How to Get Azure Russula in Enshrouded

Discover where to find Azure Russula in Enshrouded, an essential resource for Glow Soup, the best Intelligence food in the game!

Enshrouded Azure Russula Material

Where to Find Azure Russula in Enshrouded

Azure Russula is found to the North of the Revelwood Spire in an abandoned Hunter’s Camp. The entrance is near the road, across a broken bridge in a dark cavern. Azura Russula is a mushroom that grows in caves, and this one has many and can be accessed early in the game.

Enshrouded Game - Where to Find Azure Russula

Any cave has the chance to spawn Azure Russula. But don’t worry, there are plenty of them in this area, and you can easily glide there using the Ancient Spire in Revelwood. You need the flame altar level 3 to access the Revelwood Ancient Spire. Once you arrive in the cave, pick up the Azure Russula. These do not require any tool to harvest. You can reset the cave by logging out and back in for faster material harvesting.

How to Use Azure Russula

Azure Russula serves as a key ingredient in making Glow Soup, the most potent Intelligence-boosting concoction in Enshrouded. To brew Glow Soup, head to the Farmer’s spot once you’ve got a fireplace and the Almanac of Plants and Seedlings, which unlocks later in the game. This special soup pumps up your Intelligence by +5 and is vital for maximizing our top Wizard build in Enshrouded.

Additionally, you can cook the Azure Russula, making it editable. However, you won’t get nearly the same intelligence boots so it’s best to save them.

Enshrouded Game - Farming Azure Russula Seedlings

If you want to create many Azure Russula, consider harvesting and farming them with Azure Russula Seedlings. You can create a seedbed at the Farmer, combining Fossilized Bone Dust, Shroud Liquid, and Azure Russula to gain five Azure Russula Seedlings. Plant those seedlings in Farm Soil, or Fertilized Farm Soil which increases the speed at which you can yield the crop. After completing this step, add more Azure Russula to the seedbed and repeat the process to produce a larger quantity!

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