How to Get Fell Thunderbrute Head in Enshrouded

Discover where you can find the Fell Thunderbrute Head in Enshrouded, a necessary resource for strengthening and upgrading your Flame Alter.

Enshrouded Fell Thunderbrute Boss

How to Get Fell Thunderbrute Head in Enshrouded

You can get your first Fell Thunderbrute Head in Enshrouded very early on in the initial Springlands area you start the game in. You can find the best location to get a Fell Thunderbrute Head at an Elixir Well just north of the location of your first base.

To get there you should head over to the Braelyn Bridge. You won’t be able to cross the bridge before you craft the Grappling Hook (which requires finding the Blacksmith). However, that isn’t necessary at this point. Just to the left/east of the bridge you will find a pathway that leads down into the Shroud. If this is your first time walking into the shroud the game will give you some pointers for exploring and explain the timer.

Enshrouded Fell Thunderbrute Head Best Location

Finding the First Fell Thunderbrute Boss

Before you enter to find and face the Fell Thunderbrute boss, make sure you have a ranged weapon. Both a wand, staff, or bow and arrows would suffice. Additionally, bring some consumables with you so you can heal up if needed. At such an early stage of the game you probably don’t have much. However, you can easily kill a couple of wolves and cook their meat over a campfire to improve your HP. Furthermore, you can harvest some purple berries off of bushes. Consuming these will boost your HP recovery.

Finally, also make sure to bring an axe with you into the Elixir Well, so that you can cut down the Shroud Root after defeating the Fell Thunderbrute boss and gain skill points.

As you approach the red Shroud Root a big, lumbering Fell Thunderbrute will attack. These creatures have three main attacks:

  • Run up to you and try to kick you.
  • Swing their sword back and forth in a wide arc.
  • Slam down their sword to the ground, which sends an AOE stun out in a straight line forward.

The Fell Thunderbrute is a fairly standard boss. The easiest way to fight him is with range weapons. Let him charge you and dodge away from the kick. Create some distance and fire off your arrows or magic. He will likely run back over to you and try to kick again. Dodge, then get in a few hits. Rinse and repeat.

When he is defeated, you can loot his pile of ashes for a Shroud Core, Runes, a weapon and a Fell Thunderbrute Head!

Enshrouded Fell Thunderbrute Head Map Location

Finding the Strongest Fell Thunderbrute Boss

Much later in the game you can find the strongest of the Fell Thunderbrute bosses in the Kindlewastes region. You are absolutely going to want to find and defeat it because he can drop unique gear sets like the Radiant Paladin Armor, Elder, and Eagle Eye.

This Fell Thunderbrute is located at the Ridgeback Mine. You can find that location down in the shroud, just southwest of the the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire. There will be another Elixir Well and a Shroud Root down inside and you’ll once again be fighting the boss so that you can cut down the Shroud Root.

What is a Fell Thunderbrute Head, and what is it used for?

How to get the Fell Thunderbrute Head in Enshrouded
Enshrouded Iron Fell Thunderbrute Trophy

The most important use of the first Fell Thunderbrute Head you collect will to strengthen your Flame Alter. It will be one of several ingredients you will need to collect in order to strengthen the Flame to a Level 2. Doing so will unlock the second region, Low Meadows, for you to explore.

In order to Strengthen your Flame to Level 2 you will need:

  • 5 Resin
  • 5 Red Mushroom
  • 5 Bones
  • 1 Shroud Liquid
  • 1 Spark
  • 5 Animal Fur
  • 1 Fell Thunderbrute Head

As you explore the world of Enshrouded, you will continue to cross paths with more Fell Thunderbrutes. You can keep on collecting their heads, and eventually you can craft trophy heads for your housing. You will first need to rescue the Hunter and then work on completing her personal quests. You will then be able to craft the Iron Fell Thunderbrute Trophy as a furniture piece under Wall Decorations. Placing this item on the wall of a shelter will provide +3 Comfort to any craftsperson inside.

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