How to Get Bug Dust in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Bug Dust in Enshrouded, a resource for crafting more complex materials.

Enshrouded Bug Dust crafting Recipe

How to Get Bug Dust in Enshrouded

You can get Bug Dust in Enshrouded by grinding down Critter Parts with the Alchemist’s Mortar. Critter Parts come from Fell Beetles, which are common enemies found in the Shroud. Individually they are weak enemies and easy to beat. However, they typically spawn from nests one after the other. Therefore, to stop new ones from appearing you will have to first destroy the nest.

How to Get Critter Parts in Enshrouded

Fell Bettles can found in any Shrouded area, and tend to appear in the areas surrounding Elixir Wells. There are two Shroud areas in the early game you can access. One is just to the right of Braelyn Bridge and another is a little northwest of the Springlands Ancient Spire.

Additionally, the Mortar is a crafting station you will use with the Alchemist. Work on completing the Alchemist’s quests and eventually, he will grant you one called ‘The Alchemist’s Mortar’. This location will send you northeast of the Springlands Spire to a place in the Shroud called Long Thistle. Find the Mortar in the basement and then bring it back to the Alchemist. Using the Mortar you can now grind down some Bug Dust. You can create one bag of Bug Dust for each Critter Part you grind.

What is Bug Dust, and what is it used for?

Enshrouded Wisp of Light crafting recipe

In Enshrouded, Bug Dust is a necessary ingredient for additional crafting items such as Goo and Wisp of Light flasks. Goo is an advanced crafting material that you can use to create spell charges and a couple of lit furniture pieces.

To make Goo you will need 1 Dirt, 1 Shroud Liquid, and 1 Bug Dust in the Mortar.

Additionally, you can use Bug Dust to make a Wisp of Light flask with the Alchemist. Wisp of Light is a consumable, but you don’t drink it. Instead, at night, or in caves or dark spaces of the Shroud, you can use a Wisip of Light to release a glow that will light up the surrounding area. This light will remain active for up to five minutes.

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