How to Get Nyrulna in Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Nyrulna is a fantastic Trident you can acquire in Act 3 – this short Guide Explains everything you need to know about Nyrulna in BG3.

Baldur's Gate 3 Nyrulna


In Baldur’s Gate 3 Nyrulna is a Trident you can acquire during Act 3 and it has a couple of unique features that could make it a great fit for certain classes or builds. Specifically, the Zephyr Connection causes the weapon to return to your character’s hand anytime it is thrown. Additionally, when thrown it causes a small explosion of Thunder damage in a 6 meter radius. These traits would potentially make this a great weapon for a Berserker Barbarian using the Enraged Throw bonus action while in a Rage or Frenzy.

Veil of the Wind adds a very nice 3 meters of movement speed or jump distance, which would be a great boost for the taller races or help negate the more restricted movement range of the shorter races. On top of that, equipping Nyrulna grants you Immunity to falling damage.

Additionally, if your character is proficient with Tridents they unlock a couple of very Nyrulna specific actions:

  • Zephyr Flash: Rush forward, creating an air vortex that blasts foes and possibly inflicts Bleeding.
  • Zephyr Break: Zephyr Break imitates the effects of the spell Gust of Wind while dealing thunder damage.

Here are all Nyrulna features in BG3:

  • Weapon Type: Trident
  • Damage: 1d8 (1d6)+8 Piercing
  • Requirements: Martial Weapons Proficiency
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Location: Found in the Jungle area Akabi, the djinni at the Circus of the Last Days, teleports you to
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Value: 840
  • Bonuses:
    • Zephyr Connection: This weapon will return to your hand when thrown. You cannot be forced to drop the trident. When thrown, the weapon creates an explosion that deals 3d4 (3~12)Thunder damage in a 6m/20ft blast centered on the target.
    • Veil of the Wind: You gain a +3m/10ft bonus to movement speed and jump distance. Equipping this weapon gives you Immunity to falling damage.
    • Nyrulna: Glowing: This object shines with a glowing light in a radius of 6m/20ft.
  • Classes with Martial Weapons Proficiency: Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, and Ranger
  • Companions Who Can Use This Weapon: Karlach, Shadowheart, Lae’zel, Minthara, Minsc

How to Nyrulna in Baldur’s Gate 3

NOTE: Potential spoilers for Act 3 below.

When you first arrive in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate, you’ll be in the outskirts of the city in an area called Rivington. Along the way towards the drawbridge leading into Wyrm’s Rock Fortress you’ll encounter the entrance to the Circus of the Last Days. There are a few quests you can do or pick up here but our focus is going to be the djinni Akabi – you can find him by going straight inside, he’ll be down a little ways on the left-hand side of the screen (left, presuming you are looking into the Circus from behind your character as they walk forward).

Akabi will be standing next to a spinning wheel, offering you a chance to spin to win a prize. The grand prize is impossible to get fairly, you can spin that wheel over and over and you’ll never win it. What you need to do is steal the ring. Engage Akabi in conversation with one character, but don’t spin the wheel. Click the Character Select button on the lower left of the screen and switch to another character who has a high level Sleight of Hand skill. We recommend Astarion if your own character isn’t skilled enough.

Separate Astarion from the group, walk him around behind the djinni, crouch to make sure no one else is looking and pickpocket the ring.

Baldur's Gate 3 How to get Nyrulna step 1

Into the Jungle

After you’re successful, click on the character who was in dialogue with Akabi. Spin the wheel and watch as you win (presumably the wheel magically knows you now have the prize). Akabi will accuse you of cheating. No matter how you respond to him, he will angrily teleport the character who interacted with him (not the whole group!) to a Jungle area with a few Chult Alioramus – dinosaur like creatures. They are solitary creatures so shouldn’t be a real threat, but you can bring some help with a summons. Even if your character had summoned them prior to your getting transported, they will come with you.

Baldur's Gate 3 How to get Nyrulna step 2

Defeat the Chult Alioramus directly ahead of you, and looking farther ahead you should be able to see the portal exit a little ways off. There is a chasm right before the portal and you’ll need to either jump across if your character has enough Strength or use a spell, scroll or transformation to fly across. Just to the left of the portal you’ll see a locked chest. This contains the trident, and you can either unlock it right then or pick the whole chest up and bring it with you. Stepping through the portal takes you back to the Circus (though a little ways away from Akabi and his wheel). If you didn’t have the skill to unlock the chest yourself, you can take it out of your inventory, set it on the ground, and a character like Astarion can break it open for you. Nyrulna will be inside.

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