Destiny 2 Coronach-22 Auto Rifle

How to get Destiny 2 Coronach-22 Auto Rifle

Destiny 2 Coronach-22 Auto Rifle
Destiny 2 Coronach-22 Auto Rifle

The Coronach-22 Adaptive frame Auto Rifle has arrived with Destiny 2 Season of Defiance. It’s a solar energy weapon that pairs nicely with the solar subclass, so it’ll find its place in some Destiny 2 builds. The guide explains all the methods to get and unlock this weapon. Also, we provide weapon details.

How to get Coronach-22 Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - Master Rahool Map Location
Master Rahool Map Location

You can get Coronach-22 Auto Rifle by opening Legendary engrams and earning rank-up rewards with three vendors Banshee, Nimbus, and Finch. Players can earn legendary engrams by participating in every activity in Destiny 2. Complete the Vanguard playlist, and play with friends and against other players in Crucible matches. All those sources will reward you with Legendary engrams. After you collect some engrams, you can encrypt them in the Tower, Master Rahool will help you with it. Simply visit him, and the window with all engrams will pop out.

What are Rank-up Rewards, and how to get Coronach-22?

Destiny 2 - Banshee Reputation Rank-up Rewards
Banshee Reputation Rank-up Rewards

Rank-up rewards you can receive from all Vendors of all factions in Destiny 2. Each time you level up with a specific vendor, you’ll receive a reward in the upper right corner of the Vendors’ menu. The Coronach-22 can be acquired from the following vendors:

  • Banshee – You can find him in the Tower
    • You can earn a gunsmith’s reputation by completing bounties from Banshee and dismantling items
  • Nimbus – You can find him in Neomuna on the Neptun
    • Every activity in Neomuna will reward you with a Nimbus reputation. Some may give you more than others. Here are all the ways:
      • Bounties
      • Story and campaign missions
      • Terminal Overload
      • Patrols
      • Public Events
      • Lost Sectors
      • Neomuna resource nodes
  • Finch – Is a Vendor in the Savathun’s Throne World.
    • Almost everything you do on Savathun’s Throne World will give you a Fynch reputation.
      • Bounties
      • Public events
      • Story and campaign missions
      • Collect Fundamental Ozmium
      • Complete Deepsight puzzles
      • Lost Sectors
      • Region and Cache Chests

Nimbus and Finch are the DLC vendors, so you may need Lightfall and Witch Queen expansions to fully take advantage of the rewards they provide and Farm the Coronach-22 faster. However, Banshee is included in the Destiny 2 base game, so all guardians, including the free-to-play players, should have access to the weapon and rewards.

Destiny 2 Coronach-22 Auto Rifle

The Coronach-22 is an energy Auto Rifle

  • Frame: Adaptive Frame
  • Energy: Solar

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