How to Get Nails in Enshrouded

Learn where to find Nails in enshrouded, a crucial resource for crafting numerous crafting stations, furniture and other items.

How to Get Nails in Enshrouded

How to Get Nails in Enshrouded

You can make Nails early on in Enshrouded by collecting Metal Scraps and rescuing the Blacksmith survivor. One of the very first quests you will get after you set a Flame Alter down in your first base will direct you to find the Blacksmith’s Ancient Vault. After you awaken him in the vault, return to your base and build a shelter for him. Then summon/place him inside the shelter and you’ll be able to speak with him to craft things.

Enshrouded - Scrap Metal map locations

Furthermore, once you have the Blacksmith available you’ll also need to collect Metal Scraps. You will find Metal Scraps in Savenger Camps and looted from Scavenger enemies. These camps can be found scattered across the world map and typically you’ll be facing melee and ranger type enemies there. However, be cautious because some can contain more difficult boss enemies.

What are Nails, and what are they used for?

Enshrouded Nail crafting recipe at Blacksmith

In Enshrouded you will need lots of nails in order to craft a wide variety of items including crafting stations, trophies, furniture, storage crates and more. Basic weapons like the Spiked Club will require 4 Nails and 4 Wooden Logs.

Furthermore, you will also need nails to build additional crafting stations such as the Alchemy Station, Spinning Wheel, and Table Saw. Nearly anything mechanical in nature will require nails in order to craft.

Additionally, you will definitely want to have nails in order to craft storage chests. Storage chests can hold all of your collected crafting materials and can take the pressure off of your inventory. Here are all of the recipes for basic storage chests in Enshrouded:

  • Small Chest (24 Slots): 6 Nails, 6 Wood Logs
  • Medium Chest (32 Slots): 8 Nails, 12 Wood Planks, 2 Metal Sheets
  • Large Chest (40 Slots): 16 Nails, 20 Wood Planks, 3 Bronze Bars
  • Huge Chest (56 Storage Slots): 8 Nails, 12 Wood Planks, 2 Iron Bars

Finally, you can also use nails to craft furniture such as beds, tables, shelves and more. Trophies can also be crafted using Nails, such as the Iron Fell Thunderbrute Trophy seen below. Trophies and other furniture pieces can be placed inside your constructed shelter and can boost the comfort level of your base.

Enshrouded Iron Fell Thunderbrute Trophy

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