How to Get Indigo Plant in Enshrouded

Learn where you can find Indigo Plant in Enshrouded, a hard to find resource for crafting and upgrading items.

How to Get Indigo Plant in Enshrouded

How to Get Indigo Plant in Enshrouded

You can get Indigo Plant in Enshrouded in the very early Springlands region, but they are sparse. The better location comes later in the game withint the Revelwood region. Once you have access to the area the best locations to farm feathers can be found directly northwest of the Revelwood Ancient Spire. In order to access this region, you will need to Strengthen your Flame Altar to Level 3.

Enshrouded Indigo Farm map location 2

The map above shows the earliest location in the game where you can first find Indigo Plant in Enshrouded. Ideally you will have unlocked the Springlands Ancient Spire and can fast travel to the top of the tower in order to make use of your glider. You’ll need to go a little bit around to the west to avoid some shourded areas, but you can find some Indigo in the circled area directly north of the spire.

Enshrouded Indigo Farm map location 1

However, in this early area of the game, there won’t be a lot of Indigo Plant to collect. Once you are able to upgrade your Flame to a Level 3 you can access the Revelwood region and there are far better harvesting spots. Again, you should visit the Revelwood Ancient Spire and complete it for fast travel and great gilder jumping spot. The area you’re looking for lies almost directly north of the Revelwood spire.

How to Farm Indigo Plant in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Indigo Plant in game tooltip

Once you’ve collected Indigo Plant for the first time and reawakened the Farmer in her vault, you can start the process of cultivating Indigo Plant for yourself. Once you have placed the Farmer within some shelter she will be able to offer you her first crafting recipes. First, you will need to craft at least 10 Farm Soil. This is done with 7 Dirt and 3 Bonemeal.

Secondly, you are now ready to create a least one Seedbed, which will require:

  • 10 Wooden Logs – Simply cut down some trees
  • 2 Metal Scraps – Looted from Scavenger Enemies and Camps
  • 10 Farm Soil – 7 Dirt and 3 Bonemeal
Enshrouded Farming Indigo Plant in a Seedbed

Place the Seedbed somewhere in your base and then you can interact with it in order to plant new seeds. In order to grow 5 Indigo Seedlings, you will needs to use:

  • 1 Water
  • 1 Indigo Plant
  • 1 Farm Soil

What is Indigo Plant, and what is it used for?

Sharpshooter Hood recipe
Using Indigo for high end mats from hunter

Indigo Plant is a harvestable purple flower, which grows as a very ‘bush’ like type of plant. The best use of Indigo Plant in Enshrouded is when crafting either the Sharpshooter set for Ranger builds, or the Mage Armor Set for Wizards.

Additionally, you can also use Indigo Plant to create Blue Fabric with the Hunter survivor. You can use these resources to craft better housing decor and furniture for all of your craftspeople, which in turn will raise their Comfort Level.

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