a mystery
  • Speak to Helen Thistlewood
    • She lives in Upper Hogsfield. Quite a hike from the castle if you don’t have a direct floo available, but try to get as close as you can
    • She tells you the mystery she was unable to solve during her career as an Auror was the death of Richard Jackdaw
    • She asks you to travel with her Azkaban to interview a woman named Anne, who Helen believes was falsely imprisoned for Jackdaw’s death
    • When you agree to go, a cut scene will follow
  • Speak to Anne in Azkaban
    • Follow Helen down the hall to Anne’s cell
    • Anne’s clearly unwell, but she gives you clues to the location of the missing pages

Within the Cave

  • Find what Jackdaw left for Anne
    • Follow the quest marker to find the cave. There will be a couple of Dark Mongrels to fight along the way
    • Enter the cave and move down the passageway
    • When to get to the first room, there will be a chest on your right
  • Pull Chain Puzzle
    • On either side of the blocked doorway, will be stone pillars in the wall with chain hooks attached on each end. If you pull at them with Accio, they pull out like drawers. There are six total on either side of the door.
Hogwarts Legacy - Prisoner of Love door puzzle
  • Find Jackdaw’s clue
    • The clue is really a letter to Anne tell her where to meet him at the edge of the Forbidden Forest
    • This still does not help solve how Jackdaw died
  • Leave the vault
    • You’ll run into Jackdaw’s ghost right outside the entrance
    • He offers to show you where the missing pages are
    • And he promises to speak with Helen to clear Anne’s name

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