How to Get Critter Parts in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Critter Parts in Enshrouded, a resource for crafting more complex materials.

Enshrouded Critter Parts from Shroud Bugs

How to Get Critter Parts in Enshrouded

You can harvest Critter Parts early on in Enshrouded, because they can be found within any Shroud area in any region of the world. Critter Parts come from Fell Beetles, which are common enemies found in the Shroud. They are weak, but often spawn several at a time from their nests. To stop new ones from appearing you will have to first destroy the nest.

How to Get Critter Parts in Enshrouded

While Fell Beetles can potentially be found in any Shroud area, the best farming spot for them is close to the Springlands Ancient Spire within the first starting region. There is a Shroud area just to the west of the Ancient Spire. In the Elixir Well you can harvest Fell Beetles on your way to destroy the Shroud Root.

What are Critter Parts, and what are they used for?

Enshrouded Critter Part tooltip

In Enshrouded you can use Critter Parts to create the crafting ingredient Bug Dust. Bug Dust is a necessary ingredient for additional crafting items such as Goo and Wisp of Light flasks. To create Bug Dust you will need to have a Mortar for the Alchemist. Then, for every 1 Critter Part you can use the Mortar to crush it into 1 Bug Dust.

Then you can make Goo by combining 1 Dirt, 1 Shroud Liquid, and 1 Bug Dust in the Mortar.

Furthermore, you can then use Goo to create the powerful Acid Bite staff charges, and also furniture pieces such as Chandeliers and Wall Lanterns.

Enshrouded Bug Dust crafting Recipe

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