How to Get Fleshmelter Cloak in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the Fleshmelter Cloak is good end-game Cloak, and you can get it during Act 2. This short Guide explains everything you need to know about the Fleshmelter Cloak in BG3.

Baldur's Gate 3 Fleshmelter Cloak

Fleshmelter Cloak

In Baldur’s Gate 3 the Fleshmelter Cloak is a solid end-game cloak for melee damage dealers, due to its passive bonus which causes small amounts of Acid damage to direct attackers. Caustic Reprisal will deal 1~4 Acid damage to any creature which does direct melee damage to the wearer. Note that this does not include range attack from bows and spells. However, this is still a good cloak for melee types who are often in the middle of combat, running first into the fray. As turns go by, that passive damage will add up and help take down packs of enemies that much faster.

Here are all the Fleshmelter Cloak features in BG3:

  • Armor: Cloak
  • Armour Class: None
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Proficiency Requirement: None Required
  • Weight: .5 kg
  • Value: 70
  • Location: Taken from a Gilded Chest in the House of Healing Morgue, Act 2.
  • Bonuses:
    • Caustic Reprisal: Whenever a creature deals melee damage to the wearer, that creature takes 1~4 Acid Damage.
  • All Classes, Companions, and Races Can Use This Item
  • Recommended Builds: Multiclass Monk, Way of Open Hand Monk, Way of the Four Elements Monk, Way of Shadow Monk

How to Get Fleshmelter Cloak in Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to get the Fleshmelter’s Cloak in Baldur’s Gate 3 you will need to progress to Act 2 and then find a Gilded Chest in the House of Healing Morgue. The Morgue is located within the same area as the House of Healing, so you’ll need to head to the far west of the Shadow-Cursed Lands map to find it.

The Morgue itself is nearby, but cannot be directly accessed from the House of Healing itself. This can make it a bit tricky to find from just a brief description of location. There are a couple different points of entry, and we’re going to focus on the one nearest to the Gilded Chest itself. You’re going to need either a high Strength character who can manage long jumps or a party member with access to a couple casts of the Misty Step spell.

Baldur's Gate 3 House of Healing Morgue Entrances

The main Morgue entrance to the far west is guarded by Shadow Harpers and inside there are gaseous traps and Zombies to fight. The secondary way is through an Ominous Crevice to the north of the House of Healing. There will be a dozen or so Cursed Kuo-Toas you’ll have to fight on your way there. However, with the exception of the Chief these fish creatures all have relatively small hit points. To find the Ominous Crevice after the fight just walk along the water line back towards the east/south and then up some rock ledges.

Once inside this back cave entrance, you can walk down the short path until you come to a cliff edge with a gaseous pit down below. The rock path curves around to the east but what you’re looking for is a ledge across the gap directly to the south. Jump or Misty Step across. There will be a lone Gilded Chest with a Sleight of Hand Dexterity Check of 14. Inside, you’ll find the Fleshmelter Cloak!

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